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  1. I was right Sasha did get together with a guy called Matt. Does anyone think that actors Alec and Sasha have got good chemistry ?. I believe they may be together in real life, don't quote me on it though.
  2. Not quite true. He probably will, but fathers have a much harder time getting custody then mothers, even if the mother is deceased.
  3. I do think him and Denny are cute. It's nice to see two fun, light-hearted characters in a fun and light-hearted storyline together. Too many relationships on the show start with some kind of serious drama.
  4. I actually really like Denny. I agree though, Evie and Hannah are not great and Oscar is just a bit 'meh.'
  5. I was determined not to like her when I thought that she knew that Heath was with Bianca when she slept with him, but it's obvious now she had no clue he was cheating on someone. I quite like her, she seems pretty level-headed considering the situation she's in.
  6. I really liked hearing a little bit about his life. He's a really interesting character. And even if he was manipulating Evie, which I don't think he actually was, he really helped her (before Oscar had to come and ruin everything.) He'll probably just be absent off the screen for a couple of weeks and then just magically re-appear as if nothing happened.
  7. To me, her character only became unbearable after she broke up with Casey for the second time. Just the way she still flounced around Angelo's and Braxton house like she owned the place and was part of the family. Not to mention her acting so above the 'Braxton drama' when she caused most of it. Oh and also her and Casey ending things and then still trying to get back with him, whilst also being jealous about Phoebe and Kyle. I'll admit though, that I did like her when she was organising the festival, I just didn't like the fact that she was doing it with Kyle.
  8. Glad I'm not the only one who spotted that. There was one scene where he was just standing beside Spencer and Sasha and there was more spark between him and Sasha than between her and Spencer I wouldn't mind them just developing a friendship there. It would be a bit weird for anything more given he was with Indi and Sasha with Spencer. I think more than anything Sasha needs a friend who is just a friend. I loved her relationship with Dex and would love to see that recreated with someone else. I think Chris would be ideal for that. I never thought about it like that, but yes, it would be great to see them develop a 'sibling' bond, especially since they are now living together. Plus Chris is a very humorous character just as Dex was so the relationship would have a similar vibe. (I just loved Dex and Sasha's scenes together.)
  9. The writers obviously put them together for those reasons exactly, because they are not interesting as a couple at all and there is no reason why they should be together, they have nothing in common. They would've been better as just friends! The other annoying thing about it is that Spencer and Maddy were introduced to the show as a super couple. They were so committed to each other that they'd rather live rough than be separated. Five minutes later Spencer is in love with Sasha! That's one of the many reasons I hate Sasha and Spencer together. I think it ruined both characters - Sasha who was my favourite character in the entire show, and Spencer - who I liked when he first came because it seemed even though he had ran away from home, he had his head screwed on and was a nice guy. Him breaking up with Maddy and then easily moving on to Sasha was just stupid.
  10. I'm more interested to see how the others react to Kyle being kidnapped. I'm definitely interested to see how Casey reacts to Kyle being missing.
  11. The writers obviously put them together for those reasons exactly, because they are not interesting as a couple at all and there is no reason why they should be together, they have nothing in common. They would've been better as just friends!
  12. She is a very strong female character who won't let the Braxton's walk all over her, and for that reason alone I already love her.
  13. I like him but I'm hesitant to get too invested in the character as I have a feeling he will be manipulated into doing something really bad by Montgomery. I do hope we see more of him though, and a reason for his behaviour. I wonder what his family life is like?
  14. Every week I love Sasha more and more. To think I used to hate her when she first came and now she is one of my favourite characters. The way she has been there for Rosie and her family is just amazing!
  15. I don't really know where they can go with Spencer and Maddy, I find them interesting as individual characters but not as a couple. I don't like it when characters arrive on the show already in relationships or get into them too quickly. I would like to see both of them explore other options, and maybe end up together in the end
  16. I have a feeling she's bad news...something's just not quite right...
  17. That was actually when I went off her character. I couldn't believe how horrible she was to Miles when he had lost a child too, and then it was just brushed under the carpet and she didn't even really seem sorry. Ever since then I think she has had an air of selfishness to her that has really been heightened recently.
  18. I don't mind them, I have a feeling I'll get to like them when they actually become a proper couple.
  19. Yes because apparently all people who are a fan of the Braxton's are also illiterate (and therefore stupid, right?) Because it wouldn't actually be possible for us to find the characters and their storylines genuinely interesting without having some shallow-minded reason for wanting to watch them. I have not once seen anybody type like that on here, and very rarely do people state that they only like the Braxton's because they're hot. Most people have a perfectly valid reason for liking them, or at least seeing things from the characters perspective. You say that you are the ones being called out, but that is only because certain people post long repetitive posts about how much they hate the Braxtons, and guess what? Repeating the same thing over and over and not carrying the topic forward is against the rules - that is why they are being "called out." I wouldn't mind if people talked about their current storylines, but all people ever seem to go back to is that they USED to be drug dealers (Okay well Brax apparently still is, but Heath is seemingly on the straight and narrow.) EDIT: If I remember correctly, Heath spent more than one night in jail.
  20. I felt so sorry for Heath today, I really wanted to give him a cuddle and tell him to ignore his dad Pa Braxton is a nasty piece of work!
  21. Agreed! Sometimes coming on her almost ruins the show for me I don't mind people having opinions against the Braxton's, but don't really see the point of posting loooong posts pointing out every little wrong doing. Firstly, it's a tv show and if everyone was happy and perfect and full of sunshine, we wouldn't have a very good show. Also, I fail to see how it is unrealistic that they do get away with stuff. In real-life, not everybody gets their comeupence for every bad thing they do. I don't know what it's like in Australia but in a lot of countries, the police are completely incompetent and criminals get away all the time. One thing I've always found unrealistic in soaps is that people always get caught out for everything. Some people on here seem to think the cops on the show are supposed to be perfect, but really they are human-beings too. No-one's perfect, we all do bad things to varying degrees, but depending on your situation, you may be forced to do even worse things in order to survive.
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