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  1. I think that episode is now iconic! My brother was little at the time and screamed the house down when she came out of the fridge. I know this may be an unpopular opinion but I don’t think Nicole Dickson is a great actress. Maybe she gets better as time goes on but she shouts all her lines and is not convincing
  2. Thanks Dan. I am surprised they are alive at this point, not sure why though! I wonder what the reasoning behind them not being introduced was? Especially as they had a house, kids, a granddaughter, grandson etc.... They were pretty well established for characters we never met!
  3. I am watching season 1 and Roo has mentioned calling her nan and grandad. I take it these are Martha’s parents as I thought the Stewart’s’ parents had died? I never even thought that Martha’s parents may have been “alive” when she died. More people Alf lied to! Also, did Pippa only find out late in her pregnancy she was pregnant? As Roo is still pregnant and Pippa has had Christopher yet I have seen Frank and Roo’s wedding previously and it was known Roo was pregnant then but no mention of Pippa’s pregnancy
  4. I think it’s great they are not mentioning Covid. It’s an ever changing world and mentioning it or any rules could look dated by the time it gets to screen. Look at Eastenders for example. They had all good intentions by making Covid part of Albert Square life and are always mentioning it but nobody wears masks anywhere so it seems weird.
  5. Sally would be my guess. First her parents (or so she thought), her Nan, Tom, Bobby, Shane, Michael, Dale, Flynn. Sophie miscarried Sally’s baby. I’m sure there’s more I am forgetting about
  6. Its repercussions are still felt in Ireland to this very day https://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2013/11/20/90-of-nations-abandonment-issues-traced-back-to-original-pippa-leaving-home-and-away/
  7. I’m surprised at how much the Jasmine storyline is impressing me. Another great episode tonight. It’s really uncomfortable to watch but it’s unmissable. I don’t like how Marilyn has been dragged into it either. If only Jasmine knew the decades of torment Marilyn has been through after losing Byron and what looking after Grace means to her. But Jasmine isn’t a villain, her grief is consuming her. Very interested to see where this goes. Leah saying not even Donald Trump has been married as many times as her made me laugh out loud
  8. Are you a UK viewer? The siege wasn’t show here due to it happening shortly after the Dunblane massacre
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  11. Home and Away is being billed as Home and Away:Buried Alive on Five this week
  12. Can anybody please tell me the best address to write to the cast? I saw a Pyrmont address online but should it to sent to Redfern? Thanks
  13. It's about 26 degrees and sunny in London right now.
  14. RTE do normally take a break in the summer but if they have overtaken Five, then they must have the rights so I can't see it going off air. RTE did once even take lead over Seven but it was by mistake.
  15. Looking on Twitter and Facebook, it seems Ireland have caught up and overtaken Channel Five. The London episodes seemed to have aired there this week. Does anyone know if RTE have won back the European rights as they have always had to stay behind Five in the past.
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