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  1. Was Kirsty considered a regular in her second stint?
  2. I have to agree, the Farm House set is by far my favourite, but it's suppose to be isolated and far from the rest of the bay. The Bay should be a small community with every house close to one another, the last house used for the Braxton's seemed to be the perfect location, it will be a shame not to see the house again if that is the case. I still think a backlot where they have two or three houses would make for easier filming. There is also a house at Technology Park maybe they should make use of that location.
  3. I don't remember seeing them after the riot.
  4. I'm hoping that's a one off, because he's upset about the move, he seemed more relax with Phoebe.
  5. Don't know enough about him yet but so far it's not looking good, don't get me wrong James is a fantastic actor but his entrance, espescially tying in with Brax and Ricky's exit in the same episodes screams "I'M THE NEW BRAX!" but further development of his character both from the writers and James himself would seperate him and hopefully he becomes a great character on his own merit.
  6. How good does the Diner set look? Imagine if they did this to Irene's house and we had the view of the beach. The show's sets look fantastic.
  7. I think Scott Eastwood would pass as a Robbie/Kim love child
  8. Is this what Archie will look like? Kit shares Robbie's DNA
  9. His death was only used as a ploy to drag out the Charlotte murder I wish Home and Away do more sad and emotional deaths instead of the fast pace shocks they keep doing that do nothing but fatigue viewers.
  10. So did C120701 http://www.backtothebay.net/locations/baysidediner/
  11. I would rather see Ric return
  12. Nope not the clearest picture but you can see the beach
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