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  1. I've had this problem b4 but im having trouble again and i have completely forgotten how to fix it... But how do you change the forum settings back to normal cause when i want to read a topic i cant seem to go onto the next page i just have everyones replies in a long list.. How on earth do i change it back... Sorry
  2. My Bloody Valentine... Only watched it for Jensen Ackles
  3. I watched 1 episode of the show a few months ago, Couldn't really get into it... But one of the vampires is quite cute dont know his name though.
  4. I just ran into this fic... its pretty good read.. enjoying it so far
  5. I never ever saw this show... Maybe i can buy it on DVD?? If its that good?
  6. I keep missing the episodes cause im not home at 9:30am in the morning... But what i have been able to catch its very odd watching old eps of home and away that u have basically never seen b4 lol
  7. and i just realized u started this last year in 08.. wow!
  8. Taniya that was a fantastic end.. it really sucks that its finished... maybe you could do another fic again like this with the 2nd kid.. i would love reading that hehe But it was great.. its such a fantastic read.. and i love reading ur work awesome chick!
  9. Awww i loved it... Great update like the name Grace
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