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  1. Thats not Jess. Its someone trying to be Jess and it pretty obvious esp when they used misha bartons photo instead of her own!!
  2. Ok i don't know where i was a couple of weeks ago but im damn slow, i should really be onto it!! This was actually REALLY, REALLY AWESOME!!! I can't believe i was rooting for Belle and Geoff...now you def got me thinking about what could've been. When Belle and Aden were in the elevator i was secretly hoping that her and Geoffs "rendevous" wasn't a once off...ABSOLOUTELY LOVED THE ENDING!!
  3. Us Jack fans went through this when Jack was killed. It even continues after his death. Now the Belle lovers can;t handle this and want it stopped. ahhhh correction its not ALL BELLE LOVERS!!! I don't give a crap to be frank....cause i can take it just as i can give it!....And don't get offended if some people don't enjoy your opinion, just go for it, it sure as hell won't stop me from making negative comments about the characters of Martha and Charlie, Ruby, Nicole, Xaviour....pretty much all the ones that can't act!! Anywho Lily, your really, really sweet :cool: but please don't get offended by some of the comments on here! Their opinion is the same reasons why you hate some of the characters on the show...no matter how much they try to convince you otherwise of their positive attributes, you'll probably never see it through their perspective ....just saying k! We have an amazing storyline coming up which revolves around Aden and Belle, i think we should just be grateful that they're both talented we pretty much already know that this storyline will be amazing even though we haven't seen it!
  4. Dude use spoilers!! Anywho, sweet about the sense of humour thing! I took it the wrong way, apologies on my part ...carry on...
  5. Wow i feel sorry for all those people's families who had loved ones
  6. hmmm finally something we agree on!
  7. No, not all couples break up as soon as things get a little tough. Belle and Aden however, do. Maybe it is simply becasue they're young and don't have the same life experiences as older couples, but they seem to find it difficult to support each other when it's most needed. However, maybe after everything that's happened to them they've grown up a lot and realised how much they mean to each other. I don't think that kidnapping your father, your girlfriend and a doctor as well as going through a drug addiction can be deemed as a "little tough" tif for a relationship to end. The kidnapping event was understandable on Belles part she would've done what every other person in the world would do and just let him get help first. The drug addiction event with Aden breaking up with her was also understandable because he went through that whole addiction phase with his father...these were all good reasons for breaking up! I understand where your coming from but what they went through wasn't at all the " little tough" reason to why they broke up. This was major stuff man. Like psychotic crap mixed with more psychotic events!! If anybody can get through that and come out trumps and still be head over heels in love, then you've got my respect!!
  8. you've just pretty much described the relationships of summer bay. Isn't that what happens to ALL the couples on there. When things go hard it seems like the end of the world and obviously if its happy and carefree theres no other way to be but happy and carefree. Theres no ifs or buts about it!! Of course they're young and they're pretty much bound to stuff up one way or the other...they haven't yet got that stability that Toni or Rachel have with their relationship because they're old and have kids of their own (toni) and one on the way, theres an obvious maturity there that Aden and Belle have not yet expierenced yet to a certain degree. But in saying that they're stable in the knowledge that they know what they have in each other and it seems to me like they're living in the moment and with the recent past episodes we've seen that within them. They would argue but instead of pushing it to one side they'll talk about it and confide in each other instead of doing the runaway act of "you chase me first" sort of attitude. Its nice to see but its still early days for them in this new found relationship of theirs...until its time....
  9. Transformers!! I hated it...such a boys movie!...although watching Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf made up for it, so very, very hot!!
  10. ^^ read the book haven't seen the movie yet hope its good. After reading the Da Vinci Code i thought the movie was going to be AWESOME, it ended up being quite crap...so not getting my hopes up for this movie! Last movie i watched. Race to Witch Mountain took my 5 year ol niece...we both fell asleep!!
  11. Actually he didn't apologise in the Surf Club he asked her what she was doing with Angelo and accused her of only being out with him to get back at him. She told him to go away because she was on a date and they weren't together anymore so she wasn't interested in what was happening with his Dad. Then after the date was over she was talking to Irene in The Diner and Aden came in. It was only then that he said sorry and asked to talk in private so she didn't just leave with him even though she was with Angelo. their date was already over and she was alone at the time. lol thanks you saved me the trouble of responding to Redranger But loved also last nights episode! I think it was absolutely perfect. Their emotions, their interaction was fantastic. Belles relationship with Annie is by far the cutest thing on this show at the moment. I absolutely adore her.
  12. Tuesdays or Mondays epi, can't remember, is a really great example of Aden grovelling. I believe his exact words were "when you get out i want to be there for you. Anything you want I'll give" the dude is grovelling, which made him look kinda sad. Yeah, yeah so they're not together but its an example to how you feel that Belle gets treated like a "doormat" when clearly that scene showed the opposite. And I don't think its ever been that easy with the "im sorry," "Oh ok" attitude...Theres always reason given and its never been that simple, in saying that Aden was always the one with the problem so obviously he had to do the apologising. I think we have two completely different minds when it comes to this and we can point and ***** about what we do and don't see but thats whats wierd because i saw that scene with Belle at Adens Formal as special and healthy and it was love (sorry had to roll my eyes cause it sounds cheesy on my part). Anywho, the fact that Belle even made an effort to go to the formal was good on her half, if she didn't we wouldn't be having this conversation and instead we'd be talking about how Belle didn't love Aden enough to go to the formal blah, blah, blah. But she did go, she made an effort to support him when she herself was going through a rough patch, as you said. Of course he was going to be unhappy about not going to the formal with her, who wouldn't. Anyways all im saying is that Belle to me doesn't represent the "doormat" you speak of. She has merely grown up and probably sees the relationship she has with Aden as special and something to fight for. Maybe she has lost some of that fiestyness but people change when they meet someone they feel they're destined to be with (sorry thats for me)...and usually that change is for the better.
