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  1. 7 years....wow! Happy Birthday to us! I've been here for 6 years. Time has flown!
  2. Mez83


    Why do they almost always butcher songs that Mercedez sings?! Bridge over Troubled Waters was AWFUL. I usually love glee'd up songs but that was horrible. They rest of the episode was great!! Poor Kurt
  3. Personal photos can be anything you like. Avatars must be Home and Away related though.
  4. Mez83


    I have to wait overnight. Any word on when it will be back on NZ screens?
  5. Mez83


    Exactly. He calls it a problem! Which is why I said it's his 'problem'
  6. Mez83


    I'm not going to lie here.....I love them all. I bought the first season of Amazon and I've watched them all over and over.
  7. Mez83


    He calls it his problem in episode 1.
  8. Mez83


    Yeah, I read somewhere yesterday that He must deal with his 'problem' if that happens.
  9. Well, it would appear that Summer has left the building.
  10. Happy Birthday.Hope you have an awesome day.Don't forget to have a drink or two for me!

  11. Lise

    Happy Birthday! I hope your having an awesome day. :D

  12. It's a long weekend. I'm making the most of my Monday off by wearing my pajamas for most of the day!
  13. Easter eggs. I made sure I had toast for a decent breakfast before I started them though!
  14. Burn after reading. Stupid, stupid movie. It's the worst movie I've ever seen George Clooney and Brad Pitt in.
  15. Chocolate. I really shouldn't be though!
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