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Trademark attire from the early years


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Gotta add jacks trademark tight black or white t shirt, tucked into denim shorts with the crucifix necklace. 

Robs  tradie blue bonds singlets and shorts

ailsa always looks like she is dressed in her Sunday best, does she ever do casual?  Pippa goes to the other extreme and always seems to wear large, sloppy shirts and skirts.  

Shane with the sleeveless vest things worn over the Tshirt.  I have always loved angels retro/ hippy style, both back then, and now. 

Sarahs midriff tops which tie up at the front

Irene's denim mini skirts, blue eyeshadow, and hair which is so lacquered it wouldn't move in a tornado, :P

Ailsas permed do was a bit like that too

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