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Living In The Shadows

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Story Title: - Living In The Shadows.

Type of story: Long fic.

Main Characters: The Braxtons, and later Dexter Walker

BTTB rating: T

Genre: General.

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: WILL BE sexual content and violence

Summary: Sammie Braxton is the youngest of the Braxton clan. How will she get along with the residents of Summer Bay?

Sammie Braxton was a force to be reckoned with. She was a mess of blonde hair and soft, tanned skin. Her blue eyes pierced straight through anybody she chose to glare at. She was feared by most of her class mates, but also greatly respected around Mangrove River.

She was the youngest member of the Braxton family, and consequently the only daughter to Cheryl and Sean Braxton. She had lived in Mangrove River her whole life, with her mother and three brothers; Darryl, Heath and Casey.

Unfortunately her father, known as one of the meanest drunks in Mangrove River, had walked out on the family - just a few weeks after Sammie was born.

Her three brothers were her best friends, and she was fiercely protective of each of them. In these past few years, she had come to act as a mother figure to the three young men, often when their mother had been incapable of doing so. When she turned a decent age, she relieved some of the pressure off Darryl; taking on the responsibility of keeping the house clean, and always making sure that there was a decent home cooked meal on the table for the boys, every single night.

Casey, the brother closest to her age had always been her confidante; when they were younger, they had shared every little detail of their lives with each other. As they grew older, they had grown apart; Sammie had developed a keen interest in boys, and found it much more fun to talk to the few girl friends she had about them, instead of hanging out with her troubled brother. Casey had fallen in with the wrong crowd recently, but no matter what, Sammie was always there to support him. She didn't let anyone give him ****.

Her second brother, Heath, was a completely different story. They had a volatile relationship at best; their relationship consisted of snapping sarcastic quips at each other, as well as constant shouting and fighting with each other. Despite this though, Heath and Sammie were still brother and sister, and for both of the siblings, that was reason enough to be fiercely protective of each other.

Her oldest brother Darryl, also known as Brax, had always been her hero. When the four of them were younger, Brax had been the one who was there to practically raise them on his own, helping his mother through bouts of depression and alcoholism, as well as being there to pick up the pieces after countless numbers of abusive boyfriends had ill treated her. Sammie only remembered Brax as this strong, protective cover over her and her brothers. She knew that no matter what trouble she got herself into, Brax had always been there to take care of his little sister, and pick up the pieces after the storm had passed.

Thick and thin, Sammie had been through it all with her family; her strong, dysfunctional family.

The young girl was walking across the rocky beach, her feet treading the water of the messy coastline. She had decided to take the long way home from school, ditching her friends and opting to walk the two miles across the beach, instead of just cutting through town. It was one of those rare days where she lived; where the sky was grey and the air was wet, with rain threatening to crash down at any minute. She stared intensely out to sea, her school shoes thrashing around in her left hand. The whole beach was completely peaceful - nobody really wanted to surf on a day like this. The water was starting to turn her feet blue, but she didn't mind. Her family lived about 10 minutes walk away from the beach, five minutes if you picked up the pace. As soon as she got off the beach, Sammie would be able to run home and heat her feet up underneath her duvet.

She quickly found herself leaving the beach, and treading onto the grass that was going to take her all the way home. She quickened her footsteps and before she knew it, the tiny house she grew up came into her eyesight. As she got closer, she began to hear her mothers voice scream above the sounds of nature. She sighed to herself, it was going to be another typical night at home. She entered the house, and came immediately into the kitchen/living room area.

Her mother was in the kitchen, hands flailing around, shouting expletives at Casey, whilst Heath was sat in front of the television, obviously trying to ignore the shouting match that was going on, a smirk adorned his handsome features. Upon seeing Casey's face, Sammie entered the kitchen. Her older brother was crying, tears strewn down his pigmented cheeks - his eyes red and puffy.

"What's going on?" She asked quietly, in between her mother's banshee-like screaming and the faint sound of the television.

Her mother walked up to the pair, her facial expression full of poison, a finger pointing at Casey. "Why don't you ask your useless brother what's going on?" She suggested, before flouncing off, the scent of cigarette smoke following her.

"What's going on Casey?" The youngest asked, laying a soft hand on her brothers shoulder.

The older boy sniffed and turned his back to he girl, his hands resting on the kitchen counter top. "I've really messed up this time, Sam." He hung his head low in shame, as his sister rubbed his back softly.

There was a long pause, when nothing but the television programme Heath was watching in the background could be heard. "They kicked me out of school. This was my fourth strike, and now I'm out." The boys sobbed into Sammie's shoulders.

Sammie really didn't know what to say. He had no-one but himself to blame? Casey had been suspended from Reefton Lakes High School 3 times before, each time for fighting. He was sort of notorious for it, as were the whole family. However, Casey seemed to have no self-control, and in times of stress, couldn't help but lash out. It was his natural reaction. Casey wasn't a bad person in any way, and in many had a very gentle personality, but when faced with a fight or flight situation, for him, it was always fight.

His sister, however, was more calculated. If she did get into fights, she'd make sure they weren't in school, or at least, not when there was anybody else around. Nobody thought she was an angel, but there wasn't many who knew exactly what it was that the young girl got up to or, indeed, was capable of.

The girl gave her brother a comforting hug, and wiped the tears from his eyes with her fingers. At that moment, the oldest of the Braxton offspring walked in, his facial features full of nothing but disappointment and fury.

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