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  1. Apologies if already been asked Belle's real first name?Didn't she change her name? Why did Kit and Kim break up when they were together the first time?
  2. Made these ages ago, don't have any text though sorry
  3. It's not crap, the main image is a tad stretched though, also, you might want to try using two different images next time? Just a couple of thoughts, keep going
  4. Funny looking wallpaper lol, I like it as a sig though
  5. I've been beaten to it but may aswell post:
  6. ^I can but if there's water there I wouldn't pass it up!
  7. Glad you liked the artwork sorry it all took so long!

  8. Hi, just read your comment. Thanks for making them for me. I really appreciate it. Just saw them, and they are brilliant. Thanks again.

  9. Oops sorry that doesn't seem to have worked and it wont let me PM it to you! You can find it in my thread :)

  10. Hey sorry this took so long, let me know if you dan't like and I will do another

    av: jackmarthasigmatchingav.png

    sig: jackmarthasig.png

  11. Little bit of Johnny Cash! Just letting it rip on itunes - afterall I have 107 Cash songs on there! oh dear!
  12. You don't have to stop using them, I don't make the rules, I'm not a mod or admin! I just thought this would be a good idea to stop all artists having their own request thread
  13. People please use rather than posting individual requests or request threads
  14. Because of the amount of requests that have been springing up in separate threads I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread where people can request artwork. If you want artwork by anyone specific please request in their personal thread or PM them but if you don't really care and would like to see what different people come up with post your request in here!
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