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Living In The Shadows

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Thanks again guys :wub:

Carina - I agree, it was careless of her to walk home on her own in that state, and a testament to how much she has changed in such little time since the first chapter. Thank you so much for your constant reviews :) Also, I keep looking at your icon and thinking "wow, she looks a lot like Belle", then I realise :\ lol

Pembie - I know it's ridiculous how one sip of alcohol seen being drunk by the character, is turned into a massive full blown drinking problem in the bay. But maybe Sammie's heading that way, I'm not sure yet. Thank you so much for reviewing again : )

soph - well hopefully we'll soon find out..or not : P Thanks for the comment : )

A new update will be up as soon as I can find the time to write it :P

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Carina - I agree, it was careless of her to walk home on her own in that state, and a testament to how much she has changed in such little time since the first chapter. Thank you so much for your constant reviews :) Also, I keep looking at your icon and thinking "wow, she looks a lot like Belle", then I realise :\ lol

I've only just noticed this comment ... :lol: Woops, sorry.

Yeah, she has changed a lot since the first chapter but you are portraying her character really well.

& as for the icon :lol: Bless. That's funny. Lol.

You're very welcome for the reviews :)

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The next day, Brax had agreed to take his little sister out to Summer Bay for a surf. He thought she needed a chance to meet some of the teens from the bay, and hoped they might find some hanging out on the beach. They were walking across the pier, ice lollies in hand, gladly soaking up the hot summer sun and Sammie was talking about her new school.

“I just feel like I don’t belong, at all.” She sighed, squinting slightly as the sun was in her eyes.

“Well, do you even try?” Brax sounded exasperated, exhausted even.

“Me?” Sammie laughed at his question. “Why would I try?”

“Oh sorry, I forgot you were too cool for that.” Brax joked sarcastically, with not nearly enough humour in his voice.

“Don’t be stupid Brax.” Sammie wasn’t afraid to stand up to her older brother, sometimes, it seemed like she was the only one. “People here just have a different attitude to anyone else I’ve ever met. They’re all…weird.” She sighed, throwing the remainder of her soggy ice cream in the nearest bin.

“Well sis, maybe today you could change that.” They were now making their way down the steps to the beach, heavy surfboards under their arms.

“The surf looks great.” Sammie smiled widely, extremely excited. The surf at Summer Bay was completely different to the one at Wilson’s. The surf at Wilson’s was wild and crazy, with sharp jagged rocks that you had a job to avoid. At Summer Bay, the waves were slow and steady, and any experienced surfer could manage to catch more then a few.

The siblings got out onto the surf as fast as they could, eager to ride. As usual, Brax managed to catch a few more waves then Sammie, but that was only down to experience, and both were extremely talented in their own ways. Brax had a more aggressive approach to everything, being more used to the waves at Wilson’s, whereas Sammie was more relaxed, and not afraid to take her time picking the perfect wave. They were both in the water for over half and hour, most of the time in fierce competition with each other. Sibling rivalry was a big thing in their family.

They both got out and dried off, Sammie putting her denim shorts and tank top back on, before making their way up to the land again, both of their stomach’s rumbling.

“You did good today, kid.” Brax said proudly to his sister. He was more than pleased that his sister was turning out to be a very talented surfer girl. “Maybe a little less drinking, and a little more surf, ey?” He cocked an eyebrow.

“Will you lay off me about the drinking?!” Sammie scorned, her happy mood soon disappearing and being replaced by a cloud of dread and regret. “You and Heath get drunk all the time, I don’t see what the big problem is!” She would have thrown both her hands in the air if it wasn’t for her board, so she settled with just one.

“Just because we do it, doesn’t mean I want you to do it.” Brax said quietly. At that moment, Sammie saw her Uncle Keith walk up to her and Brax, smiling as usual.

Uncle Keith wasn’t actually her uncle. He was more of a family friend, and he had helped them out of a lot of sticky situations, many of them financial. He was a nice man, and not to mention a massive pot head.

She smiled at Keith before Brax turned to her. “Can you give me and Keith a minute to talk, please?”

“But I’m starving.” Sammie whined and shook her head, wanting her brother to buy her lunch as soon as possible.

“Well.” Brax gritted his teeth. “I’ll be with you in a minute, you just go on ahead.”

She sighed, and went on her way to the Summer Bay Diner, placing her surf board outside.

That was one thing she liked more about Summer Bay than Mangrove River. In Mangrove River, you could never leave anything ‘outside’ for fear of it being stolen. Here, you didn’t even have to worry about anything like that.

