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  1. Happy Birthday Olivia :)

  2. Happy Birthday Olivia! I hope you have a great day. :D

  3. I just made some Aden/Justin Avs Feel free to use them, or not XD
  4. Thanks again for the hundreds of awesome avs Oli :)


  5. America's next top model. I'm hooked.....
  6. Hey there, just to let you know I started the Roman fic "Twisted".

    Love Tele


  7. ^ ^Sounds awesome! Any idea when you'll be putting it up?
  8. Woah.... That is just :wub:gorgeous . I love the cropping and the colouring works so well. I've used it as my Icon, I credited of course. But really, that is just wow....
  9. Snow! I would say that i wish for no college tomorrow, but my best mate has an exam and she'd have to go in anyways and it would be dangerous
  10. Wow! I didn't expect this much, a awesome fic and two post's worth of Icons. Thanks You so much I love this, a lovely christmas fic to get me more in the mood for the big day. It gives a nice feel to the friendship between them all and makes me feel all fuzzy inside XD Thanks you <3
  11. Snow! Snow snow snow snow snow!!!!!! XD Haha, yes!
  12. Mavis Staples - In times like these
  13. Forever and Always (Piano Version) - Taylor Swift
  14. Michael Buble - Haven't met you yet
  15. I haven't really seen any good films lately. Has anyone got any suggestions? Preferably something angsty and something that might make me cry XD
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