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Living In The Shadows

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“So, what’s this teacher like then?” Sammie asked Dex, as she strutted down the hallways, struggling to keep up with her new… “friend”

“Mr Murphy.” He stated. “He’s pretty cool I guess, just make sure you don’t insult his music.” He giggled nervously.

“Music?” Sammie questioned, expecting some eccentric old man, who liked to whip out his guitar and a pair of bongo drums at every given opportunity.

“Yeah, he’s Liam Murphy, the ex rock star.” He strained his voice on those last three words, making him sound slightly sarcastic.

“Oh my God, I had no idea he was a teacher now.” Sammie grinned, she couldn’t quite believe it. “I wonder how many more surprises this school has in store for me.” She doubted there were many. It’s just, she’d had a massive crush on Liam Murphy, back when she was about 12. She had his album, and knew all the words off by heart. She’d even had a poster of him hung up on her bedroom wall, but ripped it down about a year ago. He’d kind of dropped of the music radar when it was rumoured he had been admitted into rehab.

“Well…this is where I’m gunna have to love you and leave you.” He giggled that nervous, adorable giggle again. He could barely look Sammie in the eye.

“Are you not…coming in?” She places a seductive finger on her lips, and pretended to bite down on her nail.

“Believe it or not, I’m 17 - so I’m not in your class.” He did it again, Sammie couldn’t help but grin at him. He really was the most adorable creature she’d ever met.

“What a shame.” She stepped closer to him, their faces only inches apart. “I was looking forward to a bit of entertainment.” She messed with his tie playfully.

“Yeah well…” He grabbed his tie out of her hands. “Maybe I’ll see you around.” And with that, he turned on his heel and walked off. Sammie rolled her eyes, hopefully not all the boys in Summer Bay were like that.

She walked confidently into the class room, smirking at the teacher…Liam Murphy.

“Hey.” He said, looking bemused. “And you are?”

“Sammie Braxton. I’m new.” She giggled, and played with her hair.

“Well take a seat please, Samantha.” Mr Murphy spoke, completely ignoring Sammie’s obvious attempt at flirting. She did her usual confident strut, right down the middle of the classroom, and noisily pulled a chair out at the back.

The class was a bore, just a blur of musical rubbish. Mr Murphy seemed enthusiastic, which was cute and worth Sammie’s attention, but what he was talking about was just so…boring. She didn’t even take music at her old school, she knew nothing about it.

When the lesson had finished, she quickly gathered her books and hurried out of class. Maybe she’d find Casey on the way to her next one. She’d caught sight of where her next classroom was earlier, when Dex had walked her to Mr Murphy’s class. She walked at a fast pace, really not wanting anyone to notice her. Suddenly, someone bumped into her shoulder, knocking her back slightly.

“Hey watch it!” She turned round to see who had been clumsy enough to walk straight into her- a rather short girl with long brown curls, and an upturned nose.

“Sorry.” She muttered apologetically, not quite meeting Sammie’s eye line.

“Yeah, you better be.” Sammie threatened, aggressively moving toward her. Nobody bumped into a Braxton like that and got away with it. “You know, maybe next time you should look where you’re going, curly!” She was towering over the girl, practically flexing her muscles to make herself seem more aggressive. The tall blonde guy next to the girl, who Sammie noticed as the guy who had walked her brother to class, stepped in between the two girls.

“Look I’m sorry.” He pleaded. “She didn’t mean to.”

“If you think-” Sammie was about to threaten them even more, when she felt a rough hand on her arm, tugging her back.

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at?!” Casey was stood next to her, his lips pursed in anger. He flashed a smile at Sammie’s victims, and they walked off, both equally red faced. “This is our first day for God’s sake, are you trying to make people hate you?”

“Oh, relax officer.” She frowned, adding extra sarcasm to her last word. “I was only having a bit of fun.” She smirked up at her brother, managing to shrug herself out of his grip.

“Well your idea of fun doesn‘t exactly translate to these people. And I don‘t exactly want to be the school freak this time round!” Casey spoke through gritted teeth, his face red.

“I’m sorry.” Sammie apologised, backing down to her brother. She’d never understood why Casey had ever cared what people thought of him.

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so there was a hint of romance between Dex and Sam at the start

Sam used to have Liams music when she was younger bet that was good :lol: considering his a rockstar I have never heard Liam sing rock its always been some rubbish love song on the show :lol:

I'm loving Sams bad girl side coming out at the end :wub:

Great chapter

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“Oh my God, I had no idea he was a teacher now.” Sammie grinned, she couldn’t quite believe it. “I wonder how many more surprises this school has in store for me.” She doubted there were many. It’s just, she’d had a massive crush on Liam Murphy, back when she was about 12. She had his album, and knew all the words off by heart. She’d even had a poster of him hung up on her bedroom wall, but ripped it down about a year ago. He’d kind of dropped of the music radar when it was rumoured he had been admitted into rehab.

That is freaky I just posted something eerily similar in one of my fics :huh: Awesome couple of updates. Looking forward to seeing how the Dex/Sammie relationship develops.

