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Jai Fernandez - Jordan Rodrigues


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Admittedly I was not a huge fan of Jai when he first arrived, he was very sullen and very... quiet, I suppose, so I didn't really have much to make an impression on. However, he has grown an awful lot and I really enjoy his scenes, especially with Miles and Kirsty, and Annie and Ruby. I enjoyed his storyline with Axel because it was a really different side to him, but then the whole invincible thing got quite odd, I mean he was jumping off buildings. A bit extreme, but fun.

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I despised this boy when he arrived in the bay. I couldn't warm to him and I disliked how he treated Miles. But as time went on (and with a little persuading from Jem :P) I began to like him.

I was relieved when himself and Miles sorted everything out. I couldn't bear another second of hostility in that damned house. :P He has come such a long way and his character has developed tremendously. :)

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the first epi that Jai was in was kind of...meh...BUT after that i've really warmed to him. I don't know man, its wierd cause i find his character to be quite amusing. There's some things that he does that cracks the crap out of me. Whether its his facial features or just the way he says things. He's like someone you've met once upon a time who really made an impression on you but you just don't know why :huh: . I would like the writers to explore his humour abit more, maybe by giving him more scenes with the older boys, Aden and Geoff. Idk, they can all hang out or something, he can be the little brother they always pick on lol.

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I really don't like Jai. I find him rather pointless and i feel he brings nothing to the show. I admit i find him and Annie quite sweet, and it's nice to see two teenagers together without them jumping into bed and being all serious - but i think Jai really needs a massive storyline of his own to bring him out a bit more. He seems to just be in the background all the time.

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I like Jai. Although i did find the whole 'im invincible' thing a little bit strange.

I like the relationships that he has with Miles, Ruby, VJ and Annie considering how it was when he first came and that he hardly spoke to anyone.

It would be good if he had an interesting story line this year.

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