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  1. Hope you had a great holiday !!! Ruby's right - if he's really gonna go through with this he has to know that hes probably gonna lose Charlie and the kids over it !! More soon please
  2. Aww that was just beyond amazing !! Can't even pinpoint a favourite part - loved it all !!!! More soon please
  3. Ok I seriously need to stop reading your chapters when other people are around because I nearly always end up squealing at the awesomeness of the chapter !!! Totally agree with what Dingo x said about how you explained their live - it was just perfect !! Loved the ending so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More soon please
  4. Wow so that was ...... dramatic !!! I seriously cannot get over the intensity of everything that happened in that update !! More soon please
  5. Great update, Awww Connor just has Charlie wrapped around his little finger !! Enjoy your holiday
  6. Great update, Do not see things regarding Heath ending well at all ! Aww Grace Austin !! More soon please
  7. Great update, Love the brother/sister like relationship that both jack and Heath have with Charlie !! OMFG AT THE ENDING !!!!! More soon please !!!
  8. Great update, Not never, just not right now - I think I can deal with that !! More soon please
  9. Great few updates, !!! I just can't see any of this ending well!! More soon please
  10. Great update, Knew Heath was gonna suck Brax in !! Now that Brax has said that you just know that someone's gonna find the drugs lol !! More soon please
  11. Great update, I know we had an agreement that I couldn't steal Connor until you were finished with this fic, but he's so damn adorable that I may not be able to keep that promise !! More soon please
  12. Great update, !!!!!!!!!!!! *sits in corner sharpening piles of daggers to throw* Btw just wanted to say thankyou for the lovely comment you left on my fanfic It means a lot! More soon please
  13. Great update Reading this cheered up my day More soon please
  14. Sorry I've missed so many great updates Great work though More soon please
  15. Great update, Aww cute that they managed to have a nice little family meal !! Ooh intriguing ending !! More soon please
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