Sammie walked into the diner confidently, her long blonde hair flowing behind her. She didn’t want anyone to know that this place scared the crap out of her. She decided she’d wait for Brax before she ordered, just in case he wasn’t happy with her choice. Instead of going toward the counter, she looked around for spare tables. The place was busy, but there was still a couple of tables going free. She spotted one and went toward it, changing her mind when she saw a familiar sat at the one next to it. She recognised him as Declan from school, or was it Damien?

“You look as bad as I feel?” She quipped, taking a cheeky seat next to the brown haired boy and leaning her elbow rudely on the table.

The boy suddenly looked up at her, slightly dumbfounded. “Err…hi?” He sounded unsure of himself. “It’s…uh…nice to meet you again…I guess.” He choked his words out, barely making eye contact.

“So what’s up?” Sammie interrupted him. “What’s got you looking so glum?”

“Just…my sad, pathetic excuse for a life.” He frowned, deep lines appearing in his forward.

“What’s the matter? Is it girl problems? Mate problems? Family issues?” Sammie pried, she had always considered being an agony aunt…or not.

“Try all 3!” Dex stated, camply taking his strawberry milkshake and putting the straw to his mouth, taking a huge sip out of it. “No girl will ever like me…ever! I don’t really have any mates, and well, my dad thinks I’m a freaking weirdo.”

“Oh.” Sammie sat back, a smile forming on her face. “Well…I like you, and I can be your new friend and, well, if your dad doesn’t love you just the way you are then he’s an idiot!” She liked to put it simply, and not beat around the bush.

“Thanks, strange person who I haven’t even really met before.” They both laughed, and glittering eyes caught contact.

“Anytime.” Sammie’s smile was wider than ever. She liked this boy, he wasn’t quite as obnoxious as the rest of the Summer Bay High students.

“Hey.” Sammie turned round to see Brax coming toward her, a very serious look on his face. “Look, I’ve got to get on with some business, so I can’t really stay. But here,” He threw fifty dollars down on the table in front of Sammie. “This should pay for everything. Maybe you can have lunch with this guy?” Brax winked at the both of them, before walking briskly away from the diner.

“Is that your brother?” Dex asked, his face in a state of wonder. Sammie nodded. “He’s pretty freaking cool!” He said in awe.

“Mm, he has his moments.” Sammie mused. “So…how do you fancy spending this money on something a little more worth while with me?” Sammie cocked an eyebrow at an unsure looking Dex, waving her new found wealth around in the air.

“Um…okay?” He said, completely unsure of exactly what she meant. He knew one thing though, this girl was going to be trouble.

A/N: I know nothing, I repeat, nothing about surfing. Please don’t judge me :P Also, very sorry it’s been so long since I updated. Works been keeping me pretty busy, and as the Summer weather is finally starting to come (and hopefully stay) here in England, I have been outside a lot. Again, very sorry :D

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Great update!!

I'm guessing that Declan/Damien is Dex :lol: hopefully they will become friends. I'm a bit worried though that the "something more worthwhile" that Sammie is gonna spend the money on is going to be booze

Nice rivalry between Brax and Sammie there - with the whole surfing competition thing :lol:

More soon please :D

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Sammie walked at a fast pace, Dex struggling to keep up behind her. He was out of breath, sweaty and his leg muscles ached like hell. They must’ve walked miles, all the way from Summer Bay into Mangrove River. Sammie seemed to have no trouble walking the long distance in her Roxy flip-flops, her long brown legs moving fast through the last part of their journey.

“Where exactly are we going?” Dex asked, he’d been wanting to know ever since the two had left the diner about an hour ago.

“You’ll see.” Sammie said simply, quickening her pace slightly. “We’re nearly there now anyway.” And with that, she stopped dead and stared out into the distance.

“This is it?” Dex said, staring out into the distance along with his new friend. He was looking at a huge field, full of burnt grass. In the background were a line of thick trees, and a big blue barn - possibly three times the size of Dexter’s house.

“This is it.” She smiled, continuing on her walk toward the barn. “It’s an old barn that’s been turned into a dirt biking track. My brother Heath used to bring me up here all the time.” She smiled at the memories of getting thrashed by her older brother in the races they used to hold.

“You…brought me dirt biking?” Dex asked, a pained expression on his face.

“Yeah.” She looked at him, smiling, honestly clueless. “You don’t like dirt biking?”

The Walker boy just shook his head. “You honestly don’t know anything about me, do you?” He furrowed his brows together, his look a mixture of curiosity and angst.

“You’re a guy!” She declared, they had now reached their destination and she turned to face him, her arms crossed over her chest. “You have to like dirt biking. All the guys I know like dirt biking.” Sammie also wore a confused expression.

