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  1. So today the show has 2 original characters, just one appeared in the pilot. It is like Leonard Swindley in Corrie and Lofty Holloway in EE are originals even if Swindley did not appear until Episode 3 and Lofty episode 3.
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  3. Finlay Roberts, to give Irene a decent storyline. Alison Patterson, would have to be a lookalike actress as Kathryn Ridley works for the NSW government now. She has been gone over 32 years so a recast could work, Alison could befriend Leah, seeing as Leah was once wed to Vinnie, Alison's cousin. Alison could be a businesswoman who causes trouble for Justin Morgan and the Parata's, bring them down a peg or two. Celia Stewart for another guest stint.
  4. I know Alf is the only character around today who appeared in the very first episode, the pilot episode. Episode 1 was the episode after the pilot, so was technically the second ever episode, as the pilot is often seen as Episode 0, as it was a pilot hour and a half long telemovie. Roo first appeared in Episode 3 and Celia in Episode 7, 20th and 26th Jan 1988 respectively. However as the pilot was filmed several months before the show began filming of the regular series, it must be that Roo and Celia were invented after filming of the pilot began, so would you consider them original
  5. Life in the old dog yet for many years, she show is over 33 years old. H&A has become part of the furniture.
  6. Frank Morgan returns, and the last ever scene features him, seeing as the first ever scene featured him (flashback I know but still a scene).
  7. Torn between Donald Fisher and Alf Stewart. If it had to be just one of those two I think it would be Donald. Alf is a legend but I always was more invested in Flathead. I say yes, Flathead is my fave ever character of all time. Alf and Bobby a close joint second.
  8. A new foster family move into Summer Bay House after Alf's funeral. Revelations that is was just a dream are so against the show and just destroys years of investment into a show. It is H&A not Dallas.
  9. Floss said Cooooeeee as well which made me laugh.
  10. Neville McPhee, he may have been scary if he blew his top. He was usually placid and cheerful.
  11. H&A had a huge teen/young adult focus right from the moment Tom Fletcher got retrenched and left Sydney to move to Summer Bay. I say even in the first 2 years, the show was predominantly for younger people, then difference is they were mentored by older people such as Tom, Pippa, Ailsa, Alf, Floss, Don and Neville. When the show begun it had a huge younger character focus as it had Stevo, Frank, Carly, Bobby, Roo, Sally, Matt, Lynn (all youngsters), and Lance and Martin who were slightly older but still youngsters. Then Alison Patterson who was a semi regular. Brett and Stacey Macklin were
  12. Colleen was brilliant. Colleen, Morag and Celia were good as a trio when they got together, they were like the Ena, Minnie and Martha of Summer Bay.
  13. It is now 18th Jan in Australia but still 17th here, so happy birthday for yesterday H&A in Australia. The first regular episode had Matt chatting up Carly on the beach with Lynn. Carly takes Lyn's thunder from her after Matt asks Lyn to her his surf jacket zip up. "I'm Carly" says Carly to Matt, "I'm sick" says Lynn to Matt.
  14. Bobby being recast would not have been good for me, I'd just think of her as "Not Bobby". Like the recast Cody in Neighbours was a fake. If Don Fisher was still a head at SBH today, no doubt the lippy students would reply with "OK boomer" to Flathead when he admonished them lol. Don is too old to put up with such crap now from pupils anyway.
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