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Living In The Shadows

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Just caught up on the last few chapters, really enjoying this fic and love the way sammie is.

She's got a really good relationship with her brothers and I love that she she knows what she wants to do to get out of the life she's living!

can't wait to read more

Lisa x

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Sammie took another sip of vodka, just wanting to forget all the stress of the last few weeks. Going out every night and getting wasted had recently become her way of coping. She’d wake up every morning, disappointed with herself and hung-over, but still having to get herself up and go to school, working as hard as she could. She had also been trying to find a job recently, as things were getting pretty tight at home. Despite Brax’s help, her family had struggled to pay rent, bills, and put food on the table every night. It had become a constant struggle just to get through everything, never mind feeling happy. If she hadn’t been ostracized at school enough before, she sure was now. Nobody wanted to talk to her, and she had spent every lunch time sat by herself on the piece of grass outside the school. She had used her breaks to do her homework, leaving her evenings free to go out and get drunk with her friends. She couldn’t help but look at her mother, and see the similarities between them; the wasted opportunity, the bitterness, the alcohol abuse.

Keisha giggled wildly next to Sammie. Both girls were laid on the hood of some guys car, in short skirts and revealing tops. There was loud music pumping out of average sized speakers, and cars parked all around. All in all, there were about 50 people scattered here and there, all stood in groups and having their own conversations around the cars. Sammie and Keisha, along with their girlfriend Paige, were talking to four guys; two of which were younger members of the River Boys.

“So do you girls come here every night then?” One of the boys, Jay, asked. Although he was asking all the girls, he was looking at Keisha, a glint in his eye.

“Most nights.” Keisha answered for all of them, as per usual. “But sometimes we go out in Yabee Creak.” She lied, they had never been on a night out in Yabee Creak, or anywhere for that matter.

Sammie took another sip of vodka, bored by the not so challenging conversation going on. Her eyes were beginning to feel glazed over, and she didn’t want to stand up, for fear of falling over. Still, she felt liberated and stress-free, and it was all worth it.

She must have passed out for a bit, cause when she came round, Keisha and Paige were nowhere to be seen, and neither were Jay and his mates. She didn’t even want to know what was going on or where they had disappeared to. She yawned slightly and sat up, noticing that it was still dark and the music was still blasting, but there were considerably less people stood about. If she had to guess, Sammie would say it was anytime between midnight and three or four in the morning. Not that it was very accurate.

She stood up with great difficulty, having to hold onto the car for support. She was tempted to sleep there all night, to not go home at all, but she knew she would be in trouble if her brothers caught her sneaking in past 4. Her shoes were making her uncomfortable, so she kicked them off and began walking towards the trees in her bare feet. She got far enough into the trees that she couldn’t see a single person from the party, and slowly began walking the long walk home. The longer she kept walking, the sicker she began to feel, until she had to stop and bend over at a tree, as vomit came up her chest and out of her mouth. She heaved a few more times, then stood up straight.

She turned away from the tree, and walked the short distance left to her house. She tried to enter the house as quietly as possible, but failed miserably, tripping on the door step and landing with a thud on the wooden floor. She sighed, and went toward the fridge for some water or something to sort out her dry mouth. She reached in and grabbed a bottle, closing the door and nearly jumping out of her skin when she spotted Brax stood there, leaning on the door frame.

“What time do you call this?” He frowned.

“I have no idea.” She slurred, putting the water on the table and taking a seat. Brax took a seat opposite her, leaning in.

“How did you get home?” He asked.

“Walked.” She shrugged, as if it was no big deal.

“On your own?” She nodded and Brax turned away from her, a “tsk” on his lips. “Do you have any idea how dangerous that is, ey?” He sounded sincere and slightly scary.

“I don’t care.” Sammie said, rebelliously.

“Well I do, and I don’t want to wake up to the news that they’ve found your body, or that you’re in hospital.”

Sammie really didn’t see what all the drama was about. “I can look after myself.” She raised her eyebrows at her brother.

Brax sighed. “You can’t though. You can’t protect yourself like Heath and I, or even Casey.”

“This is just like you!” Sammie got up quickly, her chair making a loud screech as she pushed it back with her legs. “Thinking I’m some weak little girl, when I’m not.” She stormed out of the room, almost knocking into the door frame, but managing not to. She went into her room, and threw herself onto her bed, wrapping the duvet tightly around her small frame.

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Well it definitely wasn't safe for Sammie to walk home drunk.

I dread to think what could have happened if she had come across someone who wouldn't exactly be the type of person to take her home.

So Brax was right.

Although I'm concerned if that is how Sammie is letting herself go.

But alcohol does make you do that ... but it's not healthy.

I look forward to more.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

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Brax did talk alot of sense liked that he was there for Sammie

You know the town would probaly think Sammie has a drink probelm now if she was on the show someone gets drunk once and everyone seems shocked about it :lol:

But hopefully Sammie will find some other way of dealing with her stress she needs someone to talk too

can't wait for more

Great chapter

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