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  1. I think Tom did mention his parents in one of the first episodes but I think they were dead by then. Not sure he he had any siblings. I think a prequel set in 1965 would be good as it is 22 years before the show begun. 1982 is only a few years before the show begun so lookalike actors would still not fit in very well with Jan 1988 onwards IMHO. 1965 would feature a 20 year old very young newbie teacher Don, and Alf and Barbara, and a 24 year old Morag. Plus courting couple Tim and Helen Patterson (Alison's parents). Bertram would be the head, and the series could end at the Bobby adoption in 1970.
  2. As Bobby Forever Missed says, a dream, but make the first 20 years real, but I would have the dream start from 2008 where Sally has a nightmare about what Summer Bay would be like after her exit, full of River Boys and other criminals and carnage and disasters galore, and Sally even dreamt of a 2013 return which trashed her. Same for Neighbours having a dream starting with the Ramsay Retcon.
  3. A time capsule is found buried at the front of Summer Bay House. It was planted by Tom Fletcher when they first arrived in Summer Bay.
  4. Jeff Kovski (He was in Neighbours as Raimondo Cammenniti and also Blue Heelers). Jeff also played a minor role in Neighbours in 1987 and 1995. Casting Jeff Kovski in Home And Away would be my dream casting come true. If Lucy Addario or any other crew members read this, I hope you read this for inspiration for future castings. Even as just a guest character, perhaps as an old mate of Palmer, and he is a bit of a rogue. Also Robert Forza who played Rocco in Neighbours. Forza would be great in H&A. Elspeth Ballantyne. Ian Rawlings. Wilhelmina Stracke.
  5. It is a shame that Alison never met Emma Jackson. Emma arrived 7 months after Alison left he Bay.
  6. Donna Bishop only lasted about 8 months. The actress Nicola Quilter must have been one of the cast members who had a clause in her H&A contract that allowed her to leave early, as she wanted to concentrate on a singing career. She is now a fashion designer and runs a stall in Camden, London. I met her there once. Walter Bertram should have appeared more often.
  7. I never liked Greg either. Very unlikeable, and yes he did have a nasty temper.
  8. Faves are:- Alf, Irene, Maz, Palmer, Leah. Least faves are:- Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin and, Justin.
  9. April-June 1988 it felt like The Carly Morris Show. Then it became The Stacey Macklin Show. I have watched the 1988 season at least twice through now.
  10. I think they see Neighbours as their flagship show, so promote that much more instead. Similar to how ITV gives Corrie all the glory and Emmerdale is the unloved younger sibling.
  11. If I was EP, I'd bring in Shane Parrish Jnr. She'd be 25 now. Very sad news about Dieter. RIP Dieter. Shane was one of my fave ever characters.
  12. Neville was one of only 2 originals who never returned either chronologically or as a vision such as Tom in 2008. The other one was Lyn Davenport, it has not been said what happened to Lyn in the years since her departure as far as I know. Floss was great, she was bubbly and chatty.
  13. People moan about the lack of fostering in today's show but by the end of 1988 the show was drifting away from Tom and Pippa and the fostering format and became more about the Stewart's, Macklins, Fishers - and Bobby, Carly and Frank taking centre stage out of the foster children. Luckily Pippa was revived 2 years later and given a central role again. I feel by the end of 1988, Tom had reached his natural end, as did the aforementioned Floss and Neville. H&A always was a show for younger characters mainly, but it had more of a blend of older characters. Neville was the only character over 60 in the first episode in mid Jan 1988, Floss maybe late 50s.
  14. Sheila Kennelly owned a farm when she got the role in H&A so she had to spend less time on her farm due to the gruelling schedule of filming a 5 episode a week soap. I am glad Sheila did reprise her role 2000-2008.
  15. Ailsa. You can see no one has voted for Martha.
  16. Floss and Neville were the Stan and Hilda of Summer Bay, the older couple who you could relate to. Shame how they were underrused by the first 2 or 3 months. I think they were prominent until about March or April 1988 then they just faded into the background. I heard that Sheila Kennelly was not happy with her being underrused. She may have been secretly pleased when they were axed, she was hoping for either more storylines or to be written out totally.
  17. I always thought when the Fletchers moved in, there was barley room to swing a cat at SBH, although I always was curious about that secret room near the stairs in the landing.
  18. Being able to live in a part of Australia where there are 364 days of bright sunny weather a year and just 1 day of storms a year. Being able to live in a town with so many hotties.
  19. I would say that it has been a dream since 2005 at least. 1988-2004 was real but 2005-to the end was all part of Alf's dream.
  20. Being able to live in a nice house with a huge garden while being a part time worker at the Surf Club or Diner. Being at death's door in hospital, then the following day you are as fit as a butchers dog and are back home. Finding out your have a billion illegitimate children who are now all grown up (Yes Alf Stewart I do mean you lol).
  21. She could have reason to return now, at least for another guest stint, seeing as she is Alf's half sister. Lyn Collingwood is 85 now so I doubt she would be up for a full time return.
  22. And TBF to Emmerdale, the original farmhouse had to go in 1993 as the new owners in real life wanted to turn many of the farm buildings into dwellings. If the old farmhouse had stayed, the show would not have seemed so different in 1993-1994 onwards. At least in H&A the interior of Summer Bay House was kept after the real life house was burned down (and stock shots of the outside of SBH were seen) until a new replica was built, not a set for the show, but a new house and they allow H&A to film there.
  23. That is why I think Emmerdale and H&A are the 2 soaps that have changed the most over the years and are the furthest from their originality. Corrie, Enders and Neighbours are closer to their originality.
  24. Although what soap opera is the exact same as what they were 30 years ago? Characters leaving and old locations leaving in soaps/new ones coming in are part and parcel of a soap. Neighbours is very Lassiters based now.
  25. If that was 2021, Emma would be a huge drug addict and would then hold the school hostage once it was found out she had been receiving help. Yes foster families, an element in 2021 H&A that has been totally wiped out.
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