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  1. Esme Melville would have been great in H&A. James Condon. Francis Bell, as a business rival for Alf Stewart. A Max Ramsay style character in H&A played by the actor who was Max in Neighbours.
  2. Little did we know that Marilyn and Don would later become a couple. I think it was a ratings ploy, as they were the most mismatched couple in soap history I think. I suppose Maz wanted a well off much older headmaster as a husband for status, and Don could have someone to keep house for him. Both had very different personalities.
  3. Alison Patterson. She could have stayed on, I would have loved for Alison to meet Emma Jackson who arrived several months after Alison left, so the 2 of them never ever met. Alison was quite evil. Donna Bishop. She had much more mileage in her.
  4. I doubt they are worried that anniversaries will "age" the show. It is still 32 years old. As Red Ranger said, I think they have never celebrated anniversaries in the way other soaps have done. The 10th anniversary went by virtually unnoticed. If for the 35th in January 2023, they celebrate Alf's 80th, it will mean his age has reverted back to its original age. Alf was 45 in 1988 and his DOB revealed in his police file in 1993 as 19 January 1943.
  5. Sally was to H&A the way Meg Mortimer/richardson was to Crossroads. I did say Don is the 2nd most iconic after Alf, but Sally comes a very close 3rd followed by Bobby.
  6. Lance and Martin bought a Del Boy and Rodney Trotter style to the show, just Lance and Martin were not brothers, but best mates. Always ducking and diving.
  7. Don Fisher. He is an old man now so would find teaching very stressful, but he could return for a visit to see Alf. When the show begun in 1988, Don was still relatively young and in his prime then.
  8. Baldivis is a rare surname and it was probably a no brainer than Merv was somehow related to Martha, but never addressed, and Bevan Lee said he was just some sort of distant relative. Also if Merv had been Alf's father in law, it would probably have been stated in those 2 episodes.
  9. Mervin Baldivis had the potential to become a regular character. He only appeared in 2 episodes, in Jan and Feb 1988 respectively. He was a distant relative of Martha Stewart nee Baldivis, about 10 times removed though.
  10. Don was much more full of life and bouncier in the early years, he may not have cracked jokes but he was quite sparky. The way he got back at pupils and how he was a bit of a fitness faatic as he used to go jogging and running around Summer Bay. Also he was seen as the villain of the piece in the first few months.
  11. I guess life turned her from a bubbly outgoing woman into a much more shy introvert.
  12. I liked Ailsa, as she was a strong woman but not bitchy or bossy. Bossy women are just an irritant, and many strong women are not bossy, they are tactful like Ailsa was. Ailsa was more cheerful and bubbly in the early years though.
  13. RIP Ron Haddrick. I preferred his role as Gordon Macklin to his 2nd role as Peter Moss. Gordon was a recurring character for over a year and a ruthless businessman.
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  15. I think Ada will be 43 this year, born 14 May 1977. Leah should be 41 this year.
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