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Jai Fernandez - Jordan Rodrigues


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Jai the character finally started growing on me last week when he had a go at Miles.

Up to then, he sort of struck me as the expendable character - like anyone could do it, it all seemed very wooden and uninterested, but last week was the first 'spark' I saw in Jordan's acting of Jai - and made me think that he could make Jai a memorable character in the bay :)

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^Good to hear that his acting is improving. Because right now, from what I have seen, his acting has left a lot to be desired. Not that it is unbelievable, I just find him to be incredibly mono tonal and without any emotion. It doesn't do much for the character. That being said, I like that there is character in the show who isn't your token white soap opera character, yet at the same time, he isn't a stereotypical Asian (despite what one particular news article may have said)...

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I didnt really like Jai and first, what with whole "invinclable thing" But I do think that Jordans acting is improving, whats got me intrested in the character was when he told Melody to tell the truth to Miles about her taking the drugs and locking the doors, and when he was having a go at Miles.

& the line that he said "she took the balls" I thought that was quite funny

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Jai seems like the new Henry/Geoff. The bully target, basically. Henry was targeted by Ric, Geoff was targeted by Aden and Jai has been targeted by Matthew. The only thing I hated about the Jai/Matthew bullying storyline is that it took off too soon after the Aden one ended. They generally need to give it at least a couple of years break before doing another one, otherwise we'll just get bored from it. The character Jai is interesting, and Jordon's acting has reached a whole new level. I 'm liking way his career is going to go.

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