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  1. I wasn't planning on reading this fic, at least not now (usually prefer reading fics that are already finished, as I hate getting to a certain point and then not being able to read the end ), but I accidentally read the last line of chapter 2, I think it was, when I was checking this thread for double posts and the like, and that was enough to make me read more. That says a lot about you as a storyteller, because it only took one line to get me hooked. Anyway, I really like how you describe the characters' emotions. You have a nice balance of showing and telling - meaning that you don't always write how the character feels, but also show it by having them responding in certain ways to different situations. It adds variety to the story, which makes it a more interesting read. I also really like the relationships between Aden and Belle, and Belle and Nicole. You can tell that Aden is remorseful for what he's done and on one side he respects Belle's decision to keep him at a distance, but at the same time you can sense that he desperately wants to fix things. But then again, that could just be me reading too much into it As for Belle and Nicole, I really like how supportive Nicole is and how Belle is starting to realise that there's a side to Nicole that she doesn't know, which will hopefully make their friendship even stronger, and Belle really needs Nicole's support at the moment as she can't rely on Aden. Whoops, got a bit carried away there Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter
  2. Don't know if you're still looking for it, but you can find it here.
  3. Happy (very belated) Birthday :D I'm sorry it's so late, but I have been without, or hardly any internet connection, so technically, it's not my fault.. *whispers innocently* Anyways, hope you enjoyed your day ^_^

  4. Kate Voegele - Playing With My Heart
  5. From what I've gathered, the first pip equals ten posts, two pips 50 posts, three pips 100, four pips 300, five pips 500, six pips 1000 and as Barbara said, seven pips equals 2000 posts. I'm not too sure on three and four pips though
  6. Thank you :D I've had a great day, except for the rain. Hopefully it doesn't reflect my behaviour :P

