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  1. I have said it before and I will say it again, Lynne is soooo awesome at the moment, I love Irene more and more every day. Give that woman a LOGIE|!!!!
  2. I have been following this for some time. I like all fo the different story lines. I don't often comment as its sometimes hard to find the words as its so so good that saying something like "Wow that is soooo awesome" which is often what I feel, seems a bit inadequate, so I end up saying nothing. I really really liked that last chapter and it made me want to cry, and I am not a cryer. I want to know what happens next and I want to hear the rest of the story for all of the characters, that is if you feel like writing it.
  3. A compelling and moving performance which blew me away too. I can't wait for the next installment.
  4. I agree with you. Jess has been amazing this past few months. She is incredible. Although I think this has gone on a bit too long as a story line you can't fault her acting it has been spot on every single second of it.
  5. Romans pathetic love sick facial expressions are even worse than Jack's hang dog expressions - and thats saying something Somebody please give him a kick up the back side and soon.
  6. When jai said "she took the balls" - his face was a picture. I adore Jai. He is becomong quite a little character, nice and quirlky in a subtle way.
  7. I actually dont think the guy is much of an actor. He has not been able to hook any one in despite a lot of opportunities to do so. I mean we had Archie in 2 episodes only this week and everyone raved about him. Why? Because the guy knew how to act and deliver the goods. The scenes this week he looked like he was reading from a laundry list and poor Ruby might as well have been acting with a card board cut out. A lot of people have been saying he is young and needs to have a chance etc... like others have done. But You cant compare him to say Jodi who had no acting experience at all or Kirsty and Jade who were 14 when they satrted. This guy is at least 20 and has been to a performing arts school and both his parents are actors etc... He has had the training which they didnt so he should be able to hit the ground running where they could not. So far he has been less tha impressive, A better actor, would have made a better impression.
  8. Great update, what can I say. I love it. You killed Kane :o
  9. Happy Holidays ILM Will is one of the guys where the Y chromosome shows why guys are so deficient in so many ways sending a poem you wrote to the love of your life to the new girl, just to **** of the said love of your life, doh and double doh. Rhys always did sneer at all of the boys, I know now why I never liked him. I love Kirsty and Danni being so rebelious, and Danni is sooo much a Princess. I looooooooved Will and Gypsy, so they have to get together by the end please. Great Chapter , keep them coming. Please. :D
  10. Oh that was just beautiful, It took my breath away.
  11. You have hit the nail on the head there Lynd. Who deserves compassion and who doesn't? On the evidence it would seem that if aliens landed and looked at these forums they would conclude that compassion is only deserved if you are fit and hot like Aden or Nicole and part of a popular shipping and its OK that you tried to kill your Dad. But, if you are considered less hot, and are not part of popular shipping and in fact are seen as threat to a popular shipping - eg to Nicole and Geoff then you are not deserving of any compassion whatsoever in any shape or form, in fact you deserve nothing but hate and bile being hurled in your direction. The aliens would then get back in their space ship and fly off as fast as they could and never come back to such an unfeeling and uncaring place again :P
  12. There are some couples who you just KNOW are meant to be together. Shane and angel, Will and Gypsy, Sally and Flynn, Vinnie and Leah, Kirsty and Kane, Jack and Martha, Pippa and Micheal. Irene and Barry were in this category. The minute they met it was obvious even if it took forever for the writers to cotton on. Chemistry, comedy, class, they had the lot. I loved the episode when Collen and Robbie played cupid, and their last goodbye was sooooo sad.
  13. You are not cruel. I just don't think you are getting it. The bible thing is a red herring, though I think I understand where you are coming from, however, the point is Melody was told she believed in god and all that but inside she actually has not got a clue what she believes or thinks even so the bible doesn't actually mean anything nor can it teach her anything as she cant internalize it as she hasn't got the mechanisms to do that. Annie and Geoff were different because they did have a normal family with their parents before they died and can actually think for themselves a bit. Melody may be clinging onto the bible as a safety blanket but have no idea what it means, when she does know she may choose to continue going to church, or she may not we don't know. You can make someone learn something of by heart for example but you cant make then understand it if they haven't got the tools as it has been described. People learn their times tables at school but not all of them know how to do multiplication if they have not learned. Also the fact that Melody is now living with Miles is not suddenly going to make her learn all those things about being with people and how to be herself, and she doesn't even know what gratitude is, it's not a feeling she understands, she can't even put a name to any of the millions of confusing feelings she has I reckon; it takes years, decades even, to undo damage like that. A few years ago back in the day a girl at my school had a Mum like Melody and when she was taken into care she completely went to pieces, she was suicidal and she did not know what to do, she could not even decide what shoes to put on, if you asked her if she like pasta she would not know and the panic on her face was sooooo awful. She tried to cover it up by being all aggressive sometimes or copying some extreme behaviors from the kids like Mathew in school. A lot of people reacted as if she was silly attention seeking little cow but I remember the look on her face one day before she tried to kill herself and for her the world was total chaos and all she felt was fear and panic. You can't reach out and accept help if you have never had a normal adult child relationship, and Melody has never that. You don't have to like Melody, its difficult to like her when she doesn't even know who she is herself, so how the heck are we supposed to know who she is? She is such a mess that is not a lot to like sometimes. But I think maybe a little more understanding of why she is like she is a good thing. Compassion costs nothing.
  14. Last nights scene btweeb Belle and Irene at the hospital ws really emotionally charged. Even when there are only a few scenes Lynne manages to inject the exact amount of emotional content and she and Jess Tovey were absolutely superb. It was great to see Irene all fired up over one of her kids and you could feel her emotion and her anger about the situation. you dont ften get that on the show, I wish we had more if it, and her.
  15. Thanks. I am not sure about the something else, but I do like their friendship and it reminds me a little of Sally and Leah when they would have their talks and they were really good friends. It was really good to see Miles and Roman having some man to man talks about their feelings and the boat scene was classic.
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