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What If I Told You (by Cerise) - comments


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Yay, a sequel!

Drunk Belle is fun :P I guessed right, Melody was pregnant *insert shocked face here* Or is pregnant... whatever..

"Yeahh, we're greaat... How's it feel to be married? A bore I bet."


"Me? No, no, not me. Ask boozy over here! She's the one with the champagne! It's her! She's drinking! She's underage! ARREST HER!!"

:lol: You write drunk Belle so well :P Wouldn't be because you know a thing or two about being drunk, would it? :P

More please!

EDIT: Didn't have much time to do a proper review, but now I have time :P Even though I just added another great quote

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Kat's back! At least the suspense didn't last for too long.

Drunk Belle is funny, and so well written.

So wait, the baby isn't Geoff's? :o Didn't expect that. I can't wait to see how she deals with it. Belle is being a bad influence, which I like :P

Can't for more of an update soon. :)

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Yay! So we didn't have to wait months for the sequel. :D

I like it so far... it was a funny chapter. :lol: Belle and Drunk equals a great combination... her lines are so well written... she makes me chuckle throughout.

:o And Melody from saint to sinner in a matter of months... I didn't expect the baby not being Geoff's... who else has she slept with?!

What's going on with Annie? :unsure: And I wonder what Mrs Jones had to say about Mel being pregnant... she can't be hiding it now... the bump must be huge if she's 7 months along.

Waiting eagerly for the next update. :)

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:D Update please?? *smiles sweetly*

EDIT: Hang on...

I just realised...

At the start Melody is about to have an abortion (I think).

And later on she's seven months along, and obviously hasn't had one.

So what made her change her mind???

Interesting twist.

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"Hey." she said, slowly making her way down to where he was standing. "Melody couldn't come. Pregnant. Very very contagious...." Oh sh!t, she thought. She had meant to say flu.

:lol: hahahahahahahahaha . . . that was very . . . VERY funny, Belle opened her big mouth . . . Melody will kill her . . . :D

"Look, I just had to tell you in person. She has cancer."

:o NOooooooooooooo . . . you couldn't, you wouldn't . . . Would you?

Update soon

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