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Jai Fernandez - Jordan Rodrigues


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I'm feeling so happy with Jai at the moment - he's finally becoming the character that we all thought he could be, but were never entirely sure would happen :D

Some of his latest scenes have actually made me chuckle out loud, which doesn't often happen with characters that aren't on my favourites list :P

Jordan's coming on in leaps and bounds, to me it seems like he's finally "settling" into being Jai, and that's making it all the more realistic.

Bring it on Jordan, we're watching! :D

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i actually don't mind Jai. I didn't really like him to begin with but he's grown on me. I like the way he's sweet to Annie, Miles and Kirsty. People say he's boring, that's not his fault the writters never write him a good storyline. It's actually about time they did.

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I think Jai's great. Some of the things he says are classic. I think I've probably said this before but I love that his relationship is stable with Annie unlike all of the drama with most of the other couples. He and Miles seem to 'get' each other. Also, his friendships with Ruby and Xavier are nice. He and Ruby seem to bounce off each other really well.

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*is happy that Jordan/Jai is getting the recognition, that Symph thinks he deserves*

I always feel for the actors/actresses who don't play a 'main spotlight' role, because they're always said to be 'bad' actors/actresses because of it; and - I just don't agree with that. Naturally some of them are bad now and then but ... it seems there's always a 'stamp' that boring roles = bad acting.

Jai's recent scenes in relation to Nicole & Trey - have been so funny. It's that deadbeat humour; the awkwardness the -

"New furniture

lines that make Jai who he is; and it seems to me that Jordan manages to carry this off perfectly. I wonder if his own wit is like that irl, lol.

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Over the past year or so, Jai's turned into one of my favourite characters.I love that his and Annie's relationship is the most stable on the show(bar Tony and Rachel, every other couple has split up while they've been together...some of them twice).He seems to have turned into a Mini-Miles with a nice sideways view on things, dry sense of humour and ability to steal a scene in which he has next to no lines.And I like that he seems to have taken over from Ruby as the "go to" character that everyone tells their problems to.

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