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  1. I do think the show did lose its comedy element when Des Monaghan took over. It became a much more serious show by the end of 1989 and seemed to stay that way. Neighbours never lost its comedy element.
  2. In 1988, after several months, even Tom and Pippa became sidelined while the supporting characters such as the Macklins, Alison Patterson, Phil Matheson, Gary Samuels and Jeff Samuels were elevated to main character status during their short reigns. Pippa really shined though once Tom died of his heart attack in 1990.
  3. I went for Kat. If it had been all time, it would be either Barnett or Nick Parrish, or Joel Nash.
  4. No wonder Donald Fisher split from Marilyn all those years ago. I think he found her insufferable.
  5. Morag should not have been bought back after her 1993 exit where she was disowned by the family after trying to craftily gain custody of Sam. I remember when Alf lambasted a crying Morag saying she was no longer part of this family. To me that would have been the perfect final exit of evil Morag.
  6. That is why if Don, Celia or Morag were still around, they would probably be extras just sat drinking tea and reminiscing about pupils of Summer Bay High from years gone by, and watching the billionth punch up on the beach, and tutting.
  7. No doubt if she did return, it would be revealed that she was pregnant when she left the Bay with Owen Dalby's child, thus giving Alf his billionth illegitimate grandchild.
  8. I remember her first episode, she would not stop talking as Vinnie picked her up, I am sure that was her first scene. Vinnie told her she is too chatty. She has certainly quietened down a bit now.
  9. Emma Jackson and Karen Dean were good. Shame they never stuck around for that long.
  10. 1995 followed by 1988, 1994, 1989 and 2004. Jack Wilson was great, he often was up to no good and used the cover of darkness to get up to his pranks such as when he crept into Don's bedroom thinking it was Angel, and when Aftershave the dog wrecked Alf's shop in the middle of the night and Jack was almost caught trying to retrieve the dog, and he pelted Alf with flour and eggs before running off into the night. At the time Alf did not know who doused him until Jack admitted it later.
  11. I often wonder who lived in Alf's first house, his bungalow, before Alf did, or who lived in Don's 2nd house before 1992/1993 when Don moved in? Some H&A mysteries we may never know though. Out of the 3 shops seen 1988-1996, the 2nd shop was brilliant and should have stayed.
  12. Tug - rebellious youngster to a responsible young man. Fisher - nasty and offensive deputy head at the start who mellowed by the end of the first season but still retained a hard edge.
  13. If it wasn't for the timing, I think H&A would have reached higher figures, such as 18 million or more. 1992-1996 was H&A's biggest success in the UK here, H&A mania was here, like Neighbours mania 1988-1992. So many years have been chosen for best ever year on this thread already.
  14. 9 million in 1995? Is that all, the reason why I question it, is just a year or 2 earlier, H&A was getting 14 million and occasionally 15 million in 1993/1994. I wonder if 1995 H&A was getting the same figures as 1994. I looked at old viewing figures for 1993/1994 UK pace and it was staggering. 1992 was a good year for H&A as well. I loved it when Don's washing machine (or dishwasher) overflowed.
  15. I agree, too much sinister music being played. No need for it. I bet Jasmine was annoyed when she was asked what she was looking up on computer. It is like reading someone's personal letters when you look at what people are searching online and then asking very annoying questions.
  16. Alison Patterson was one of my fave ever characters, the vixen of Summer Bay. I think by the time she left her character had run it's course, and she got a good send off by trashing the Diner and heading for the city. What would have made a good storyline for 1989 was a whodunnit, and Alison Patterson was the victim, due to her villainous ways. Alison and Bobby had a huge scrap on the beach in February 1989 at dusk. Bobby was hurt during the scuffle and had a blackout. The following morning, Alison was found dead by Donald Fisher when he is on his morning jog, her body badly beaten, and in a grassy part of the beach, so a bit secluded. Turns out Alison was also in a fight then hit with a rock a few times in the head. Bobby is arrested for her murder, and faces tough questioning. She is unsure if she killed Alison due to a blackout after the fight, and is devastated and distraught, and could face decades in prison. Bobby goes back to the murder scene and it transpires that Alison's body was found 20 metres away from where Bobby had the fight with her, and Bobby thinks that shows she could be innocent, she could not drag her body 20 metres in her dazed state. Alison's friend Judith Staples seems to be very interested in the murder, and says how it was probably deliberate. It turns out Alison owed Judith a lot of money and refused to pay it back, and she saw Bobby fight with her, waited until Bobby left then hit her several times in the head with a rock. Bobby is vindicated but angry that she was allowed to take the rap for a murder.
  17. I found Colleen an entertaining character. Colleen Smart was the Eileen Clarke of Summer Bay. The OTT banshee. Better than some of the 1 dimensional gangsters that inhabit Erinsborough and Summer Bay today.
  18. Not too worried. I watched H&A religiously back in 1989-2000 and knew it was a long way behind Australia eps. No social media in them days to get updates. Only way was if we knew someone from Australia who could give us Neighbours and H&A Aus pace updates.
  19. Oh yes Ken Smith, the reformed alcoholic. A role then give to Anthony Phelan. Kevin Summers played Alex Carter in Neighbours in 1986.
  20. Kevin Summers said he lost out to a major role in H&A in 1999/2000. Not sure what role that was but my bet is Rhys Sutherland.
  21. I heard a rumour once that the unknown actress who applied for the role of Pippa may have been Sue Jones aka Pam Willis from Neighbours.
  22. Actors who auditioned for H&A but never got the part or any other outside Jackie Woodburne are Kevin Summers, Dan Falzon and Rob Mills AFAIK. Apparently another unknown actress applied for the role of Pippa in 1990.
  23. I know Jackie Woodburne was never in H&A but if she ever left Neighbours and came to H&A, she'd be on the list of actors who auditioned for other roles, and one of the most famous. Jackie auditioned for Pippa Fletcher/Ross - twice, so I hear.
  24. Oh yes Pippa. I think it was then who sung their song in the community hall "Living in Summer Bay".
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