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Jack Holden - Paul O'Brien

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Jack's... not the brightest spark. It is kind of endearing though, like one of those dogs who chases after a tennis ball, even though it never left your hand...

hahahaha. So true, so true.

But I love Jack, he's so innocent even when he tries to be mean. And I love his tiny bit of an accent he has :lol::wub:

They better not get rid of him for ever


Hmm. Jack :)

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Aww I love Jack so much and he is my favourite male character with Martha being my female fave of course :D

Jack is just such a nice guy and always is looking out for everybody!! I just hope he can come through the


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Maybe, but soon this will have to be called the

R.I.P. Jack Holden thread, once his death has been confirmed


MasterHolden thats a great idea !! I love it and we could all come in here and

reminisce about the good times between Jack & Martha

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I don't think I've seen a character who has had less character growth, on the show, then Jack. I honestly believe if he hadn't become apart of a supercouple then his character would never have lasted this long, and if he did last he would have faded into the background a long time ago. He seems to only exist for the sake of J/M. His scenes with Tony, and Lucas used to be the only ones I found to be reasonably entertaining. Even though I've hated J/M for a very long time, I've started to actually enjoy Martha's scenes lately, but Jack still does nothing for me. Sometimes even when a character is not written well, if the actor playing them is good enough, then they can still make you care about the character. I think if they had a more capable actor playing Jack, it might have helped alot. I probably still wouldn't like him, but probably wouldn't think of him as a complete waste of space.

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I think I both agree and disagree with you Jody. I agree with your opinion on the character, but I don't agree that a better actor would have made a difference. If you can't stand the character and think he's a waste of time, then the actor isn't going to make a difference. But if you like the character [what he does and his storylines] then the actor will make a difference. A bad actor will annoy because you see the potential for the character, while a good actor will make you love the character even more.

I think Jack was a good character at first. He was this cheeky, flirty kind of guy and I just couldn't help but smile at his desperate attempts to get Martha to go out with him. I just loved it. But then it all went wrong for some reason. Probably because his storylines were incredibly boring and he became a character whose character growth went the wrong way. He became pretty boring and useless. Then came the storyline with Sam/Johnny and my interest for him went back up. Unfortunately, he went back to the place where he'd spent the last two years when Sam was gone. Such a disappointment. I really wish the writers would've done something more with Jack other than just introducing him as one half of a supercouple. -_-

With that said, I do love Paul. I really do. But his acting does need some improvement. The funny thing though: I think his acting was better prior to his role on H&A :P

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