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  1. I like Geoff A LOT now. He's less judgemental and hypocritical, he's finally away from Melody *gah* and he just seems...nice! Like his character has balanced out a little. And I kinda like the idea of Geoff/Ruby *grins sheepishly*
  2. Oh noes Nicole I loved the little Mattie/Lucas scene at the start, so sweet I'm actually thinking of starting another fic myself (yes, ANOTHER one ) something a little supernatural and different...
  3. Hi Bec... Yes, I disappeared *again* Things have been a bit wild recently, but I'm still here, I promise ANYWAY this fic looks great as always, Tony & Rachel JnM YAY! (Am I the only one who detests Martha & Hugo??)
  4. I hate Hugo. His acting is just...blehhh...he seems like he's forcing himself to say every line, and I resent that people on the show keep comparing him to Jack.
  5. Black skinny jeans, red school T-shirt and a grey short-sleeved hoodie.
  6. Wow, Bec, these were just beautiful chapters I'm glad Aden's got his life back together, and Cassie & Luc & Mattie & Ric are all happy. I don't know why but that sentence reads awkwardly. Anyhoo, it was wonderful as always. Almost finished
  7. Wow, this was fantastic Geoff/Belle, I was all for them months ago, but it never happened *sigh* That was a great closing sentence. You are very talented
  8. Wow, Bec, these are beautiful I love 2, 5 & 10 best of all
  9. Black tracky pants, pink long-sleeved shirt with a logo that says "TALK LESS SAY MORE" and a pink fuzzy jumper.
  10. That was a really well-written chapter as always Matilda seems to be coping better than I thought she would, unlike Aden. That was such a cute moment between her and Ric I miss Ric, btw. Aden I want to hug him. After all, there's no Belle round, right... *shiftyeyes*
  11. OMG! Belle! Nooo, how are Aden & Mattie gonna deal with this? You evil girly By the way, I'm back. Are you happy? *preens*
  12. Yay thankies! And ouch, that hurt Those were my favourites
  13. Wow, Bec...just wow! I still haven't figured out how to do that quotey thing I know, I know, I'm dumb But I love all of them.
  14. The wedding was just Woahwoahwhoa Cassie's stayin' alive, stayin' alive, woahwoahwoahwoah...
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