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Jai Fernandez - Jordan Rodrigues


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I don't think Jai will ever be my favourite character, but I think the writers should give him a better/bigger storyline, to stretch Jordan.

If that happens, I think I'll like him a bit more, because I'll have seen a bit more of his character. Hope that makes sense :)

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I find Jai pretty boring. He doesn't seem to have any real depth and for the most part doesn't seem to really do anything. There's been a few times where i've found him pretty funny though and at times he does outshine the other teens on the show - but for me that's few and far between. I'd like to see him have a really big storyline just for himself.

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I'm sorry that Jai's gone.Looking through this thread, a lot of people said that they wished he was actually given a storyline and they never got their wish.He had some good stuff when he first came in but he was quickly reduced to part of the scenery and so he ended up being labelled dull.Jordan did wonders with the little that he was given, taking basic lines and making them interesting, adding in a little quirky action that lifted a simple scene.He was great with the comedy stuff and he was pretty good with the drama too.They should have given him more to do and they should have done more with his relationship with Annie, they were probably the happiest couple on the show until they abruptly broke up.

I think they did Jai a major disservice over the last couple of months by having him continually pursue Annie while she remained painfully disinterested.I wish they'd either got them back together or had him accept it was over.Glad he didn't forgive Romeo since he was right that for all his guilt Romeo will probably hook up with Annie now Jai's well and truly out of the picture.I did like his last proper scene with Annie though, there was a definite feeling there that he wanted her to be happy even if it meant being with Romeo.I hope Jordan goes on to have a big career and that a few people are left kicking themselves for wasting him while he was here.

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I hope Jordan goes on to have a big career and that a few people are left kicking themselves for wasting him while he was here.

Well, he's gone to do this Dance Academy thingy show. I think this is quite a shrewd move, on Jordan's part, cos the channel that will make this (ABC) have a good track record on doing great kid's TV shows. IF he's given a good script - he'll have a great chance to showcase his talent properly.

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