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  1. Give me a G! Give me an A! Give me a D! Give me an E! Give me a N! And what do we have? Go GADEN! Oh! My! Gosh! What have you done to me, Jen? Seriously, listening to an entire JoBro song as a result of this said fiction was bad enough. Now. Now I'm morphing in to a HSM fangirly, cheerleader type, complete with matching red & white outfit. The vision of that alone... . *shudders* But it was awesome reading that ending all over again. I'd almost forgotten how ecstatic I was when I had read it the first few times. Gaden finally getting their SE! And yes still the same squeeing & flailing taking place. Hehehe! You already know what I think of this whole fic but in case you'd forgotten I'll say it again... A-MA-ZIIIIIIIIIIING!!!! And thank you so, so, so much for writing it for me. Totally appreciate it. * sends a whole bunch of rainbow sprinkles covered gaden-shaped cookies all for Jen* And since we're on the subject of you writing fics for me, hows that whole... Aden: "We're going to London, Baby!" (in that whole Joey from Friends way) Geoff: "Yeah?" ... coming along??! 'cos I'm here ready & waiting at Kings Cross Station Platform 9 3/4. Plus don't you know it's rude not to share. You can't keep them there in Perth forever. In the mean time that councillor/bible camp should keep me afloat along with that rubber duck. LOL!
  2. Wow, I've missed like a ton of amazing updates, Jen. You've seriously mastered that colouring that you've been using lately. And I just adore it. It's really stunning, I also love the different cropping, styles, negative space that you use with all your updates. There are too many that I love to quote. But I will quote these... ... 'cos it's Gaden & Yummy & Perfection.
  3. Your last few updates are awesome. I love the Ruby icon (#15) from the update previous to last. Beautiful colouring on that one. And I love #16, the Indi icon from the last update. Pretty colouring & cropping on that.
  4. The last update has gorgeous colouring, Amy. Loving all the different styles too. I simply adore this Jazz icon. It's just perfect.
  5. That Jodi update is gorgeous, Barbara. Beautiful cropping, colouring & styles. My faves are # 14, 16 & 18.
  6. Love all your recent updates, Sarah. Pretty colouring on them all. But loving this one particularly. Ahh Tinc.
  7. Argh! It hates me. I give up. :(

  8. Happy Birthday Barbara! Hope you have/are having an amazing day. xx

  9. *flailing and squeeing all over the place again* So I poke my head in to this fic and find that you've just posted one of my most favourite chapters. The one with passion-filled-Geoffrey-getting-all-hot-and-heavy-as-a-result-of-some-divine-intervention. So I just had to read it all over again. Just amazing. Until Belle ruined it ofcourse. No, but seriously I love this entire update. The awkwardness, the unsaid, the trying to make sense of this 'thing' that they have and the cute little texts <33. Oh & even if there were 50 other cards between them they'd still find their way to each other. But I'll go with whatever logic Geoff needs to make sense of it all. Really well written. Still never get bored even though I've read it so many times.
  10. ^ I know I just read that on DS. It's says in that article that it's not known whether
  11. OMG you posted! You posted. You posted. You posted!! *does a little happy dance* And me? I am still FAIL! Even after I've been such a sucky pupil I get myself a dedication for this fic. Really? You are way too awesome. *ships off some freshly made, rainbow sprinkles covered, gaden-shaped cookies just for Jen* To make up for my suckiness: I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. 10 down. 995 to go. You'll get the rest at detention (the one I still haven't attended). Now on to the amazing-ness that is this Gaden fic. You already know what I think of it, but seeing as I'm here I might aswell say it all again. Your writing style is so descriptive & this only helps the reader build a more fuller picture when reading it. I love that you've written it from Geoff's P.O.V. You've really captured him well in this fic and he's written perfectly in character. And It feels like I'm riding the wave of emotions/feelings that Geoff is going through with him. Aden is also written very well. The tension in that Gaden interaction is so tangible. Just spot on. <33 And now. Geoff&Aden working on the trawler K-I-S-S-I-N-G. *Is all flailing & sighing like a silly little fangirl*
  12. :o Are you calling me old missy?! Only a couple more months & u catch up. :P Aww thank you for the bday wishes. Will catch up on MSN someday soon. I promise. Been way too busy! xx.
  13. Aww thank you for the birthday wishes. :D I had an awesome day x.

  14. Aww thank you for the birthday wishes. :D I had an awesome day x.

  15. Aww thank you for the birthday wishes. :D I had an awesome day x.

  16. Aww thank you for the birthday wishes. :D I had an awesome day x.

  17. Anaya

    Aww thank you for the bday wishes. :D I had an awesome day. Hope you had a great one too & happy belated birthday x.

