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Living In The Shadows

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I also like Sammie's soft side so you've done amazing on that chapter! Really well done.

I'm with Steve on this one ... will Dex and Sammie become a couple?

I look forward to more.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

Thank you Carina :) And I'll say this, Dex definately likes Sammie, and maybe she likes him too ;) x

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The next day at school, Sammie was back to her old self again. She met up with April by her locker, something that had become part of her everyday routine recently, and together they began walking to her first class.

“I am so tired.” Her new friend sighed, dramatically blowing an invisible piece of hair out of her face.

“Tell me about it. I spent all night last night on the beach, and then when I got home, I realised I still had some history homework to do.” Both girls laughed half-heartedly, nearing Sammie’s classroom.

As they rounded the corner, they noticed that there was a crowd of people gathered, all staring into one place. The voice of Romeo Smith came about. “You think you’re so tough, don’t you? You and your brothers?”

Sammie saw that it was her brother that Romeo was shouting at, and that he had Casey pinned up against a wall, and immediately rushed to her brothers aid. “What’s going on here?!” She demanded, looking at Casey, before turning and glaring in Romeo‘s direction.

“Romeo here was just trying act the big tough guy, weren’t you Romeo?” Casey sneered, not breaking the eye contact he held with the blonde surfer boy.

“Is that right?” Sammie took a step closer to Romeo, and for a minute there, she could’ve sworn he seemed scared of her.

Ignoring his sister, Casey shoved Romeo backwards, causing his attentions to be turned back to the older Braxton. “What my brothers get up to has nothing to do with me.” He spoke through gritted teeth, before running off down the hall way, in the same direction Sammie had just come from.

“Casey! Casey, wait up!” She called after her brother, having no trouble catching up with him. “Hang on a sec!”

Casey spun round angrily, almost pushing his sister over in the process. “I don’t need you to keep sticking up for me, okay? I can look after myself!” He screamed in her face, raising his arms in the air.

“I was just trying to help.” She said sullenly, she could feel her bottom lip quivering. She wasn’t going to cry again!

“I don’t need your help.” He began walking again, ignoring the fact that his sister was obviously upset. “I just want to be left alone!”

Sammie stood alone in the corridor. The crowd had now dispersed, and were probably already in their class-rooms, gossiping about the scene that had just unfolded in front of them. Fighting back the bitter tears, she walked to her first class - music.

“You‘re late!” Liam Murphy exclaimed as she walked through the door of his classroom, standing up from the seat behind his desk.

“Yeah, and?” Sammie shrugged her shoulders, casually, taking a seat at the back of the classroom, away from the prying eyes of her fellow gossiping classmates.

“And?! We’ve already started the lesson Samantha.” He spoke angrily, staring directly at her.

Sammie rolled her eyes, she hated being called that, even if it was her real name. “I have my reasons. I’m sure you’ll hear about them soon enough.” She sighed, rolling her eyes.

The rest of the class was mind-numbingly boring. Music was just something that Sammie never understood, it was too complicated for her taste, and she didn’t see the point in it. Jason, a boy with whom Sammie shared many of her classes with, and who was a total pervert, spent the whole lesson winking at her and trying to catch her attention as usual, and the exact same students answered all the questions.

The rest of the morning kind of went past in a blur too. Sammie didn’t really pay attention to any of her teachers, or her fellow students. Walking from class to class, she must’ve bumped into a dozen different people, not even noticing. She just couldn’t stop thinking about what Casey had said to her earlier.

It wasn’t until lunch time, when Dex caught up with her, that she really snapped out of her trance.

“Hey.” He said cautiously as the two were walking out of the building to go to the diner to get some lunch. “So I heard what happened between Romeo and Casey earlier.” He chose his words wisely, making sure not to upset her.

“Yeah, I think everyone has by now.” She frowned, just wanting to forget about it.

“Look, if you need to talk to anyone, I’m here for you.”

“Thanks Dex.” She smiled appreciatively as they neared the diner.

Inside, there was a bit of a commotion going on at the till. To Sammie’s surprise, Heath was in the diner. The commotion was coming from Colleen, and Colleen was screaming at Heath.

“Hooligans! The lot of you!” She screeched, as the rest of the River Boys sat at a table nearby, laughing extremely loudly. Colleen was waving her tea-towel around in the air, as if for dramatic effect.

“What’s happening here?” She asked Heath, as she stood next to her brother at the till.

“This old bats refusing to serve me and the boys!” He mocked, giving Colleen his classic, scary “bad-boy” look .

“Is that right?” Sammie asked Colleen, folding her hands over her chest, just to let Colleen know she meant business.

“Well, yes.” Colleen looked down, looking slightly afraid. “They’ve no right to be here.” She sniffed.

Sammie laughed, a cold, callous laugh. “And you have no right not to serve them, they’re not causing any trouble. I’m sure that trading standards would be very pleased to hear that you are refusing to serve perfectly innocent customers.”

There was a small pause, before Colleen huffed, looked down at her feet and then back to Heath again. “What would you like?” She asked sheepishly.

Heath gave Colleen his order, and she stalked off into the kitchen to prepare the food.

“You truly are a force to be reckoned with sis! This might just be some of your finest work yet.” Heath smirked proudly, his impressive white teeth on show.

“What can I say?” Sammie pretended to be modest, whilst the rest of the River Boys cheered her on.

“I have to agree.” Dex spoke, only when Heath had gone to sit back down. “That’s pretty impressive, not many people can put Mrs Smart in her place.”

“Well…” Sammie grinned. “I’m not many people!”

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