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  1. I really find myself changing opinions on Brax every week…today I could really sympathize with him whereas previously, I’ve really despised the way he had used Charlie for information to help his brothers. It seems that the one common factor throughout for Brax is that family is number one no matter what. At this point, I would really like to hear some more backstory on him – especially how he got started on the wrong side of the law. From what I imagine, it would probably be because he was trying to keep his family together, and if Cheryl’s gambling problem has been ongoing for years, then its reasonable to suppose Brax (as the oldest, and therefore ‘head’ of the family after their father left) was pushed into a life of crime at that stage, because he would have had little other choice. As I said, I really have a love/hate relationship with Brax week by week, and I think the writers are doing a really good job of balancing his character. On one side, we see the ruthless, tough, leader of a gang, and on the other, we see a guy who’s struggling trying to do right by his family, change his life around, and opening himself up for loving someone. Its frequently frustrating sure, watching him sometimes – but I like the fact that’s he’s not black and white. You can’t put him in the ‘good guy’ box and you can’t put him in the ‘bad guy’ box either. And all too often on H&A, all you see are characters that are completely on one side of the fence or the other….so for now I’ll enjoy the ambiguity (and the hot black shirts! )
  2. I have to say I think John Palmer is one of my favourite characters on the show now. I love him. He's always entertaining, whether he is purposely being a cantankerous stubborn idiot, or when he's being all nice and sweet with Gina. And there's been some nice moments with him and Xavier. I really like him and Gina together, the 2 actors really bounce off each other together. And he has had some cracking one-liners in the show. "Have I mishandled the situation, Ginal" Loooooooooool
  3. Wow...this thread has really little interest...surprising for a current character. The reason I wanted to post here.....it is just me or does anyone else think that Roo is seen with alcohol in practically every scene!? Its been bugging me for a while. She always seen bringing wine home, opening bottles, having a beer etc, etc.....tonight it was champagne. I dont know...maybe its just to convey her former party girl lifestyle or something, at least it doesnt seem to be linked to anything else. Anyway...just something I noticed and wanted to share.... You can go back to ignoring this thread now!
  4. Totally off topic, but whenever I hear that word 'soulmate' it makes me cringe.....stems from my years spent in Dawson's Creek fandom. The arguments that went on over that word... I can see positive and negative sides to both arguments here, but for me, I would prefer them just to remain loyal, supportive friends.
  5. Hee! I'd forgotten about that! And eeew! I'm firmly in the 'Just stay Friends' camp as well. I really, really like their friendship and would like to see that remain. I have no doubt that Aden will move on with his life, but I would prefer for that to be with someone new. My biggest fear would be that, should Aden & Nicole hook-up, then they are going to turn into another on-again, off-again couple that the writers seem to love. I think it would damage their current relationship that I like so much.
  6. ^Yes, but I think there is going to be a good reason for that which hasn't been revealed yet.
  7. So, I'm just back from holidays and playing MAJOR catch-up.....but I've just watched the first Changelo kiss. I love these two together! From what I can gather from the posts here, it may not be smooth sailing ahead, but I'm hoping for the best. They are two flawed people, with an (obviously hot ) attraction to each other, so long may it continue. With the , I need a new couple to watch to keep the romantic in me ticking over. Every show needs a good coupling IMO, and these are the number 1 canditates for me at the minute! Edit:Oops...Spoiler Tags.
  8. No she didn't. Charlie assumed she had(cause that's what Charlie would have done) but Ruby confirmed that she didn't because Pat was a gentleman and told her she "wasn't ready". Ah, okay, thanks! That does actually sound familiar now, now that you say it!
  9. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I was almost sure that it was mentioned/implied that Ruby had slept with that guy Pat when she arrived in the Bay? Wasn't there an argument with Charlie & Ross when Ruby told them she was staying with him in his van? Maybe I just picked it up wrong. Can anyone remember?
  10. I have to say, my biggest disappointment with this storyline is that (IMO anyway), they seriously downplayed Geoff's reaction to the pregnancy and his coming to terms with it. Coming from his background, I was sure he would struggle FAR more, before accepting it. The fact that he then took off, and we didn't even get to SEE it on screen was a major cop out!
  11. No. I think thats a good idea. They seem to be using a lot more, and more varied locations lately, so one thread for all questions seems good to me!
  12. ^Yes! Really looking forward to that scene. I was almost certain the writers were going to miss that opportunity, so I'm grateful they didn't!
