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  1. Just don't rely on him not remembering...I remember most things post-drunk and there's a strong possibility someone else will fill in the gaps for him! Just a word of warning...doesn't always go so smoothly! You could try making a comment or asking an open ended question that would lead to him telling you how he feels? I can't think of an example of the top of my head but yeh...
  2. I'm going through a similar situation with my second year of A Levels and the only advice I can give you is do your best. Nobody can criticise you if the grades at the end of all this aren't what they expected as long as they are the best you could do. Believe me....there is a lot of time between now and your exams if you use as much as you have if that makes sense...for example I got so little science revision done that in the week leading up to the exam I got my dad to test me on stuff and I answered about 2 in 10 questions right...all week he sat with me for an hour and asked me constant questions (I must mention here my dad didn't know any of the answers either but he just asked questions from the text book) and I came out with an A. I'm not saying it's easy and it's not fun to hear...as I type I'm thinking about what a hypocrite I am cos I'm not fulfilling my potential this year. With the Maths - it's hard....I found it hard my friends all found it hard higher maths sucked but I guess that's why it's higher...just persevere...remember you don't need to know the answer to every question. With the Spanish - I did French...you don't need fluency...as long as you understand some of the tense stuff and have fairly decent vocab you'll be fine. With the art - I'm behind on my A Level art atm...make a list of stuff to do...annotations...photographs paintings etc and then decide one Saturday or Sunday 'by the end of the day I will have done this list' although art shouldn't be planned in my opinion sometimes you reach the point you just have to...we are students that need to get grades not artists that can just sit there waiting for inspiration! I'm sorry if none of this has been helpful...don't want to sound patronising! Di - I was so happy for you when I read about the outcome with Tom...I often read and don't comment but it made me smile...it's nice to have good news for a change.
  3. Jess to begin with you def aren't the only one I'm panic-stricken too! I think you should just tell him you decided to keep it girls only, that way he can't be upset for the simple reason he's not a girl...lucky there are no other guys going eh?! that would have been awkward! It's you celebration at the end of the day, Di's right you should feel comfortable! And you are right too, don't get his hopes up if nothing will happen! A little off topic but is your birthday the 23rd? just wondering cos I have Lit exam then! Are you moving far to uni? xx
  4. I'm awful for comfort eating, you aren't alone.... I get more upset the more I put on weight, and as a result eat more it's a viscious cycle! The thing is food addiction isn't like other addictions....if you're an alcoholic you can stop drinking alcohol (allbeit difficult) people who are addicted to food have to eat to live. Eating is such a complex thing, I don't think anyone eats the perfect amount.
  5. Apologies if already been asked Belle's real first name?Didn't she change her name? Why did Kit and Kim break up when they were together the first time?
  6. Made these ages ago, don't have any text though sorry
  7. It would be very difficult for her to prove, as I mentioned I think his status would make it easy for him to discredit her, a permanent staff member may have a slight chance but temps just don't have any authority, my sister was a temp in february time but unfortunately they are disposable. Obviously she would have to be heard but I don't know that they would take her seriously enough. It is incredibly sad that she has been treated like that and she has felt she had to leve because of it but all I'm saying is that I can understand why she didn't want to make a huge issue out of it.
  8. I can completely see you point rennyren but at the same time I can completely understand why this girl doesn't want to make a big deal out of this, particularly if she is a temp and this man is high up in the organisation - I am by no means saying what he is doing is in anyway acceptable but she would put herself at risk of being embarrassed by the man and a bad reference could ruin her chances in the future. Again I must stress I do not agree with his actions, I can just understand why she is not drawing attention to the matter. I am glad she's leaving.
  9. It's not crap, the main image is a tad stretched though, also, you might want to try using two different images next time? Just a couple of thoughts, keep going
  10. Aww Mar, I never really know what to say, when I am having a bad day nothing anyone says really helps much but try to think on the positives - you are getting married to the man you love soon
  11. Funny looking wallpaper lol, I like it as a sig though
  12. I've been beaten to it but may aswell post:
  13. Thanks for the support Mar and spunkyl, it's nice to know I'm not alone in what I'm feeling. I don't really know what else to say, off to bed thanks again xx p.s Mar I don't have an LJ as yet, I'm a bit scared they seem very complicated to set up!
  14. ^ I get you Mar, I have been feeling a little bit that way too lately, I doubt in the same proportions but I just long for someone to think of me first, to want to phone me and chat or to just recognise I'm here. I think because I'm sarcastic and always making jokes etc people don't realise I have feelings, I just feel a bit lonely. Recently I have been working up some friendships in my youth group and feeling really wanted and accepted, then this one girl (who don't get me wrong I really like) comes back from uni and another comes along after being awol for a while and I'm back at square one feeling completely inadequate and just pointless really. It's a struggle cos I really like them but they seem to findcertain people dispensable which makes me really angry, for instance my sister was the person who brought them both in the first place and now they often act like she doesn't exist (she's a bit of a doormat) and they just don't have any awareness of the cliques they make and the people who feel included when they aren't there who they push out when they are. I don't know I just feel a bit gutted. Sorry Mar I did start this post with the intention of helping you and I've just moaned about trivial things in my life instead
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