  18. Anaya

    I... I... can't believe your done already! :o & I haven't even... yeah... I. Just. Have. Not. FAIL! Me awesome? Nuh-uh! U? Definitely! :D *goes off to attend another detention* :P

  19. ^ Bradleeeeeeeeeeeey!! No! I'm really going to miss him and now there's no way he can return. Although I have to say that the Live episode was truly excellent. Even though there were a few mishaps, Scott Maslen fluffing his lines, Barbara callling Janine 'June' and messing up some other lines, Rita repeating some lines and ofcourse Max sticking his fingers down his throat & some parts of the climax that were shaky, but overall they all did amazingly well. I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Even when they made small mistakes they recovered exceptionally well and they really should be proud. I had a feeling that Stacey would be the murderer, it would have been too obvious for it to be Ronnie or Phil, Peggy & Bradley were both leaving so them being the murderer would be the easy route, and Ian & Janine had both been arrested prior so were red herrings, and that left Jack, Roxy or Stacey. And tbh Stacey had a huge motive to do it and they really played her under the radar up till now, so it'd be very likely to be her. Still loved it all the same. But poor Bradley. The moment he was being chased by the cops and he started to climb up the building, I knew there was only one way for him to come back down in true soap opera cliche style. Especially after that earlier rumour about him commiting suicide surfaced (which the EE spokeperson completely denied would happen ). Even then I was still completely shocked when it did happen and he actually fell. Although I had to laugh at the fact that he fell backwards but landed on his front. Lol! Oh and the shaking hand. Still it was brilliant stuff, should be interesting to see where they go with the Max/Stacey stuff now. All the actors should be proud especially Lacey, Charlie, Jake, Scott & Samantha who had a whole lot of dramatic scenes. And what about the reveal about Archie raping Ronnie. So sick but It all makes even more sense now. Early on in their relationship when he first arrived it was all really creepy (esp. on Archie's side) and there was lots of subtle innuendo implying this. For it to come out now makes total sense, especially considering his over controlling & lies in the Danielle situation (I know he's generaly like that but it was more OTT in this situation). Who he is most likely to be the father of. OMG! And I had a feeling they'd somehow come to the conclusion that Archie isn't the father of Stacey's child. It's easier this way and there is now opportunity for a future SL with Stacey & Ryan and all the baby stuff when they want to go there. So that figures.
  20. I say I'm all for flattery regardless of the intentions. So I'll take more of that please. Hehe. :P Awww TY for your comment. Glad u like my stuff and go right ahead if you want to use anything. :D Anaya x.

  21. Ahh Jenny! Jen! Jen!!! Oh boy, am I so damn ecstatic that I wasn't around to make you stop? In a word, YES! Not that I would have been so obliging anyway. The 'or not' option was always more appealing to me. Anyway on to Gaden. Just amazing. You always write Geoff so spot on and it wasn't anything less this time. It was like you'd cut open Geoff's head, let me jump right in there and ride the wave of thoughts & emotions with him. Really moving stuff and your descriptive writing is so great that it only aids me to build the imagery of each thought, feeling and scene in my mind. Making it all feel so much more real. Awwww poor Geoffrey though. My heart breaks for him... But not too much though. Without the hurt there can be no comfort. ^ Like what happened just right here. I adore that bit & I adore that it was Aden who was there to rescue him now, a role-reversal of the trawler incident. This whole scene is so touching. I love that Aden understands and tells Geoff like it is (and in essence what he wants to hear), not like everyone else who are painting it like it'll all be okay, misunderstanding and thinking that is what he wants to hear. Ahh my boys, they got a connection and read each other like no one else. OMG! *Flailing* Do I need to say more? Such a small gesture but with such huge meaning. Adorable. And I always will be. Too cute. And that is why 'Cos that is how it'll play out...
  22. Anaya

    Fail? U?! Never! And I'd be happy with either option. Or better still both at some stage seeing as there's quite a bit. :P Love u! :D *goes off to peruse at the awesomeness* :D

  23. Gaden. Gaden. GADEN!!! You have me "Captivated" with your huge problem, but I don't want anyone to "Rescue Me" from it 'cos it's just pure heaven and I am waiting for the day Geoff says to Aden, "Please Be Mine". See what I did there? Yeah that was lame. But I tell what most definitely is not lame & that is all your artwork. I adore you natural looking colouring, your use of negative space, different text & cropping styles. Just amazing.
  24. I've said this before & I'll say it again, your colouring is good enough to eat. So gorgeous & always reminds me of sweets & candyfloss. So many stunning updates, loving all the different styles & textures you use. My favs are the Leah icons, the b&w Matilda one, the Ruby one & every single JPC one. Awwww I miss them (not that I watch HO anymore ), but I still miss them. Thank god for YT!
  25. I've missed so many updates, Barbara. I love all the different colourings that you use. Just gorgeous. My favs are the Leah icon from your previous update, the 4th Niff icon & all the Indi ones. Awesome stuff.
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