  7. Thank you. I really appreciate it ^_^

  8. Happy Birthday Steph :D Hope you have an awesome day and that you'll get to meet Paul one day :P

  9. That seems to be because the display mode has been changed from standard to outline. It does that sometimes and it's very annoying when it does. To solve the problem, just click on options on the top, look at display modes and click on "Switch to Standard". That should do the trick
  10. I think I both agree and disagree with you Jody. I agree with your opinion on the character, but I don't agree that a better actor would have made a difference. If you can't stand the character and think he's a waste of time, then the actor isn't going to make a difference. But if you like the character [what he does and his storylines] then the actor will make a difference. A bad actor will annoy because you see the potential for the character, while a good actor will make you love the character even more. I think Jack was a good character at first. He was this cheeky, flirty kind of guy and I just couldn't help but smile at his desperate attempts to get Martha to go out with him. I just loved it. But then it all went wrong for some reason. Probably because his storylines were incredibly boring and he became a character whose character growth went the wrong way. He became pretty boring and useless. Then came the storyline with Sam/Johnny and my interest for him went back up. Unfortunately, he went back to the place where he'd spent the last two years when Sam was gone. Such a disappointment. I really wish the writers would've done something more with Jack other than just introducing him as one half of a supercouple. With that said, I do love Paul. I really do. But his acting does need some improvement. The funny thing though: I think his acting was better prior to his role on H&A
  11. Talk about twisting the truth (no offense)! Angelo was not possesive and jealous in the beginning. He only became that when Belle's behaviour and attitude towards him changed. She was being snappy, b*tchy and demanding, while being overly friendly with Aden. Of course Angelo would suspect that there was something going on between them behind his back, but with no proof, he decided just to be extra observant around them. The longer time it went, the more sure he became that they were having an affair behind his back. But he still had no proof. And when it first started, they weren't having an affair, but Belle was starting to doubt her relationship with Angelo. Then he got proof in the worst possible way. He walked in on them kissing, and probably also assumed that it had been going on for a while. But, instead of running in and yelling at them and acting like an idiot, he leaves. He has that much self-control. And when the town-meeting started, it was clear that Angelo wasn't going to say anything there. But then of course, Aden had to open that big mouth of his. He basically called Angelo an idiot. Now, who is expecting Angelo just to stay calm now? Aden is rubbing it in when the wound is still fresh, so Angelo responds. Maybe not the most clever thing to do, which it seems like he gets, considering he leaves instead of continuing to humiliate Aden. Then Aden continues to be an idiot and runs after him. Very bad idea. Angelo is hurt and then Aden comes after him, demanding him to apologize? Aden can be very glad that Angelo has enough self-control not to beat the crap out of him. The worst part is that everyone, except Charlie, was on Adelle's side. I can't remember anyone telling them that they'd been acting like a pair of idiots. But it doesn't end there. Belle and Aden are still rubbing his nose in it, and he makes it crystal clear that he isn't going to let this one go. But he's not 100 % bad (or 100 % good, which is why he doesn't let them be), so he doesn't physically hurt either one of them, just emotionally. But I think he felt that he was hurting the wrong person (I think, I don't know). I think he was angry with Aden, but merely disappointed with Belle. Until she wished that she never had laid eyes on him. I think that's when he went from being angry with just Aden to being angry with the both of them. Now, this is only the way I see it, I don't know if it's the way the writers intended us to see it. Just to point out with this comment, I think it was shown numerous times that Irene had grave reservations about the Adelle relationship. Even Belle's reluctance to reveal the relationship to Irene was stressed quite a lot. Also to a lesser extent, Geoff and Annie's initial non-acceptance was demonstrated also. Just to reply to this, Irene might not have been their biggest fan, but it was simply because she was afraid that Belle was going to get hurt. I don't recall her trying to get between them. She let them deal with their own relationship, allowing Belle to make her own decisions. If she was so against the relationship, she wouldn't have let Belle be with him in the first place, and she definitely wouldn't have been so calm when she found out that Belle had cheated on Angelo with Aden. At least that's the way I see it
  12. There's no need for the rude tone Jody. Just sayin' I like Angelo. He's something different. Of course it isn't a problem that he's totally against Adelle When he first arrived, he presented himself as a sweet person who was willing to give a girl special treatment very well aware that he was only going to be second best. He did it with both Charlie and Belle. He comforted Belle when she needed it, he was her solid rock. He was also the only one who thought that Aden deserved a stricter verdict, which he did. And he showed that he wasn't pleased with Aden's verdict and Belle's friendship with Aden. Finally someone who doesn't just accept Adelle and let them be because "they're meant to be". He clearly had feelings for Belle and he wasn't just going to stand back and let Aden ruin his relationship. He was jealous and possesive, with a good reason for it. Belle showed him that she can't be trusted and was willing to use him for her own reasons. He had every reason to be mad and he showed Adelle that "He never forgets. He never forgives". And Adelle doesn't deserve it either. It makes me angry to see people hating him because he's human and responding in a human way. Okay, so what if he's a cop? Does that mean that he has to just be fine with it? Belle used him and cheated on him. Aden provoked him and he responded. That's the kind of character I like. He has his good sides and he has his bad sides. But with that said, I do think someone should take that gun away from him
  13. Yeah, it's difficult to find flaws in a character/pairing that you really like. It's much easier to find them if you don't like a character/pairing. It's like, if you look for flaws, you're always going to find at least one... Anyway, Aden did ask her to come clean, maybe not from the start, but anyway. I see that as him making sure that she'll be the one who looks stupid if it ever came out. I mean, if he thought that it was so terrible to sneak around, why did he make her sleep with him in the first place or why didn't he end it straight away? Or why didn't he just tell Angelo? To me, it seemed more like he was protecting his own butt with his actions. Of course, I don't like him and never have, so it's easy for me to find the bad sides Anyway, this is the Belle thread, not the Aden one. I don't like Aden and I just think it's too bad that he's dragging Belle down with him. She had so much potential *sighs*
  14. I think you hit the nail on the head here. It's all about whether you like them/it or not. Sometimes I feel like we're all watching different shows. The people who posted above me couldn't see the blackmailing Red Ranger accused him of, while I can see it perfectly. Belle was vulnerable and confused and Aden took advantage of that. She wasn't sure what to do; she needed Angelo for the investegation of the development site, but at the same time, she loved another man. She walks into her room and Aden practically ambushes her with the "You know you feel the same way. You know this is right". Of course she isn't going to turn him down when he puts it like that. If he'd said "I think you feel the same way. I think this is right" it would have another situation completely. When a person is already confused about her feelings towards a person, if this person then shows up and in a very clever way convinces her that he's the one for her, then she's going to agree, failing to see what he's doing to her. I call that emotional blackmail
  15. If there's enough space left in your signature, then you'll have to do this: 1. First you enter the first page of your fic and copy the link. 2. Then you go to edit your sig and click on the "insert link" button. Then paste the link you copied in step 1, click ok and then write the name of the fic. It should come up as this: (url="your link here")the name of your fic here(/url), only with [] instead of () and it should look like this when you're done: The name of your fic and it should be clickable. If you've done it right, it should take you to your fic. Hope this helps
  16. Story title: Beware of the Man With the Ponytail Type of story: Oneshot Main Characters: Aden and Nicole + James from Twilight Genre: Comedy/Horror BttB Rating: A Does story include spoilers: Nope Warnings: Language and Violence/Death Is story being proof read: Nope Summary: Who's afraid of the big, bad vampire? It's H&A meets Twilight It's just for my own amusement, but I thought I'd post the result of my crazy idea I'll be posting it as soon as it's finished [which might take a while ]. But it might not be funny for those who don't share my strange sense of humour
  17. I can't believe I haven't commented more in here Bad HM! Btw, I love the av you're using These two are my favourites The Noah one has great colouring and the cropping is really good. And you can't go wrong with Scruffy avs Btw, you won't see me speaking French
  18. Oh, you're playing with fire, Stephy :P

