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  1. 1990 and 1997 were 2 of the most duff 1990s years. Tom's exit left a huge void in the show in 1990, and never liked Michael much, he was a poor replacement. Also many originals left in 1989/1990.
  2. Never liked the Braxtons - apart from Kyle.
  3. Jodi Anasta was way better on H&A than Neighbours. Sally was a major character in the 1990s and 2000s but was not the be all and end all of H&A. Don Fisher was better when he was more ruthless and insulting and offensive in 1988.
  4. Rob left in 1995, and Narelle left in October 1988, Aus pace.
  5. Leah was born in 1979 I think so is 40 this year.
  6. Similar to when Tracy Barlow in Corrie went to play her tapes upstairs and came back a few years later with a new head.
  7. I went to Sydney once but never went to Kellyville, Kenthurst or Palm Beach, or Epping, something I strongly regret. Although it is good to have been to the central district where H&A has filmed on occasions.
  8. Does leaving quickly equate to characters not getting a proper exit storyline, or ones who did get a proper exit but it was out of the blue? Rob Storey was there one day then just was never seen again yet still lived in the Bay. Narelle Smart left quite suddenly. She just decided to head for the city.
  9. H&A did film quite a bit in the central Sydney area in the early years. Even the pilot had scenes filmed in Balmain, just east of the Sydney harbour Bridge.
  10. Eve Morey was in H&A briefly in 2007 as Paige Webbe. Would be nice to see her return to H&A as a regular character. Steve Bastoni would be good in H&A.
  11. And if I was John I would say to Alf "And stop calling me Palmer. I have a first name". In the old days of H&A villains always paid for their misdeeds. San Barlow was sent to jail for many years for Kerry's shooting. I think he accidentally shot her dead though.
  12. The 2000 revamp was just the show reinventing itself while still feeling like "Home And Away". It still had the H&A essence to it.
  13. Not sure why the show is still called "Home And Away" as the current TPTB do not understand what the show is supposed to be about. It is supposed to be a show about foster teens/waifs and strays who are mentored by foster parents. Today it is just a gory bloodthirsty crime/medical/police drama with no link whatsoever to the real H&A apart from Alf. No one ever pays for committing serious crimes any more. Alan Bateman would be turning in his grave at the show that parades itself as "Home And Away".
  14. Maybe the foundations of the original shop seen 1988-1989 lay under the grass and bracken of the spot where it stood. I liked the 2nd shop which was like a mini supermarket. The 3rd shop was just a copy of Arkwright's shop from the BBC sitcom Open All Hours. Out of the 3 versions of the local store, the 1st and 2nd were my fave.
  15. Ailsa was more cheerful and feisty in the early years. I think her being attacked in 1995 by a dirty sod was what changed her. 1995 was a kind of pre 2000 revamp for H&A. The show got a bit grittier and faster paced, seeing as 1994 was a snoozefest. 1995 was like 1988/1989, it mixed drama with light hearted stuff. 1988 and 1995 were 2 very similar years.
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