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What do you think of Rachel?

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What do you think of Rachel?  

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I welcome all opinions in this poll, as it is my aim to find the truth. I suspect that the results will be split pretty evenly, and that the positive votes may actually outweigh the negative votes, but we won't know until people officially have their say, so please do. Only YOU can end the madness.

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Hate her. She grates my nerves too much.

Edit: I suppose I should explain a bit more. She used to be my favourite character when she was with Kim. I loved her. Then the whole Kim/Kit thing happened and it went downhill from there. She just meddles in everyone's business, kind of like what Roman's started to do.

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Right now I don't care. I used to love her, then I just liked her, but I began to hate her for most part of last year, towards the end she calmed down and I found myself thinking there was hope for her, but with the last two eps she has gone back to acting like the character I don't like. But instead of hating her I'm just annoyed.

I don't like the way she goes about things. I liked her in the episode where she first told Bridget to leave town. But the way she went about exposing Bridget in front of everyone wasn't her best moment. Also with Tony, I'm sure her intentions were good, but the way she handled the situation wasn't. It was good that she wanted to try and get him focus on the positive things going on, but I think it's going to take some time before he can. I'm sure she can afford him some more time to just be angry, sad, and hurt about his son dying. I'm not one of those people who always expects her to have the right answers because she was a pysciatrist but it doesn't take a pysciatrist to know that sometimes people just need to feel this way after a tragedy, and they need time before they can start looking towards the positive things in life. It's not like they already have the child, and he's refusing to be near the baby. And we know how much he really wants this baby, so I would think when he says things like he doesn't care about her or the baby she would know it's just the grief talking.

The thing that always bothered me the most about her is the way she acts like the person really as a choice in any matter when she as already made up her mind about it. She gives new meaning to the words emotional blackmail. It was the same way she approached the idea of having a baby with Tony. She lays it on thick about how great and perfect it would be, and how much she wants it and only then asks if he wants too as well. Off course he is going to feel pressured to say yes. I don't think she ever means to act that way but she does. And I despise people who do that.

I feel the writers aren't doing a good job with her. It's clear that they are trying to write her as the kind and caring character who is always there for everyone, kinda like Roman is(before his stupid behaviour this week anyway). But they are going about it the wrong way. She usually just comes off as patronising. They also keep putting her in these no-win situations. Her desperation for a baby was a very realistic storyline, but even that they ruined. They turned her into this crazed woman who could think of nothing else. It became an obsession. I'm surprised she didn't take one look at Ollie when he first arrived and offer to take him of Irene's hands. By the time she fell pregnant instead of being happy for her all I could think was 'maybe we won't have to hear about her whining for a baby anymore'.

I do feel her actions get critisized alot. But that is down to the way they are writing her character. She isn't a bad person and she most always as someones best interest at heart but the way she goes about showing it leaves alot to be desired. The only time, where I truly thought all the hate was unwarranted was when she made that one comment about Aden after the kidnapped. I could sympathise with her for losing her cool for a little while. And there does seem to be a huge double standard there. Because others have reacted just like that, without having anywhere a good enough reason as her and have actually been praised for it. But unfortunately most of the time I can't blame anyone for finding the way she's goes about things to be completely irritating.

Anyways I started to like her once again like for while towards the end of last year, but she managed make that go away really quickly. But right now I don't love/like or hate/dislike her. I just find the way they keep writing her this way to be extremely annoying, especially when they were starting to make progress with her.

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I love Rachel and have done since she first started. I don't understand all this hatred towards her.

Yes she's made mistakes and done stupid things but so has everyone. She's not perfect and it seems as soon as she does something wrong people jump on her and accuse her of being 'insensitive' and 'manulative.' She's a good person who just tries to do the right thing by people. I agree she shouldn't have outed Bridget like that in front of everyone but she'd tried to talk to Alf in private but he basically told her to get lost. She gave Bridget plenty opportunities to tell Alf she was leaving without actually forcing her to tell him the truth but Bridget didn't listen.

As for Tony, she's in a difficult situation. Yes she's a trained pysciatrist and should understand how Tony is feeling but this time he's not just one of her patients, he's someone she loves and for her to have to watch him in all this pain, knowing there's nothing she can to help must be awful for her. I don't think she was mad at him missing the ultrasound, more so he'd been missing for 2 hours and she couldn't get in touch with him. She was worried.

I was shocked at the hate she got over the whole Aden thing. Everyone forgets she was the one who in the end got him the help he needed. He'd just kidnapped her on her wedding night and she's supposted to just forget that. And for one little comment she took back in the same episode. She's human and at the end of the day she was an emotional mess.

Anyways i'm not going to change anyone's mind about her so i'll shut up. Although i do wonder why, if she's so hated she's pretty much always in the top 3 most popular female characters.

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