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  1. Kevin Summers said he lost out to a major role in H&A in 1999/2000. Not sure what role that was but my bet is Rhys Sutherland.
  2. I heard a rumour once that the unknown actress who applied for the role of Pippa may have been Sue Jones aka Pam Willis from Neighbours.
  3. Actors who auditioned for H&A but never got the part or any other outside Jackie Woodburne are Kevin Summers, Dan Falzon and Rob Mills AFAIK. Apparently another unknown actress applied for the role of Pippa in 1990.
  4. I know Jackie Woodburne was never in H&A but if she ever left Neighbours and came to H&A, she'd be on the list of actors who auditioned for other roles, and one of the most famous. Jackie auditioned for Pippa Fletcher/Ross - twice, so I hear.
  5. Oh yes Pippa. I think it was then who sung their song in the community hall "Living in Summer Bay".
  6. Les McKeown from Bay City Rollers, if ever he watched the 1988 episode of H&A, must have been pleased when Celia and co did their very short lived "band" Summer Bay City Rollers.
  7. Lots of the Summer Bay surnames can be found in Northern England such as Patterson, Copeland, Wilson, Stewart (Scottish originally). I think most Summer Bayyers have either Scottish or Co Durham/Northumberland ancestry.
  8. Social workers can only do what they can do. Miss Molloy found out about Bobby and her father being Don and mother being Morag. Perhaps she just never reviewed Sally in 1988.
  9. One of the most fascinating but chilling scenes was when Miss Molloy told Tom and Pippa that Bobby's past is not what she thinks it is. Goes to show how even fictional TV shows can capture the heart of viewers, something that is only pretend. And Bobby's real father was very close to home, her headmaster, whom they both despised when the show begun.
  10. Don and Marilyn - so mismatched. Don once said they are a million miles apart. That was an understatement. I suppose she wanted security with a well off headmaster and he could have someone to keep house.
  11. So Lance is responsible for Maz, and Don and Maz getting it on in the mid 1990s.
  12. Best: So many, ok lets start:- Don, Alf, Morag, Ailsa, Shannon, Pippa, Bobby, Sarah, Tug, Damo, Shane, Emma, Celia, Irene, Angel, Selina, Floss and Neville aka "Fleville", Frank - even Roxanne, and even Donna Bishop for me, she was not the most memorable but I liked her. She had a good storyline with Andrew Warren. Worst: Matt Wilson, Grant Mitchell (his namesake in the East End would have sorted him out lol), Lucinda Croft, Carly Morris. Best guest characters:- Dodge, Walter Bertram, Sam Barlow, Matthew Thompson, Alison Patterson, Laura Brennan. Worst guest characters:- Jeff Samuels
  13. I have a feeling Don came from Sydney originally. I am sure he met Summer Bayyer Barbara at university and he then decided to move there.
  14. Walter Bertram may be related to Viv The Guv Standish if his mother was a Standish. Donald came to Summer Bay circa 1965.
  15. Alf's mother was Sarah Stewart, her maiden name was said to be Townsend in 2008. I think the Patterson family were also a long standing Summer Bay family. As are the Baldivis lot, and councillor Mervin Baldivis (a 1988 guest character) was extended family of Martha Stewart (Nee Baldivis). Martha's dad was Jack Baldivis. Other refs to the pre 1988 history of Summer Bay is a Mr Harker was a teacher at Summer Bay High once when Rob Storey was a pupil in the mid 1980s. Also Walter Bertram's mother was probably a Standish by birth as his mothers old house was the old Standish House.
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