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  1. I like Geoff A LOT now. He's less judgemental and hypocritical, he's finally away from Melody *gah* and he just seems...nice! Like his character has balanced out a little. And I kinda like the idea of Geoff/Ruby *grins sheepishly*
  2. Oh noes Nicole I loved the little Mattie/Lucas scene at the start, so sweet I'm actually thinking of starting another fic myself (yes, ANOTHER one ) something a little supernatural and different...
  3. Hi Bec... Yes, I disappeared *again* Things have been a bit wild recently, but I'm still here, I promise ANYWAY this fic looks great as always, Tony & Rachel JnM YAY! (Am I the only one who detests Martha & Hugo??)
  4. I hate Hugo. His acting is just...blehhh...he seems like he's forcing himself to say every line, and I resent that people on the show keep comparing him to Jack.
  5. Black skinny jeans, red school T-shirt and a grey short-sleeved hoodie.
  6. Wow, Bec, these were just beautiful chapters I'm glad Aden's got his life back together, and Cassie & Luc & Mattie & Ric are all happy. I don't know why but that sentence reads awkwardly. Anyhoo, it was wonderful as always. Almost finished
  7. Wow, this was fantastic Geoff/Belle, I was all for them months ago, but it never happened *sigh* That was a great closing sentence. You are very talented
  8. Wow, Bec, these are beautiful I love 2, 5 & 10 best of all
  9. Black tracky pants, pink long-sleeved shirt with a logo that says "TALK LESS SAY MORE" and a pink fuzzy jumper.
  10. That was a really well-written chapter as always Matilda seems to be coping better than I thought she would, unlike Aden. That was such a cute moment between her and Ric I miss Ric, btw. Aden I want to hug him. After all, there's no Belle round, right... *shiftyeyes*
  11. OMG! Belle! Nooo, how are Aden & Mattie gonna deal with this? You evil girly By the way, I'm back. Are you happy? *preens*
  12. Yay thankies! And ouch, that hurt Those were my favourites
  13. Wow, Bec...just wow! I still haven't figured out how to do that quotey thing I know, I know, I'm dumb But I love all of them.
  14. The wedding was just Woahwoahwhoa Cassie's stayin' alive, stayin' alive, woahwoahwoahwoah...
  15. Oh wow, lots of chapters for me to catch up on! How do you do these quick updates, Bec! I demand to know your secret!!! Do not like you, Amanda...
  16. Your recent updates are gorgeous, Bec, I can't pick a favourite
  17. Oh Lordy this is AWESOMESAUCE I cracked myself up reading this. I thought Adole would be cute, but they're overshadowed by Adelle lovers. Can't wait for an update.
  18. OK. I'm guessing that Belle either has diabetes, or she's pregnant. Can't both those things be found out from urine samples?? Well, anyway, update soon
  19. First comment, yay! That chapter wasn't crappy at all, btw. And. Oh. My. God. That was so UNFAIR and MEAN! They didn't have any solid proof that he raped that chick. *worries* Update soon!
  20. Oh my god! That was a beautiful chapter, despite all the sadness Poor Beth, and Belle, I hope everyone gets out of this OK. Update soon!
  21. OMGZ! I was totally on the edge of my seat during that chapter, I so thought Belle was gonna die. Of course, maybe she still will...I hope she's OK! And Luc!
  22. Aden Nicole is so nice, I'm glad she stopped Aden from jumping And Sean Don't like HIM already
  23. Oh lordy... Belle died!! ZOMG Now that was unexpected. Poor Aden, hows he gonna cope with dis? And sorry about the floods Us peeps in WA are just peachy. Sorry, that probably didn't help xxx
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