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  1. Happy Birthday



  2. Lise

    Happy Birthday HM! I hope you have a great day. :D

  3. I wasn't planning on reading this fic, at least not now (usually prefer reading fics that are already finished, as I hate getting to a certain point and then not being able to read the end ), but I accidentally read the last line of chapter 2, I think it was, when I was checking this thread for double posts and the like, and that was enough to make me read more. That says a lot about you as a storyteller, because it only took one line to get me hooked. Anyway, I really like how you describe the characters' emotions. You have a nice balance of showing and telling - meaning that you don't always write how the character feels, but also show it by having them responding in certain ways to different situations. It adds variety to the story, which makes it a more interesting read. I also really like the relationships between Aden and Belle, and Belle and Nicole. You can tell that Aden is remorseful for what he's done and on one side he respects Belle's decision to keep him at a distance, but at the same time you can sense that he desperately wants to fix things. But then again, that could just be me reading too much into it As for Belle and Nicole, I really like how supportive Nicole is and how Belle is starting to realise that there's a side to Nicole that she doesn't know, which will hopefully make their friendship even stronger, and Belle really needs Nicole's support at the moment as she can't rely on Aden. Whoops, got a bit carried away there Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter
  4. Hello Mrs O'Brikles. :P (Isn't RPattz missing in that name btw?) Have fun this weekend and say hi to the cast for me. :)

  5. Don't know if you're still looking for it, but you can find it here.
  6. I love your profile!! I absolutely adore Jack <3 <3 I love him sooo much!!

    Have a great day! =] Paris

  7. Aw thank you! :)It's okay. I forgive you. :P Hope you had a good time on your holiday. :)

  8. Happy (very belated) Birthday :D I'm sorry it's so late, but I have been without, or hardly any internet connection, so technically, it's not my fault.. *whispers innocently* Anyways, hope you enjoyed your day ^_^

  9. Kate Voegele - Playing With My Heart
  10. From what I've gathered, the first pip equals ten posts, two pips 50 posts, three pips 100, four pips 300, five pips 500, six pips 1000 and as Barbara said, seven pips equals 2000 posts. I'm not too sure on three and four pips though
  11. You should have spent the day in Belgium. The weather was really nice. :P I'm glad you had a great day. If the rain was the only downside, then that's not bad at all. :)

  12. Thank you :D I've had a great day, except for the rain. Hopefully it doesn't reflect my behaviour :P

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