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Angelo Rosetta - Luke Jacobz


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Evil Angelo! Bring it on!! Really looking forward to seeing exactly how bad he's going to get.


And, who knew it, but it looks like there is the makings of a cop in there somewhere! Baiting Roman into revealing the affair...genius!

However, accessing phone records without authorization, and drinking/drunk in his uniform?? Surely at least one, if not both of those warrant dismissal, or at least suspension.


What does anyone else think?

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I like Angelo... he's kinda cute, and has a big heart, but he was slightly possessive over Belle, considering that he pretty much tried to get into every other female in the bay's pants before hand. His character did bring a nice cheeky chirpy smiley feel to the bay that it seriously needed at that moment in time. And Angelo angry was awesome... although not convinced he'd be able to confront Aden like that and push him to the ground, but then again anything is possible when nursing a broken heart.

And I am looking forward to watching him developing as a character, I hope he's around for a while. I do feel bad for him, but he clearly was never Belle's type, she likes the bad boy, he's well... a cop!

But yes am waiting to see how well Luke handles this change in character of Angelo

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I agree, I hope he's around for some time, cause I really like this character! I think I've said it before, but in many ways he sort of reminds me of Vinnie :P

I'm starting to think I need to write a cop fic soon, because over the year I've gathered up a few cops I've really liked, and this year I've had to add Charlie and Angelo to that list as well, so I soon have enough to write an entire cop-centered fic :P

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There is a lot more to Angelo than meets the eye if you ask me. I mean, he has to be stupid not to know Belle was still in love with Aden right from when they got together. He practically railroaded, bullied eve, her into going out with him but in a cheeky chappy way by no taking no for an answer. He has been getting mad with her over seeing Murray and telling her to go, home, go to bed, fussing over her, smothering her really, almost to the point of obsessive, but not quite. I think he is a closet control freak, not like Charlie, but a subtle sort, maybe a lot worse, and that underneath that cheerful exterior there is a volcano and he could be dangerous. He actually give me the creeps.

But he is great eye candy :D

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I feel sorry for Angelo. I mean he was oblivious to Belle still being in love with Aden, and even then she didn't too much of a good job at lying to him.

Angelo is a cop, surely he knows when someone is lying, and I have to say, Belle has never been a good liar at all!

But I loved him in yesterday's episode when he had a go at Belle at the cop station, since he started he has bene this guy thats always happy, cheerful, never wanting to yell at people, but last night I was like "WHOA' Angelo has attitude, nice to see for once.

I too, am looking forward to seeing his character develope as well and also hope he stays on for a while to come, and too see this much angrier side to Angelo is 'Hot!'

Plus he's a cop! :D

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I think deep down he knew that Belle was still in love with Aden. But he was blinded and really cared about her. Belle kept on sending him mixed signals as well, so I think he was a little confused as to what to believe.

I loved Angelo's drastic personality change as well. It was nice to see that he's not always so happy go lucky and even he can be pushed too far. Just goes to show how fantastic Luke is as an actor.

And yes, I agree Corey, he is great eye candy. :lol:

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I am really intrigued in Angelo at the moment. When he first arrived, he was really cute and funny and didn't seem to have an agro bone in his body - he was too busy trying to hit on Charlie :lol:. Now, I don't know what to make of him. Luke Jacobz really is fabulous. When Belle broke up with him I felt really sorry for him, but also kind of pleased that he wasn't making things easy. Then I really didn't agree with him accessing Belle's phone records or exposing the affair in public. That was wrong, just as much as Belle actually cheating on him. His confrontation with Aden on the beach was pretty big too. Admitting that he's a "sore loser" makes me think that there is more to him - like he's had a bad previous relationship that makes him completely flip out like that.

My favourite scene last night was when Belle and Angelo met at the police station. He went from whispering to shouting pretty much instantaneously. Impressive. :unsure:

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I like Angelo but I cant shake the feeling he might have a diffferent side and I dont want the writers to ruin him because he is a good character and has potential to be very good should he stay on with an extended contract. Is his current one 6 months?

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Angelo has been pushy and creepy all along if you ask me and we got blindsided by those guns when he took his shirt off :P Nobody comes to Summer Bay without some dark mysterious past, He certainly made things a whole lot worse for himself and made himself look stupid by humiliating Belle like he did. I think he just made himself look like a sore loser and why has no one called him on accessing belles phone records? If I was Belle I would be making a formal complaint.

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