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Trademark attire from the early years


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Emma's Leather Jacket

Soph's polka dot bikini

Pippa's Sunhat

Matt's Surf Patrol Shirt

Bobby's bizzare-looking blouses

Karen's 18th-Century swordswman ensemble

Don's red heffner-esque bathrobe

Mazza's LBDs for day to day wear

Alf's Straw Hat and Brown Shirts (which feature to this day)

Adam's striped shirt (1991-93)

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I love this topic. Ailsa defo in cross over now into her classic pencil skirt, blouse and pearl earrings. But I wonder when the pink skirt debuts. Fisher had the dressing gown for years!

Pippa's red dress is worth a mention as both Debra and Vanessa wore it. Thinks its in both Tom and Bobbys funeral, Plus the Macklins party when image sang and many more formal occasion.

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