  13. ^Yes, I don't think he was getting angry for no reason, nor was he explicitily taking his own problems out on other people either. In the cases I mentioned above, his aggravation was all borne out of his feelings for Belle. With the drug dealer and the development worker, his actions were distinctly because he percieved Belle to be in danger. With Liam, it was out of concern that she put herself first for her own recovery.
  14. I agree that he's not above the law, but any of the pushing round he's done has not been labelled as assault, and as such he hasn't been reported or come to the attention of the police. If he had, then I'm sure there would be consequences regarding his good behaviour bond. ( .) Maybe I'm forgetting something, but all I can remember is him grabbing the workmate guy from the development site, and pushing Liam also?? His attack on Belle's drug dealer was the most serious, but obviously the dealer didn't report it as an assault. If his behaviour doesn't come to police attention, then he can hardly be punished for it.
  15. Is there anyone out there who actually LIKE this pairing?? Unbelievable, rushed and (hopefully) fleeting is how I would describe them at best. I don't actually think Claudia is being sinister and trying to dupe Geoff into taking responsibility for a baby that is not his. But I would question how she can know with total certaininty that it isn't Lachies. Also, if there is going to be a paternity issue arising, then we'll have to wait at least until the baby is born before its resolved. Yawn. As for Geoff, the fact that he didn't propose immediately (as he did to Nicole) speaks volumes. He's obviously not as invested in this as he makes out, or his Christian values which he prided himself on have really bitten the dust!
  16. I agree....Belle agreeing to give it a go with Liam was unbelievably lame. I mean, there was absolutely NOTHING to indicate previous to that, that she even had any interest in Liam as anything more than a friend. So, why would she suddenly turn round and agree to give a relationship a go? Lazy writing, and just a ploy to give the Belle-Aden saga another twist. (But I'll still enjoy it ) Edit:Oops, forgot spoiler tags!
  17. Thanks for the heads up! Poor Angelo At least it is Charlie that is becoming his one friendly ear in town
  18. ^She needs to bring him for a drink in the Surf Club......leading to the inevitable conclusion, (just like the last time they went for a beer!) Hottttt!
  19. I see in this weeks magazine scans that Charlie begins Is it too early to get my hopes up for a reunion!??
  20. Nicole can move in there! ****runs away quickly****
  21. Pretty much sums up word for word my feelings on Aden at the minute! Good post. His lashing out as his boss yesterday was kinda funny, but it did highlight how ineffective he was and I think thats how he feels about everything with Belle.
  22. There seems to be a lot of Hugo hate on some of the threads lately. I'm not really loving the character at the minute, but I don't particularly hate him yet either. I think he's feeling frustrated more than anything else, and maybe a little bit jealous that Xavier can handle Brendan and has an obviously closer bond with him than Hugo does. And, yes, he is taking it out a bit unfairly on Xavier at the minute. Still, I think he'll come round in time. However, count me in as someone who thinks theres also a lot more going on with him & his secretive "work" than he's letting on. I'm convinced Hugo is who the island guy was talking to on the phone when he landed in SB.
  23. R.I.P. Changelo. As much as I am liking the Charlie-Joey storyline at the minute, I have to mourn this! (Technically a double post...but almost a month apart doesn't count hopefully!)
  24. ^ Thanks for the reply. As I said, I'm no expert, so all my comments are just based on what I've read in newspapers and such, and for the most part, victims seem to talk of isolation, mistrust of people and even fear of leaving their house after the event. But as you said, different people have different experiences. I still think that going on a date with someone (anyone) would be the last thing on your mind a couple of weeks after being raped.
  25. Is anyone else a bit disappointed with the portrayel of Joey's rape on the show? The actual rape itself seems to have had little emotional effect on Joey, and has been largely forgotten while she has now moved on to dealing with her sexuality and coming out, and all the difficulties that that entails. I'm no expert, but presumably after going through such an ordeal the emotional scars would be huge. Surely even basic interaction with people afterwards (especially males) would be extremely difficult. Instead, we have seen Joey asking Nicole out on a date (majorly unrealistic after going through such a trauma IMO), and a lot of her scenes have been near the docks/boat where the actual rape took place. Would she not be avoiding that as much as possible? Maybe I'm being too quick with this post, and perhaps we have yet to see the effects of the attack on Joey emerge. I hope we get to see a confession from Aden about his past to Joey (but thats just me as a huge Aden fan), but it still doesn't dispel the fact that I think the aftermath of the rape has been a little bit of a let-down.
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