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  1. Was Kirsty considered a regular in her second stint?
  2. I don't remember seeing them after the riot.
  3. I'm hoping that's a one off, because he's upset about the move, he seemed more relax with Phoebe.
  4. Don't know enough about him yet but so far it's not looking good, don't get me wrong James is a fantastic actor but his entrance, espescially tying in with Brax and Ricky's exit in the same episodes screams "I'M THE NEW BRAX!" but further development of his character both from the writers and James himself would seperate him and hopefully he becomes a great character on his own merit.
  5. I think Scott Eastwood would pass as a Robbie/Kim love child
  6. Is this what Archie will look like? Kit shares Robbie's DNA
  7. His death was only used as a ploy to drag out the Charlotte murder I wish Home and Away do more sad and emotional deaths instead of the fast pace shocks they keep doing that do nothing but fatigue viewers.
  8. I would rather see Ric return
  9. Did anybody listen to Kate Ritchie last night on Nova? She had to guess Home and Away character names based on the actors names and she was surprisingly bad. She got a few very easy ones like Irene and Donald, she couldn't name the character Liam Murphy granted he came in after and left before her return, she didn't know Brax's first, couldn't remember Robbie Hunter's last name even though Jason Smith now works at Nova and she was there for his entire stint and she got Kim Hyde right but then wanted to change her answer because she thought Kim Hyde was the father.
  10. I agree but I think in this case, Hunter's actions won't be swept under the carpet
  11. He set fire to a house and almost killed people, he almost killed Marilyn... The mess Charlotte is in is all thanks to Hunter, sure Charlotte could have told the police she killed Denny without getting Hunter involved but she wasn't thinking straight. Hunter's a ****.
  12. I feel sorry for Charlotte having a son like Hunter, I disagree about the comparison to Dylan and Angie, Dylan wasn't manipulative and antagonizing, though there are similarities between Charlotte and Angie, I don't think Charlotte deliberately goes out to cause harm like Angie did. In all honesty it's the ANgie/Dylan relationship in reverse if anything.
  13. Does he look good? Tick Can he act? Tick Lets just see how the writers go with his character.
  14. 1988-1990 the fletcher years 1991-1993 the ross years 1994-1996 the Shangel times 1997-1999 the nash/fisher chronicles 2000-2004 the Sutherland era 2005-2008 the sally show 2009-2010 the Missing years 2011-2015 the braxton Bunch 2016-???? The Patterson files
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. I think it's funny that people call the ELEVENTH actor to play the part of VJ the real VJ.
  17. How I wish this was more of a oneshot how I wish this started off in prison, well written as always and welcome back ;)
  18. All the actors playing the teens are older, most being in their twenties, VJ and Jet are suppose to be a year younger then Oscar, Evie and Spencer yet Jet looks way younger, but Will's a brilliant young actor. Its only been a few weeks and it doesn't help that VJ's got a storyline where he is acting out of character. Matt's doing well nothing wrong with his acting. I would like to see a storyline where VJ meets Vinnie's father Ralph and bonds well with him only for Leah to be wary and warn him off which only makes VJ want to get closer.
  19. I think Matt Little looks 16/17, VJ is suppose to be 15 so I don't think he looks too old, the problem was Felix looked way younger then what he is.
  20. So now that they have a new actor playing VJ it may seem like we may be seeing a lot more from him which is good. From what we've seen so far the character hasn't changed, which is what I'm most afraid of when there is a recast, Felix's VJ would have acted the same way, especially when he said to his mother "You say I can trust you, how about trusting me?" or similar to that effect. Judging by the promo it looks as though he may get bullied over his mother and Zac's relationship, looking forward to watching more of VJ, I was starting to get frustrated, he's too old for Madge Wilkins to be babysitting him still so we needed to see more of him.
  21. I'll be ok with a recast, Jodi's acting wasn't that great anyway.
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