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  1. I really like those bec, esp this one:
  2. Hey!!

    Happy Birthday! :) :)

    El x

  3. Happy birthday Emma! I hope you're having a great day! :D

  4. Happy belated birthday Em... hope you have an awesome day :D

  5. Wow awesome new coloring Bec! I can't even pick a favorite, they are all very well done!
  6. Coloring You are a master of colorings! I love those so much!
  7. wow I'm so gonna save that haha, love it! The contrast is perfect and I love the tiny heart!
  8. I just fell in love! wow what gorgeous coloring and I like the sort of dreaming effect! Fabulous!
  9. Wow I love the coloring on this one!! The split is very well done too!
  10. Omg Jen, I love all of those but esp this one. The coloring is so perfect and fits very well with that negative space color. Good job!
  11. Sal or? ME love whoever it is, but it looks like sal, and if it is. I WANT THAT CAP! Oh and this one is super beautiful too:
  12. ^^ Hey Sarah, that's why everyone uses Mozilla Firefox! haha
  13. Wow absolutely perfect coloring on this one! I love the close cropping too, it makes it interesting!
  14. I love the contrast on this one Amy! So beautiful and striking! Really shows the emotion.
  15. Perfect Black and White on this one! Just perfect! You can't get it much more perfect than this. Wow!
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