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  1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Not as good as the first one and took a while to get into it but was still good.
  2. The Book Thief. I was a little disappointed. I loved the book so much and the movie just didn't do it justice, but then again book to movie movies rarely do. (In my opinion)
  3. I had a feeling April and Heath would stay married in the end. They've never really made sense to me and I really hoped Heath and Bianca could have worked things out, but great story all the same. Always enjoy reading your fictions and will keep a look out for furture stories.
  4. Aww Bianca had a little girl. Here's hoping she brings her parents closer again. Little sad that Heath wasn't in the room to see his daughter being born but at least he was there right after. Looking forward to more.
  5. I didn't like this chapter much....nothing against your writing its great as always, just don't like April and Heath declaring love for each other and such. Even though I'm not much of a fan of either pairing I would prefer Bianca and Heath to be able to work it out but pretty sure that's not happen. Even so, looking forward to more and seeing where this goes.
  6. I feel so sorry for Bianca. Not liking April and Heath at all. I really wish there was a way for Bianca and Heath to work things out. I'm loving Dex and Ruby together though.
  7. Even though I had a feeling something might have happened with Dex and Ruby when she appeared back in the bay I was still a little shocked to read it. Dex and Ruby could be interesting.... Didn't expect Bianca to be pregnant. I am sort of hoping she and Heath work things out but not sure that's going to happen.
  8. Story Title: A Perfect Match Type of story: Long Main Characters: Charlie, Daniel and Ruby Other Characters: Bianca, Leah, April, Kaya, VJ, Angelo and Brax BTTB rating: T/A Genre: Drama/Romance Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: SC Summary: Charlie lives in the bay with her children, Ruby and Daniel. With no other family, the whole bay rally round during a time of need and the new neighbour helps in a way she’ll never forget. Might do this, might not I haven't fully decided yet.
  9. Thought April and Heath might have had trouble getting divorced. It could be interesting to read them trying to be a married couple. I have a feeling they might start liking this whole being married to each other thing. Update soon .
  10. Surprised to see Ruby in this fiction. Liked the chat between her and Dex though. Had a feeling the annulment wouldn't be able to happen and the thought of them attending marriage counselling is interesting. Looking forward to more.
  11. April staying at Heaths probably isn't the best idea. Nice that Brax is going to try to help Heath, hopefully they can get the marriage annulled!
  12. Thor: The Dark World. It was good and pretty funny at times.
  13. Heath and April are pretty stupid for thinking it was just a joke wedding. I don't blame Dexter and Bianca's actions. I feel bad for Dexter but I feel more sorry for Bianca. She thought she was married to Heath then finds out her sister actually is. Can't wait to see (or should I say read) how all things are going to go. Update soon
  14. So glad to see a new fiction from you. Great start and I can't wait to read more.
  15. So I've fell behind and there is usually enough time between updates to read so I'm not sure how that happened, but oh well. While it is sad that Ruby lost the baby, it's hard to care too much as I really hate Casey and wouldn't actually mind if this did drive them apart. I don't like reading her with Casey at all. (sorry)
  16. Great chapter Was a little disappointed myself Charlie wasn't pregnant but I did sort of expect it. I hope it is just a bug she has and nothing more serious is wrong with her. Loved that Charlie and Brax sorted out the baby stuff quickly and that they are going to try again. Still not liking the little appearances of this man....
  17. Title: Follow Your Heart Type of Story: Long fic Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ruby, April, Bianca, Heath, others. BTTB Rating: T/A Genre: Romance Spoilers: No Warnings: SC, L, Slash Summary: Sequel to Trust in Me. We catch up with Charlie, Brax, Ruby, April, Bianca and Heath. How have their lives changed and what else is in store for them?
  18. Awesome update! The twins are adorable. I love how they still cover their eyes when Charlie and Brax kiss, super cute. And Hope being choosy with her clothes, loved that and her telling her daddy to be quick with the hands on hips pose made me chuckle. She's going to be a little sassy thing. This mystery man is going to rock up some trouble for the Braxton's I reckon. Good that Charlie is going to take a test. Hopefully if it is positive things go a little smoother for her this time around. Although I am aware this is a story and what's a story without a little drama, right? But yeah, would like to think all goes will if she is in fact pregnant.
  19. The twins were cute. I wonder what's wrong with Charlie. I have a feeling she might be pregnant, but then part of me things it's something more. Wonder who the guy at the end is...could it be their dad? Sorry to say I didn't read all of My Saving Grace so I'm not sure on the situation with him....looking forward to see how this develops.
  20. So I will try to keep up with this one better than I did My Saving Grace..... The start was funny with Ruby and the twins walking in on Chax about to have some sexy time! ha. The twins are so fricken cute! Loved Charlie's birthday party and even the adults seemed to be having fun. Loved Brax and Ruby at the end mucking around. Good start and update soon
  21. So I'm back....I knew I couldn't keep away from this writing thing for very long.....if people are interested to read then I'll do it. I have a little idea going around in my head and some free time right now, so....yeah, let me know what you think. Maybe the time has passed for Chax fictions.... Title: One Summer (Rubbish and possible to change) Type Of Story: Short/Medium fic Main Characters: Charlie, Ruby, Brax and Xavier BTTB Rating: T/A Genre: Romance Spoilers: No Any warnings: Language, sexual content Summary: Charlie and Brax must decide what sort of relationship they want. Ruby and Xavier are keen to take their relationship to the next level but encounter a few hurdles along the way.
  22. Liked the beginning with Nicole and Ruby....glad my Rubes is nice to Nicole.... but, then Geoff. Oh Geoffrey, Geoffrey, Geoffrey....I am disappointed! He was so sweet in his own home with her. Stupid Steph influencing him. I hope he grows a pair and tells her to go take a long walk off a short plank!
  23. Aww well isn't Geoff a bit of a sweetheart behind closed doors?!?! I liked he showed her his nice side and hopefully Nicole starts fitting in better in school too. Loved the cupcake scene and did I detect a bit of flirtyness between the two?? (I'm not actually sure that's a word, but hey, I'm using it, ha!) Looking forward to more.
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