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  1. My teenage feelings do not know what to do with having Jason Smith in my ears. I am back to being in high school and crushing hard
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. I hope these are the ones you wanted!
  4. I concur! My favourite part of the BttB poll is always the little character summary for each ranking. They continue to be witty and truthful, with a faithful wink-nod towards the cliches that our show loves. I don't know how you do it each time and for it not to just be a re-hash of what was said two years ago! Some highlights for me, include: Alf - has been haemorrhaging relatives lately Billie - I know she told a nasty lie about Nate but that seemed pretty disproportionate… Charlie - Another one of those formerly by-the-book cops, who somewhere along the line seemed to forget where the book was and how to read it even if she found it Dean - Plus he’s clearly Colby’s true love. Matilda - She also had a twin brother that she forgot about, but then everyone else forgot him too. Geoff - going from a very straight-laced Christian boy with old-fashioned but strong morals to sleeping with girls and punching people like any other young male character. He did leave to become a missionary though, so that’s unusual.
  5. The one way to instantly make me feel old is to point out that its been 10 years since Matilda left - but I'm pleased she's still polling and its not just me voting for her.
  6. I think these are some icons? It's been so long that I really can't tell. Also, beware spoilers? Maybe? I honestly don't know where the show is up to at the moment and whether some of these Olivia photos are current or have not gone to air. Proceed with caution.
  7. Oh no worries at all! I'm glad you like them - and I will get around to making some more, I promise!
  8. ^ If you click the arrow/link above it will drop you straight to the post. It's page 644 though, in case you need it. I'm not really in a position to send them all separately - I did that with the previous batch of icons I made for you and it was a bit much - but if you let me know which one or two then I can definitely do that.
  9. I actually made a bunch of Casey icons here: So, hopefully this can hold you over for a bit, but I'd be totally keen to make some more .
  10. @sallyandflynnfan - Hope appropriate for your username! Some of these are seriously vintage so my apologies for the lack of quality ... If you want any separate just let me know which ones, otherwise you are welcome to save and crop yourself.
  11. Sorry this has taken me so long! I will see what I can do. I can certainly try. I will have to do some creative googling to try and find some good pics. The girl in the first row and a half of icons is Rhiannon Fish (she played April Scott) .
  12. In other news Bob Morley is letting his hair grow and it is so floofy AND I'M. HERE. FOR. IT.
  13. Here you go @sallyandflynnfan - I hope you like them. Let me know which ones you want separately. I feel like this batch has an assortment of cute candids and OMG YOU"RE BASICALLY NAKED icons so you can take your pick! Also, I'm totally open to taking requests because I'm sort of in and out of the show right now, so if anyone has any people/ships/characters they want icons of please let me know! (Even though this part of the site is a bit dead ...)
  14. Thank you! Oh, yes, I can absolutely do that . I've never actually made any Orpheus/Mason icons before.
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