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  1. Please, please, please PM me, I have important news you'll want to know! xxx

  2. Heey :) How are you doing? Could you PM me please :) Got lots to talk about! xx

  3. That sounds amazing! This thread is making me hungry, haha. Might go and get a TimTam.
  4. ! I have a current obsession with that song.
  5. I really want a TimTam. Like, really, haha. But I'm too cosied up in bed.
  6. Hey!! Your PM inbox is full again I can't contact you! lol I have exciting news to tell you! x

  7. Heyy girl. Hope you're well :)

    Sorry to bug you again, but what happened tonight? Just the Tachel news, hehe.


  8. Okay guys, at long last, I've found a picture of Amy's boyfriend. They're so cute. Just recently at a play; http://www.flickr.com/photos/storiesfromth...57623743113500/ 2007; http://newsphotos.com.au/ImageDetail.asp?RefNum=23843264
  9. *Squee* He reproposed! That's SO cute. Such a Tony thing to do. It was so sweet how he gave her his Mum's necklace. Poor Harry! Naw, the poor bub, I hope he's okay. Rachel must be worried sick. I loved how she gained a sudden strength when she hooked onto the fact that something was wrong, especially with her son. Can't wait for you to update, I really want to know what's wrong with Harry.
  10. Marilyn-17 Rabbit-14 Rachel-46 Miles-13 Leah-10 Irene-5 Elijah-6 Rachel's in the lead by a looooong way! You guys have done an ace job!
  11. I love coming in this thread; it gives me good ideas for what I can have. As for me, I'm DESPERATE for a drink, aha. But I just finished a couple of strawberry sour straps.
  12. My bad, he did too! Must've copied an old one, aha. Marilyn-33 Rabbit-21 Rachel-14 Miles-20 Leah-10 Irene-7 Elijah-6 Mwahahaha, back again! Ah, I can't keep up!
  13. Woo, all the good ones are left! Marilyn-25 Rabbit-19 Rachel-11 Miles-20 Leah-9 Irene-10 Alf-1 Elijah-15 That was tough, naw.
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