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  1. Love that Ruby had an effect on Ella! So sweet, can't wait for more x
  2. Thank you for the comments they meant a lot and I'm so glad you enjoyed this story In answer to your question maybe! I'm attempting ideas now and then hopefully I'll finish my other fic considering it's summer and I can update regularly then I'll begin a new one x
  3. I made a few Hope they're alright. Not sure if they're spoiler-ish but there'a a possibility that a few are
  4. Loved the last few chapters! Connor is so cute! And loving the Charlie and Brax parts too
  5. I absolutely love this story! It's so well written! Angelo is such a jerk blaming Connor for Lily's death I'm so glad that Charlie reassured Connor that it isn't his fault at all. Hope Charlie and Ruby can become closer as the story continues! And loved Charlie and Brax too Update soon please x
  6. Aw I absolutely loved that update the grin on my face is so wide! Ruby and Casey Love this story cannot wait for more x
  7. I'm now on the last Hunger Games book - Mockingjay...not bad for someone who only got the three books a week ago (I'm a bit of a book nerd )
  8. I saw the movie then went out to buy the book too! Thought the movie was great so hoping the book will be the same. So, as you can see, I'm about to start reading The Huger Games. The book is great! Hope you enjoy. I finished the first book in a day and now I'm halfway through the second x
  9. The Hunger games! I saw the movie friday, read the first book by 7pm. So addicted!
  10. Happy birthday! xx

  11. I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter! I need to find out if Isabella is Brax's and what Brax is going to tell Charlie Please update soon absolutely love this story xx
  12. Absolutely adored that chapter so much! With Ruby remembering Charlie keeping her promise Update soon please xx
  13. Liked Ruby and Xav's chat shame he intruded on what was definately the wrong moment! Irene speaks wise words! Hope Charlie can forgive Bianca even though it wouldn't be easy Update soon xx
  14. Uh-Oh Ruby hope her and Xav can sort it out Loved the dinner with Chax and Charlie quoting Jacob saying girlfriends are stinky I am in love with a fictional child Update soon xx
  15. I love this so much! Shame that Charlie's leaving summer bay but I'm glad she's told the girls about Grant and that they were supportive. Hopefully Brax runs after her (hint hint hint ) More soon please xx
  16. Hope Brax isn't the dad that way things can sort of get back to normal Love the differences between the twins with Riley loving the water and Paige hating it! Can't wait for more xx
  17. Just caught up I have tears in my eyes reading this! Poor Charlie might have been betrayed by Bianca and Brax and now she's pregnant I still feel sorry for Bianca though for deliberately falling down the stairs. Hope this can all be sorted (somehow!) Update soon xx
  18. New Years Eve I am in total love with that film
  19. Sorry for missing updates I'm glad that Brax is going to rehab and to get help and that him and Charlie kinda sorted things out! Hope Jacob's going to be okay when he turns up Update soon x
  20. I want Aria so much! She's so adorable I think I am actually in love with her! Update soon x
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