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  1. In 1994, (and a few times in 1992 and 1993) H&A did actually get 14 million viewers, so an increase on 12 in 1990. Not sure what was the highest ever figures for H&A. You could say 1990 was not as popular as 1994-1995 for H&A which is when the show was at its peak in the UK, and was probably a threat to Corrie. When you say 2 big soaps on ITV outside H&A, do you mean Corrie and Emmerdale? In fairness I do know Alf Stewart is a UK icon, even people who never watch H&A know of Alf, and hia flamin galah phrase. Also timing may be a factor. I suppose ITV had more soaps and drama than BBC and that weighed down H&A's success. In 1994-1995 you could even argue that H&A was more talked about than Neighbours.
  2. According to a BARB ratings list from week ending 2 December 1990, H&A got at most that week, 12 million viewers, and Neighbours got at least that week, 17 million viewers. So on average Neighbours got about 5 to 6 million more viewers than H&A.
  3. Usually when I was at school, people spoke about Neighbours as well, instead of H&A. H&A did get relatively high figures, 12 million was quite good but not phenominal like Neighbours was at 18 million. Emmerdale got over 18 million for the plane crash and Neighbours 20 million for Scott and Charlene's wedding. H&A never got such figures for a memorable episode. As said I suppose it was the setup for H&A, it was more about waifs and strays who lived in an isolated seaside town in the Australian bush, whereas Neighbours was about families in a Australian suburb, so got more viewers. I think Scott and Charlene added a huge factor to the shows success.
  4. In Feb 1989, H&A started running on ITV, I think it was bought in to rival Neighbours on the BBC but it is said that it never was the success that ITV wanted it to be. In 1989/1990 the viewing figures for H&A was about 12 million on average whereas Neighbours was about 17-18 million, even hitting 21 million in early 1990. Neighbours was extremely popular in the late 1980s and 1990s and secured a place in TV history that equals Corrie and EastEnders. 30 years on, everyone seems to remember Scott and Charlene, so much so that Neighbours has cultural refs in shows and in public. H&A never had such a regard or fondness. I suppose because Neighbours was set in a suburb and featured families, whereas H&A was set in a remote seaside town that focus on one family mainly, and the British audience just preferred Neighbours.
  5. If Jason Herbison was the EP at H&A he would be much more respectful of iconic characters. He has worked on H&A before but I think in the writing.
  6. If Roger Oakley did feel his character was stuck in a rut and it was time to go, then I dont blame him. Pippa did prosper without Tom I think.
  7. Rob Storey in 1995 was a victim of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome. He just disappeared from the show suddenly. But Rob was hardly a memorable character. Morag may be a victim of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome as well, as her fate has not been divulged.
  8. Morag probably has bumped into Marlene Kratz on a cruise, along with Marge Green from EastEnders.
  9. Lance and Martin were winding Carly up so she released the hanbrake on their truck, it rolled down a hill and crashed into Bertram as he was backing out in his car, and Bertram was smoking his pipe when he looked on in horror. This crash caused his brain injury.
  10. Tom was a major character, if not the main character in the first 7 or 8 months but by mid to late 1988 he became more of a glorified extra as Bobby became a major player along with Carly, Frank, the Macklins, Lance and Martin, (Stacey and Brett) and Don etc. By 1990 there was nowhere left for Tom to go, so his demise at the wheel was the best thing for the character. I think Roger quit but also heard he was axed. I think the former of the 2 is true.
  11. Well the true fates of Corrie characters such as Ena Sharples, Annie Walker and Minnie Caldwell were never 100% set in stone, but just worded as if they had maybe died, but no proper send offs, so Morag in H&A may be worded the same way. Neighbours never gave closure on Max Ramsay and the actor passed away 25 years ago.
  12. However in 1995 Bobby made a cameo regarding a refrigerator.
  13. While never destroyed, Floss and Neville became spare parts in their final few months in the show.
  14. In the early years, Bobby seemed to suffer from Little Woman Syndrome. She did calm down and mature by 1990-1991. I still miss her, 26 years after her death.
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