  13. Well, as I mentioned, it started before he told her about his family secret.I'm really not sure why "special" equates with "acts like a doormat".To me, it feels more like she was so lonely and so desperate for it to work out this time that she just puts up with anything. I don't see that at all, Belle letting him treat her as a "doormat." Obviously she saw something in him for her to let him treat her so unkindly otherwise she wouldn't have bothered with the relationship, and with her being lonely and desperate for a relationship...doubt it! If she was that desperate she would have given in to him constantly but she didn't there were times where he had to do the grovelling and he had to work hard at their relationship more than her, it worked both ways. But in now way did she ever come across as lonely and desperate if anything it was more Aden than her.
  14. Well there it is. They were Ric and Drew they weren't Aden! Tbh, when Belle was with Ric she was quite young and a bit of a brat and her whole intention with being with Ric was to manipulate and hurt others along the way, of course she wouldn't try and be understanding and careful about things she was only thinking about herself during her first year on the show. As for Drew well this was her first real relationship and they both had the head of a bull he like Aden challanged her quite a bit but she wasn't "caring" enough to give in or she had no reasons to not react feisty towards him thats all she knew at that time and she had never faced the kind of anguish or pain in a relationship that Aden would soon have her experience. Aden on the otherhand i guess made her feel something and I think thats why their relationship is so special, to me anyways. He let her in on a family secret, he trusted her with it and in return she was able to be understanding and loving and along the way she lost her "fiestyness" because of what she experienced with him. But that scene in rehab was awesome. I too also loved the fact that she didn't give in too easily and I loved that Aden didn't push it, i think they both know where they are in their relationship and how hard it'll be to get that back, but you can also see that they're both hurting (obviously) but you can also see how much they love each other deeply.
  15. I actually really like Belles hair. Its def different from anything else shes had. I wouldn't really call it blonde, blonde its like a really light shaded browny colour
  16. I think Lily g is onto something here. The reason some like to see Liam and Belle together is because Aden and Belle are a popular couple. Anyone that takes the shine away from their "favourites" is a threat altogether! But thats just me, agree or disagree i wouldn't give a rats a** either way. I like Liam hes def one dude thats got it going on. Hes the same as Aden in some ways and i think thats probably why im taking a liking to him...but in saying that his friendship with Belle had me from the word go. Such an awesome, awesome friendship!
  17. For me i think its pretty simple why Belle is so attracted to bad boys! Its just more exciting for her, Belles character come across as this fiesty chick who doesn't take crap from anyone. She (when i see her) comes across as someone who constantly likes to be challenged, i can't imagine her character settling down with a dude who always takes the easy way out and i think thats where Drew and Aden come in. Lucas and Angelo were the opposite to both of them...actually come to think of it, i cant remember Belle argueing with them the way she argued with Drew and Aden . So if anything i think, Aden brings out the passion in her, meaning he makes her want to challenge not only their relationship but also her life in general, he brings excitement into her life! Does that make sense?
  18. Oh lord, the hate's started already.How exactly is Nicole solely responsible for a decision they both made?It's not as though she's in a happy clappy mood herself at the moment. Im pretty sure Roman layed down the rules to Aden when he moved in, Aden disrespected him in not following those rules...
  19. Being an avid Adelle fan, i gotta say that im really, really, really appreaciating Tony and Rachels relationship/marriage. I've always thought they were boring but now with all the drama thats going on with belle and aden, idk its just nice to see another normal couple on the show! I hope they last . Is it wrong to be jealous?
  20. . They both deserve each other. Aden deserves so much better then Belle. Reason for edit: Spoiler Tags Belle deserved sooo much better then Aden when he kidnapped her. Seems like the roles have reversed, so why does Aden deserve better then Belle when he was the other half of the culprit in their relationship ??? idk, im kinda liking it in a wierd sort of way BUT purely for the fact that they're the complete opposite to Nic and Aden's friendship! Not in a sort of way, just more......mature.
  21. you know what im gonna stop right here lol. ANYWAY im thoroughly looking forward to the next few weeks! I think the relationship between Aden and Belle will trully be tested and if so the final outcome will make or break them...although i already know the answer to that! It'll be interesting to see where the writers take them, how they'll approach the storyline and especially how they'll approach the relationship between all those involved. Peace out!
  22. 1) Wow really they're not real people hmmmm funny that, I thought Home and Away was a reality show 2) Agree with you on that 3) true but who ???? 4) Nah shes actually pretty dope, her characters faaaar more interesting than others. For shaw!!! 5) Sounds like the H&A cast to me 6) although they've both they weren't together....but other than that, i can't see that bit happening Do i hear a friends We Were On A Break talk hahahahahahaha im not being a smart ass, but i don't get it lol...sorry call me stupid, but can you explain that to me so i can come back with a proper argument ...im being serious too, im not making fun of you
  23. 1) Wow really they're not real people hmmmm funny that, I thought Home and Away was a reality show 2) Agree with you on that 3) true but who ???? 4) Nah shes actually pretty dope, her characters faaaar more interesting than others. For shaw!!! 5) Sounds like the H&A cast to me 6) although they've both they weren't together....but other than that, i can't see that bit happening
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