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Trademark attire from the early years


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Pippa's long and horribly unfashionable dresses/skirts become a trademark of her character. IIRC there is even a storyine where she takes up riding a bike and falls off because one of those dreadful skirts gets caught in the bike's gears.

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It was odd, when Pippa started working at the school, she suddenly got quite tasteful with navy suit jackets etc... I think it was just at home she just didn't see the need to make an effort, and I think it was very in character, the Mum that was always up to her eyes in laundry, baking, advice giving, of course she didn't have time to dress up, unless of course she had to.

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^Haha and even when she did get dressed up it looked like she was wearing nightwear (Angel and Shane's wedding).

Not to mention her own wedding dressing dress when she married Michael (which Debra said in 2007 she hated!).

Yes even though her clothes were horrible, they fitted the character and I'm glad they didn't make her fashionable.

It is funny looking back at the early years now, when ALL the characters are now unfashionable, trying to tell the difference between characters who dress "normally" and those who don't. For example Marilyn's current storyline worrying about the way she dresses being weird, it is not that noticable now because all the characters are wearing out-of-fashion clothes. Whereas at the time she stood out like a sore thumb.

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Raising this up based on stuff constantly popping up in the current Early years eps airing.

Michael's black robe (Throughout his entire run)

Damian's black jacket (1993)

Nick's "Tragic even for the 90s" shirts

Sal's pink Espirit Tee (as seen in the credits)

Fin's hats

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