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pembie - I have to be honest; I've never heard him sing anything decent on the show, but I seem to remember him being quite "famous" for being a "rockstar" when he first came to the bay lol :lol: I'm glad you like bad girl Sam :) thank you

Lucii - I'm really happy that you're enjoying Sammie And Casey's relationship. And yeah you're right, Sammie and Dex would be totes adorbs together :wub:

soph - Me hopes so too lol. :D will update asap!

Carina - now that would be telling :D and I'm thinking she'll cause lots of trouble. Thank you

Perry - Great minds think alike, eh? Thanks for the compliment, so am I.

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She got home from school that afternoon, and fixed herself a cup of coffee and grabbed herself a few chocolate biscuits from the cupboard. Seating herself at the kitchen table, she stared at the large pile of English and History homework she had brought home with her. It wasn’t that she had really been given that much to do by her teachers, but ever since she was little, Sammie had been fixated on going to university and getting herself out of Mangrove River, of course, she’d never tell her family or friends that that was the case.

Her whole life, Sammie had it drilled into her that getting an education and going to school was a bad thing. When she was younger, too young to know any better, her mum used to keep her home from school every so often, often to help her with housework or to go out shopping with her. Nobody in Mangrove River seemed to have a problem with it, in fact, it was only Brax who would occasionally kick up a storm if she or Casey missed too much school.

At that moment, the two oldest Braxton’s walked through the front door and walked noisily into the kitchen, stirring their younger sister from her train of thoughts. You could tell by looking at them, that they were agitated. Brax got him and his brother two bottles from the fridge, and they both stood leaning against the kitchen counter tops.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Sammie raised her eyebrow, it must have been pretty bad to get Brax this worked up. Heath was always getting stressed about things, but Brax was usually the picture of calm and cool - only certain things could make him lose his temper.

“They closed the local down!” Heath stated, anger showing up in his voice.

Sammie failed to see how this was such a big deal. Maybe less boozy nights for her brothers would be a good thing. “So?” She shrugged. “Can’t you guys just drink somewhere else?”

“You wouldn’t understand.” Heath gave her the death glare. “You’re just a baby.”

“I am not a baby, I’m 15!” Sammie stated angrily, furrowing her brows at her most annoying brother.

She was about to start a big argument with Heath, but Brax saw it coming and walked over to her. “Yeah, but you’ll always be our baby sis!” He laughed, ruffling her hair. She swatted his hand away, flattening her hair back to it’s natural state. “So how was your first day Sam?” He asked.

“Not great.” She decided not to break out into a long rant about how cute the boys were there, and that there was one particular boy that had caught her eye. “The works easy enough though.” She gloated, smiling at her own adequacies.

“That’s our Sammie.” Brax said, walking toward the back door. “You’re a smart girl.”

“Yeah.” Heath followed him, passing Sammie on his way. “Too smart.” He said through his teeth, knocking her purposefully on his way out.

Sammie just rolled her eyes, took a sip of coffee, and started on her history homework. She was just starting her essay on Empires when her mother walked in, bringing in the stench of fish from her job at the fish co-op.

“Hey sweetie.” She barely looked at her daughter, as she rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. Sammie found herself wondering just how many beers her family went through in a week, she guessed it was a lot.

She took a sip out of the bottle, sighing as the cool liquid slid down her throat. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“Homework.” Sammie mumbled, her head in a textbook.

“You shouldn’t waste you time with that stuff babe.” Mrs Braxton walked over to her daughter, closing the text book Sammie was reading, and leaning over the table. “Go out and enjoy yourself with your mates.” She laughed, before putting her beer back in the fridge and walking into the bathroom, most likely to have a much needed shower.

Sammie sighed once again, opening the book up at the page she was reading before, and regained copying some notes. She managed to get into a decent pace, and before she knew it had written about half a page of her essay - it was a start.

She heard a knock at the door, and got up to answer it, fed up of all these interruptions. Standing outside the door were two of Brax and Heath’s mates.

“Hey boys.” She smiled warmly at the young men, leaning against the door casually. “You here for Beavis and Butthead, or to see me?” She joked playfully.

Both men laughed.

“Well as much as your nicer to look at then those two, I doubt we’d be able to get you into any bars.” Brody, one of Heath’s best mates spoke. The other one whispered ‘shame’ under his breath, but nobody heard.

Sammie had always had a good relationship with Brax and Heath’s River Boy mates, but they rarely came over to the house, so she didn’t see them very often.

At that point, both Brax and Heath came out of their rooms, nodding at their friends. “Alright boys.” Brax spoke, and they did their usual greetings. “See you later sis.” Brax waved at his sister, and all four guys walked out of the door, probably to go start a fight or something.

Sammie walked back over to the kitchen table and closed all her books up, putting them in a neat pile together. She couldn’t face doing homework anymore.

She thought briefly back to what her mother had just said, and got her mobile phone out of her pocket. She dialled her friend Keisha’s number, putting the phone to her ear. She needed to get out of that house!

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