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  2. I normally hate Leah cos she’s an interfering cow poking her nose into everyone’s business. But Irene is her best friend. It’s genuine and she cares so I am actually liking her in this story. I felt for Marilyn tonight. Her and Irene have been friends for nearly 30 years. I’m surprised Marilyn doesn’t know about Irene’s rape from when they first did the story. I think this storyline is absolutely fantastic and is making the show must see.
  3. Irene was on the phone to Finn tonight and was laughing saying “next time you tell them they’ll have to deal with nana” Finn’s kids are 22!!!
  4. Bella telling Irene about her abusive dad and Irene saying “you and Colby didn’t deserve to go through that!”Have you forgotten you abused your own children Reenie and they were put into care?
  5. Fake news. The British press have picked up on an article that said the Network were considering its timeslot and in typical tabloid fashion have run with their own version. This story also circulated in January and was also fake news. No matter what anyone’s opinion on the show is, it’s not just Seven’s highest rated drama, it’s Australia’s. It’s massively profitable and this week has rated in the top ten every night. Yes, it’s ratings have dropped but what soap ratings haven’t? It’s also Seven’s number one streaming show. Seven schedules H&A very erratically. Three episodes on some Thursdays (very hard to sustain high ratings for an hour and a half soap) and no episode on a Friday. It only has itself to blame for falling ratings What it needs is stable scheduling and some familiar faces back to grab the attention of the fans of yesteryear to try hook them back in again. I gave the show a break last year but am now hooked on it again.
  6. Alf saying he never stopped loving Martha is really making a mockery of Ailsa who hasn’t been mentioned once since the Martha reveal.
  7. Wasn’t that just people on Twitter jumping to conclusions and the media picked up on it and blew it out of proportion? She had been looking in the mirror in that scene which is why people thought it was the wrong arm, but they had actually done it right
  8. Yeah but she wasn’t contacting her to tell her she was in the Bay with Alf. She just had an episode and wanted to know Roo was ok (despite not caring for the previous 34 years)
  9. Sally’s OCD I thought was always there in the background and hinted at a few times. It was done in a subtle way, like her washing her hands in the aftermath of Flynn dying. I think Maddie losing her arm was harrowing and very well done but it was obvious her days were numbered as soon as it happened
  10. Leah sitting at the pier with her laptop and a voiceover talking about sex like she’s Carrie Bradshaw!!! Do TPTB not realise she is one of the most unliked long term characters the show has had? Having said that, Carrie wasn’t very likeable either
  11. Are you a UK viewer? The siege wasn’t show here due to it happening shortly after the Dunblane massacre
  12. What an absolute corker of an episode! Normally I don’t care for Ziggy but tonight I really felt for her! The story, the script, the acting....when Home and Away gets stuff right, it really gets it right. This is amazing!
  13. Martha freaking out because she didn’t speak to Roo in a few weeks. Didn’t seem to bother her she went 30 years without speaking to her
  14. I was furious tonight when Martha was talking to Alf about Vietnam. He cheated on her there, this is how we have Ryder who Martha is quite close too! Has she never questioned where he came from?? Well Martha his mother is the result of an affair your beloved Alf had in Vietnam when he was married to you!!! There is way too much glossed over for my liking! Poor Ails must be spinning in her grave! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the absence of Morag is a really apparent in this story as she would have ran Martha back to where she came from and she would have put Alf rightly in his place
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