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Weird Eating Habit

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You won't? Well, thats a relief :P

- I won't ever eat a packet of Salt and Vinnegar crisps (the Hunky Doreys ones) without Strawberries by hand. Reason: Strawberries help take away the sharpness of the flavour. Those crisps are so strong they make my tounge bleed!

- When I eat chocolate I hold the bar in the right hand although I am left handed.

- I don't eat vegetables, including onions or any of that stuff. I refuse the eat anything with as much as a tiny little incy piece of onion.

- Root Beer. I absolutely hate it. It's absolutely disgusting but I'm completely addicted to that horrible flavour and i'm going crazy. Eurgh!

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If I didnt have to eat to survive, I probably wouldnt. Reason being I never know what to eat. I dont like alot of food, I go off food for awhile and others give me stomach ache.

I go through big phases of food.. I will eat the same meal, or up to 3 different meals(Lately curry, burgers and noodles) for a few weeks then change to something else. I dont have breakfast, sometimes I dont have lunch(At the moment, I have gone off sandwiches), most often I dont have dinner. I think I mostly survive on snacking, but even then, somedays its little to none.

I have to drink something while eating chocolate.

I dont like biscuits, but I do love chocolate bourbons and have to drink while eating them.

If something puts me off in food while I am currently eating it.. Feeling something hard in something that is meant to be soft, feeling something soft that is meant to be hard. Feel something crunchy.. you get the point. It makes me gag and want to throw up. I then dont eat that food for many weeks or months.

Icing to me is like nails down a chalkboard.. Kind of the same with biscuits.

Oh and Im a veggie, which makes it even harder for me to find food I like lol

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I am SUCH a fussy eater. I hate veges cooked. I'll eat most veges raw but not cooked. And I don't like food mixed together really...Like salads in sandwiches...so wrong.....when we have burritos, I have all the ingredients separate. Joe informs me that I'm a nightmare to cook for. I'm way better than I used to be though!!!

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Hehe, well all my friends make fun of my eating, because I'm really weird when it comes to eating stuff :P

-Firstly I use my fork and knife like someone who is left-handed, even though I'm (mostly) right-handed.

-There can't be any white stuff (like fat or other gross stuff) on my meat.

-While eating feta cheese I wipe off most of the oil on each piece with a napkin.

-I add spice and salt while I eat, I don't just throw it all in and blend, it needs to be on top of the food, so I put it on layer by layer.

-If anything's expiration date is within the next two days, or I have a feeling it has been open for too long, I don't touch it. Literally. It will have to sit in the frige until someone fixes it for me.

-I don't eat sandwiches someone else made, unless I bought them. If I watch people make them it might be okay, but if they as much as youch the butter I won't eat it (if I butter it myself, it's okay.)

-I only drink 2/3 of a bottle with sparkling water/club soda. The last 1/3 tastes weird, and there's no bubbles.

-I only eat salad I made myself. No exceptions.

-Cheese (Norwegian cheese, maybe cheddar if we're stretching it), feta cheese, garlic and pesto are useful ingredients that work with most meals.

I know there's more, but I can't remember what else right now. I'm a weird and obsessive eater :P

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- I hate chocolate so freaking much. It's the worst thing you can eat according to me.

- I love strawberries but I'm allergic. Strawberries makes me allergic to water in weeks and whenever I come in contact with water I get a very high fever which can kill me. BUT I can't resist strawberries so I eat them anyway, even though I know I shouldn't.

- If I'm hungry, I use to smell on my hand and then my hand has the flavour of the thing I wanna eat at that time. YEA it's very very strange lol.

- I use to eat a whole cucumber and then drink a half liter of water before I go to bed each day. For some weird reason I sleep better when I have a lot of water in me lol.

I know that it's a lot more but I can't remember them now.

Eli: You sound very Picky haha. I love that 2/3 bottle thingy. I used to be the same with Coke, but now I drink the whole bottle.

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Oh god, where do I start.

- I'm not particularly a fan of chocolate either, but if I do eat it, I always have to have a drink of cold water after it.

- I love chicken, but hate cutting it. I swear half of the piece is gone before it's even cooked. I can't stand all the little white stuff and veins in it.

- I love baby food, pureed apples, mashed veges etc. Yum.

- When I was pregnant I ate McDonalds pretty much everyday for the last month for lunch. Besides apple sauce and gerkins, Maccas was the only thing I craved.

- I can't stomach breakfast, no matter how late I wake up. I have to be awake for at least three hours before I can stomach food. If I do eat it, it only makes me hungry sooner.

- I put garlic in pretty much everything I cook. I love the stuff, but Matt says I put way too much in even though I can't really taste it. I eat the stuff raw sometimes.

- When I was little, I never used to eat the toppings off pizzas. My sister was the opposite, she hated the base, so I used to scrape the topping off and give it to her and she gave me her base. Even now I still do it sometimes.

- I always eat the meat first in my meals and veges last.

- I hate lettuce and butter on salad sandwiches. There's just something about the lettuce and the butter mixing together on bread, it's gross.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

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I have a few.

- I ALWAYS have my fork in my right hand and my knife in my left hand. I'm so unconventional lol.

- I have this weird obsession with cheese.

- When I'm at school, I will NEVER take my lunch box out of my bag. I have to eat everything practically in my bag.

- I don't mind chocolate [not the biggest fan], but I usually feel a bit sick after eating it, even if it's a small portion.

- If I can't taste onion in something that has it in it, I'll put more in it until I can taste it.

- I LOVE vegetables. Yes, I know, some may think I'm a freak.

- If something puts me off food I like, I won't eat it for ages.

I can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sure there's a million other things.

Looking back, I'm really weird. And a fussy eater. :P

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- When I eat big cookies, i always eat the chocolate in it, but i hardly ever actually eat the actual biscuit :lol:

- I dont eat much vegies i dunno why, but i just hate the taste of them, like broccoli,collie flower,peas etc etc..

- When i was little, i LOVED having tomato sauce in a sandwich, JUST tomato sauce nothing else.

- I LOVE meat, but i hate chewing it, for some reason it takes me so long to chew it.

- When i was little till about 12 i always chocked on food. I dunno why? :lol:

- If i eat like crackers or something, i always have to have a drink after.

And i cant think of anymore at the moment..

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