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  1. Sunny, yet it's cold in the day, and warm in the night! How I-R-O-N-I-C is that?!
  2. From all the years I've watched Home and Away, Nick Smith was the only decent teenager in the Bay. He was also the only teenager whom could act properly too.
  3. The last show I've watched was Scream If You Know The Answer (started last night). It was brilliant, especially when Ben Shephard joking-but-accidentally shouted "Let's f*** Madonna" in the second episode.
  4. If you really miss Paul O'Brien, why don't you register on the forums within his official website. I have.
  5. Kain O'Keefe is an actor portraying a disabled child (Brendan Austin) The subtitles on tonight's episode in the UK was misspelled his name as Brendon.
  6. . Why oh why does Angelo Rosetta have to literally RUIN his character and reputation?! What makes you say that?? I can't find anything that indicates that? I said "Predict", meaning it might not happen yet. Jeez, I was trying to have a joke with yers.
  7. Judging . Why oh why does Angelo Rosetta have to literally RUIN his character and reputation?!
  8. Red Ranger 1, your contributions to the threads are not attacks at all in my view! I find you're always stating your view in a very constructive way and that's exactly the kind of healthy debate I was talking about. Thanks for saying so.But I'll freely admit there have been times when I've got annoyed about a post and replied with an ill-considered rant which I'll try and keep to a minimum. Don't worry, I've been guilty of this too, and I've already received a warning for it, so I try to respect people's opinion without going into a rant as well. I've used the warning to prevent me anger from getting out of control on the forums. Either way, thank you for the warning, SkyKat.
  9. Dunno. He sounds like a good character, but ? No pun intended.
  10. I think as of today, this thread should be renamed RIP Belle Taylor; along with other characters who were killed off.
  11. In the words of Geoff Campbell: Sam committed a crime and was punished by God.
  12. Oh jeez, the writers are definitely running out of ideas for both Angelo and Charlie; then again, better her than Jack. Thank God Paul O'Brien made the wise decision to leave.
  13. Uh, you can hardly compare Angelo shooting Jack to Jack shooting the girl. 1. It's been a while since I saw the eps but I think I recall that the girl was actually pointing a gun at Jack and he had no choice but to shoot, he was also on duty at the time. Unlike Angelo who was creeping around off duty, due to his already illegal activities, and shouldn't have even been carrying his gun, let alone firing it blindly into the darkness. 2. Jack stuck around and accepted the punishment for his actions. While Angelo tried to cover it up, left Jack there to be found by Tony and lied to his grieving family and friends while they cried on his shoulder. It's more than just the shooting that they're upset about, it's the deception and the fact that he got off scott free. They're well within their rights to hate him, imo. Maybe, but at least he's trying his best to make up for that mistake.
  14. At the end of the day, whether fans liked him or not, Jack was (how do I say this?) kind, but very forgetful as evidenced in his work.
  15. Sorry, but I hate this pairing (only because I hate Hugo). Martha's better off single for now (until she properly gets over the death of her hubby).
  16. One of the very reasons why Paul O'Brien might've left (only a wild guess this).
  17. This character was the very reason why me parents banned me from watching Home and Away. I recently blasted the TV regarding the Irene storyline.
  18. Well said. I only rely on episode summaries now. I don't watch the show anymore.
  19. Yes! Somebody other than me hates Angelo Rosetta.
  20. Sorry Jack fans, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with DinerLandlord on this one. If the writers gave the character at least six months to settle in, before having storylines, then he only might've been more likeable by fans. Don't get me wrong, Paul O'Brien was a brilliant actor, but it was such a shame he portrayed such a dim-witted character. Same with Jodi Gordon regarding Martha Holden and Jon Siverwright regarding Tony Holden.
  21. Unfortunately, Matthew Lyons (along with Melody Jones) were both expelled, after they were found guilty of taking drugs, and causing the fire that badly injured many residents.
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