  19. Symphony, I just want to say: Brilliant post It's difficult for a person who has never dealt with abuse to understand what Aden is going through, so on some points I think the writers have done a good job. But (yes, there's always a but with me ) there's nothing that ties the 'dots' together. Based on your post, and the writers' most likely intension, then Aden should have some serious trust issues. Yet we see him trusting Belle, and seems to be under the impression that Belle is going to "fix him", as he desperately wants to be able to put the abuse behind him. And that's where we hit the thing I don't like about Aden - his method of hiding his issues and shifting the blame. And of course to a certain degree, his lack of empathy. Not saying that he doesn't have it, but he doesn't value it as highly as he should. An example of this is when he beat up Axel. He wasn't sorry and he truly believed that he was in the right, which he wasn't. Of course, that was partly a result of the abuse, but we can't blame everything on the abuse. Some of it are parts of Aden's personality. Speaking of, I can't really seem to figure out where I have him. One minute he's fine and the next he's on the edge of insanity. And up until the court case, he didn't admit to himself that he was the one with the problem and that he's the only one who can do something about it, not Belle, like he seemed to think for a long time. And for some time, he seemed like Belle's own personal stalker, wanting to be with her all the time, believing that it would make him normal. That doesn't really suit with the Aden that was originally presented to us. As my last point, I would just like to point out that Aden is being a hypocrite sometimes. Like, he wants people to give him a second chance, but he refuses to give Angelo a chance at all, because he's "getting in the way" for his relationship with Belle. He can't expect people to give him a chance when he doesn't give others a chance That's how I see it anyway.
  20. Maybe so. This actually brings me to the points I can't stand about Adelle. The red line that is supposed to be in a storyline to make it believable, is nowhere to be found in the Adelle storyline. It's gone. It flew out the window or something. Aden did have one or two sessions where he dealt with the issue involving sexual activity, and then we're supposed to believe that he went from a kid who freaked out when someone came too close, to a person that is ready for it and who has no problems with sexual activity. Then, dun-dun-dun, he has a breakdown which is related to the abuse, he gets away with it because of the abuse, and then, dun-dun-dun, he sleeps with Belle again. What the...? And where did this all begin? Aden and Belle hating (well, maybe not hate, but it certainly wasn't love) each other, and then, as by magic, they love each other. And if Aden says "Jump", Belle asks "How high?"
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