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Truly Shocking scenes

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Edward's "Snufflapagus" breakdown in 2000. One minute he's cracking wise about Sandy being imaginary comparing her to said creature, and having a good old laughing fit with Peta and Mitch at the Stewart House then next he's breaking down in tears... Scarier than any psycho, I tell you.

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I remember being shocked when Curtis and Casey drove off with Alf's car, and then later in the episode the police turned up at the Diner saying his car had been in an accident and the young man and girl inside had been killed! :o

And THEN later in the episode when Ails is having a good old cry over Curtis' death, he walks in the door!

Zoe/Eve appearing in the last moment of the 2005 finale (or it WOULD have been a shock if the promos hadn't given it away).

Sally being stabbed the first time, BIG shock moment.

All the special effects used after Selina was stung by a wasp - very unexpected, completely shocking!!

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Ailsa dying of a heart attack came as a big shock to me when it happened initially.

After seeing the Early Years on 7Two, the phone call between the Summer Bay Nutter and Pippa in episode 53 had so much suspense and it was actually quite scary at the same time with the 'Nutter' having a distorted voice.

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When Angie was revealed as Tasha's mother. I loved Angie and no spoilers were released for this so I was shocked.

Yeah I remember that moment. It was in the 2003 season finale. It was a huge revelation when the viewers found out. Flynn and Irene's reactions were priceless.

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