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  1. I honestly think Evie and Oscar are two of the annoying characters home and away have ever had! Not keen on Denny or the aunt tbh.
  2. I got kyle too the other day need to write to some new ones .
  3. Happy birthday Marie!! :) Sandy

  4. Yay very happy finally got Stephen (Brax) even typed me a nice long letter Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. She does reply as i got one from her.
  6. Yay got Dan today as well and A Lovely letter from him as well, just the one more to get!!! well chuffed Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. Got my first riverboy yesterday well chuffed Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. Ive wrote to the river boys i hope i get a reply! ;d
  9. I also have tons of autos everyone from angel as ive met all the cast, pretty much all from buffy too, ive met hundreds of celebs so ive got thousands of autos.. prob too many autos actually... id love to meet someof the home and away cast i met the one that played dylan once.
  10. Ok i checked, sorry i dont have Luke Jacobz i must have written to him but never had a reply.
  11. I have Mark but i got him when he did a Uk show over here and he replied to me
  12. Hmm im not sure if i have Luke or not i do have a lto so i may have a look thru and see.
  13. Yes it's Dexter. She said that they'd be great paired together and she also loves working with David Jones-Roberts. Her words were - "He's a lovely boy." Congrats on your mail Edward. Thanks, SQ! And congrats, Marie, do you have any scans of your newly-received cards? How long did they take to arrive? I have a scanner but it doesnt work,im not sure how long they took, maybe less than 8 weeks, im pretty sure it wasnt that long i sent to two others too but no respose yet, but one was penn so prob wont...
  14. I got the same mine was really smudged too, but i also got a really long letter was very sweet of her i also got marilyn the other day too
  15. I love love love Romeo, but nooo to him and nic, she belongs to aden i rekon
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