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    Friends, Grey's Anatomy. Heroes, Dirt, How I Met Your mother...Yeah they aren't really soaps...

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    I'm a huge Movie fanatic, there's nothing better than watching a movie or two.<br />I try to review most of the films i watch and send them off to a couple of different places to get published.<br />I work at Video Ezy, so this is where i spend my time.<br />So pretty much i think about are around movies 24/7.<br />Currently (20/5/08) My DVD collection consists of 389 titles.<br />Other than work and movies, i enjoy hangin with friends and catching up.<br /><br />

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  1. the sentinel..... I liked it.... It was good....Just good. DOA..... enjoyed it alot...mainly because it didn't take much to watch it....no brain required...the eye candy was good also
  2. i watched silent hill this moring. Not a bad film. Not very Scary. I watched United 93 last night. That was a very emotional film...wlel the last part was anyway...
  3. i love that one ^^^ I thought it was hilarious. Have you seen all the movies it makes fun of?
  4. ^^I heard that it was good, really creepy and gross. My friends exact quote was: "It was really yuck, creepy, gross, scary, disgusting, yuck but it was good" Anyway Watched Spaceballs Last night.
  5. American Pie: The Wedding and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
  6. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom & Suicide Is Press Coverage- Panic! at the disco. I don't mind the band, don't really fancy them either.
  7. American Pie 2. Best one outta the four i think.
  8. When a stranger calls... Its not bad the second time, still not very scary and very low action/thriller levels.
  9. same! I'm doing maths atm.. Instantaneous rates... They are so much fun! ..Not After that i have to plan my essay for tomorrow, I'm gonna have a good night tonight!
  10. Im doing maths... SO im very bored. I'm going to the movies later so that should be fun!
  11. where'd you go? = Fort Minor Feat Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga
  12. wish i had an angel - nightwish
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