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  1. I hope they don't 'ruin' her too much cos she's great at the moment. I like her feistyness.
  2. They are not quite liked on this forum, but I do think they have a lot of fans especially in Aus. Both were nominated for most popular actor/actress at the Logies and Esther was even nominated for gold. This shows that a lot of people like them, and thats the reason why they are promoted as the golden couple. But it is really weird to me, I don't like those two either - not even as single characters... I agree, they're without doubt very popular with quite a lot core viewers...but they do nothing for the show as a couple or as characters, imo. I think they're just Jack/Martha reloaded - and those two seemed to have both their lovers and haters in equal large measures too.
  3. ^What annoys me too is that he seems to, constantly, get away with acting like an arse. Why?! And there's no way that a female character would be able to act like that.
  4. Well, I have only have one thing to say; Angelo is an A grade weirdo - but that's nothin' new.
  5. Typical, milder weather = wetter weather.
  6. devon

    Coronation Street

    Why did he even come back? All he's done is serve as the plot device for Peter falling off the wagon.
  7. Rachel - 8 Leah - 35 Charlie- 7 Tony - 2 Miles - 8 Angelo - 5 Romeo - 20 Irene - 8 Alf - 7 Nicole - 6
  8. It's soooo bizarre to see Martha being all pally with Angelo (I think people in the Charlie/Angelo thread have also mentioned this too), I know it's a soap, but the guy did shoot her husband dead and cowardly tried to cover the whole thing up. It kinda does stretch the realms of believability. So Annie is 'in love' with Romeo Saying 'I love You' in this show is about as meaningful as also saying 'I hate you'. Lol.
  9. No, you're not the only one. It's as if she's feeling the nerves from starting all over again. She seemed to especially struggle with her lines in one scene she had with Irene. Apart from Mink going, everything was all mainly relationship related.
  10. ^Yeah, I liked that scene at the end (Sonia Todd and Matilda really know how to act), Gina reminds me of Pippa a bit. Gotta say, I'm really loving the show (apart from the Changelo nonsense and Ruby) too. It's now like it was about 10 years ago.
  11. I'm already looking forwards to some extra self-satisfied smirking from Angelo, when it happens (mind you, he seems to always smirk - that or just pull deadpan faces). Maybe Charlie might even produce a smile for a second, then go straight back to her usual rabbit in the headlights face?! The show is actually quite good, now, as long as these two aren't in an episode.
  12. Gone over-cast. It was beautifully sunny yesterday.
  13. Summer Bay looks a lot Sunnier this year than it did last year I love Palmer and Gina - they're 2 interesting and well acted characters. Can someone please shoot Ruby - and her wooden mother...
  14. Sunny and 8 degrees - feels a lot colder.
  15. Dull. Luckily the storm missed central England and hit London.
  16. Least drama filled episode in a longtime - just a lot of talking and some really bad spaced-out acting from Miles.
  17. Yesterday was like a (well, almost) beautiful spring day - until the rain came...
  18. Oh dear, all the Charlie/Angelo and Ruby/Xavier stuff was either mind numbingly boring or just cringe. Charlie is weird (either that or Esther is acting more terrible than usual) and so is Mink...so over her, get rid or rehabilitate her, now. Romeo's being dragged down by his awful sister, too. Wheres the drama gone? I'm all for more character driven stuff and less sensationalism...but there needs to be some drama. All this relationship angst is tedious. There's got to be another cult storyline or natural disaster around the corner surely!?
  19. Well, I suppose they had to hook someone up with Charlie and it's not like anyone else was available - at the time (Roman was leaving, Hugo was going to get with Martha and Miles was with Kirsty). Plus, I think the producers took on board fan feedback about them looking 'hot' together - during their brief no-strings fling...and, therefore, it was always the plan to put them back together, from day one of Angelo's return, no matter how contrived it seemed. Angelo also needed a life, outside of that lame 'Mystery' they created as an excuse to bring him back for, to stop him looking even more purposeless. Yeah, though I'm not that into the show's constant unlikely romances.. I don't mind Martha/Liam...and
  20. ^^ Bradley moving his hand could have been down to his nerves causing twitching - despite him being dead...like when a chicken can run around - after having his head cut off. Jack stuttering was realistic, considering the circumstances.
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