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Angelo Rosetta - Luke Jacobz


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I used to love Angelo he was funny and sweet,, and then he turned nasty towards Belle and Aden. And pushed Aden into the sand when Aden got mad when he wouldnt tell them they knew about him and Belle...

Angelo gets on my nerves!

Bring back the sweet Angelo and we will be fine :lol:

You cant be serious !! He turned nastyy towards Aden and Belle because she was SLEEPING with Aden behind his back!!He is so much better than those selfish morons anyway!!

Angelo is my favourite anyway and I hope he sticks around but it seems unlikely after the events of the 2008 finale.

He didnt mean to do what he did in the finale he only shot into the darkness and you could see how shocked he was when he discovered what had in fact happened.

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^ Yeah,I have to agree - Angelo is a more manly than Aden.

I really hope he doesn't get into trouble cause of what happened to Jack. I want to find out more about Angelos background as he hasn't got any family in the Bay and didn't know anyone and most people who arrive are linked to someone in the Bay. I hope they don't turn him too evil and ruin his character

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Hehe I think Musie {can I call you that?} phrased it perfectly! :D Angelo and Aden together though :wub:

See, that is why I loved Noah/Scott.

Pretty boy + Manly Man = Fanfic plot bunnies...

Yeah I like the sound of that!!

Pretty boy and manly hunk equals to must see television. :lol: and I agree its a great opportunity for a fanfic!!

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