“Can we just get this over with?” Dex sighed, walking toward a man he assumed owned this place. “Hey sir, do you work here?” Dex asked the man. He was huge; maybe about 6”5, with muscles to rival the incredible Hulk. He was covered in tattoos, and wore a bandana over his head and a sleeveless flannel shirt.

“What’s it to you, kid?” He asked gruffly, his voice rough and gravely - probably from years of smoking. Just as Dex was about to turned around and run away, the strange man caught sight of Sammie. “Oh hey Sam, didn’t see you there.” He laughed, a deep hollow laugh, and stepped toward the much smaller girl. To Dex’s surprise, she didn’t seem intimidated by the guy at all.

“Hey Nick.” The girl smiled the first friendly smile Dex had seen from her. “How’s business?”

“Better than ever.” He replied, as if they were just two old friends chatting over nothing. “I’ve just finished laying a brand new track out back, I’ll let you have a go on it if you want.”

“I’d love that.” Sammie smiled. Dex just watched on, surprisingly interested in the conversation, and wondering how two people who looked so different could be so close.

Then again, Sammie did have a slightly rough look about her. Dex had never seen her wearing any make-up, like his sister Indi and just about every other girl in Summer Bay did. Not that it mattered much, she was still better looking than most of the girls that Dex had ever seen. And she didn’t wear fancy clothes either - it was always ripped jeans or shorts and a tank top. Never anything that screamed expensive. She also walked like a dude, Dex had noticed, and had more muscles than he could ever dream of having. She was what Dex would call conventionally attractive, but she didn’t seem to realise it, or even take advantage of it.

“So how are your brothers?” Dex snapped back to reality, and began listening to the conversation again.

“They’re good.” Sammie nodded. “Brax is doing well, and Heath is just…Heath.” Her voice sort of trailed off toward the end of her sentence, laced with disappointment.

“Well you’ll have to get them down here again some time soon. I’ll give them some free rides as a thanks for their little present they gave me.”

“Present?” Sammie questioned, cocking her head to the side a little.

“Doesn’t matter.” Nick smirked. “You don’t wanna know! Is it just the two of you?”

“Yes please.” Sammie smiled, handing over the fifty dollar note.

“Have fun kids.” Nick raised his eyebrows at Dex, a gesture Dex didn’t exactly appreciate. “Don’t kill yourselves.” He muttered under his breath.

Sammie dragged Dex, with great force, all the way through the barn and out through the back doors, where two big red dirt bikes were parked in front of them. Sammie bounced on the front one, turning on the loud engine immediately. “Hop on.” She motioned to the other bike with her thumb.

Dex just stood his ground, shaking his head. “Not that I’m an expert on dirt biking, but don’t you need a license to drive one of these?” He tried to act cool, whilst on the inside he was smiling at his genius.

“Don’t be a dingbat Dex.” She laughed. “Nick doesn’t care about licenses. This place isn’t exactly above board.” She winked at him, revving the engine.

Dex’s internal smirk disappeared, and dread filled his entire body. “If you don’t feel comfortable hopping on your own bike, just jump on mine.”

Dex didn’t exactly think that was a good idea, but decided it was going to be the lesser of two evils, and so he jumped on the bike right behind Sammie, carefully wrapping his hands around her slim torso. He could smell her sweet perfume, and the feeling of her soft skin on his made his hairs stand on end.

“Hold on tightly.” She shouted over the engine, revving the engine up, and going forward at what Dex could only guess was full speed.

Both teenagers hopped off the red bike; one feeling exhilarated and the other, slightly traumatised. Dex had been scared stiff for the whole ten minutes they had been riding, but had tried to tough it out, not wanting to seem like a wimp in front of Sammie. Eventually though, he just had to tell her to stop. It was all getting too much, and he had visions of them both falling off, their unprotected heads hitting the dried mud with great force.

“That was amazing, right?” Sammie slung her arm around Dex’s neck as they walked back to the barn, both very sweaty.

“Sammie, there are many things I would describe as amazing, and what I just went through, is definitely not one of them.” Dex snarled.

“You’re so weird Dex.” Sammie laughed, she turned her body to face him, and pressed her warm body up against his. “It’s a good job I like weird.

A/N: Yeah so, as you can probably tell, I moonlight as a professional dirt-biker (I kid.) But seriously, the only thing I know about dirt biking is what I learned from the episode of MADE I watched the other day. So yeah, sorry if I offended any dirt bikers out there with my crappy knowledge. Hope you enjoyed :)

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I really liked that chapter

It was funny how Sam thought Dex would like dirt bikes because his a guy :lol:

I could picture Dex clinging on to her for his life when he got on her bike :lol:

For their 2nd date I think Sam should do something geeky she choose dirt bikes Dex's turn next he could take her to comic con :lol:

update soon :D

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