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  1. Happy Birthday Anaya! Hope it's a super day :) xxx

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great day. :)

  3. Give me a G! Give me an A! Give me a D! Give me an E! Give me a N! And what do we have? Go GADEN! Oh! My! Gosh! What have you done to me, Jen? Seriously, listening to an entire JoBro song as a result of this said fiction was bad enough. Now. Now I'm morphing in to a HSM fangirly, cheerleader type, complete with matching red & white outfit. The vision of that alone... . *shudders* But it was awesome reading that ending all over again. I'd almost forgotten how ecstatic I was when I had read it the first few times. Gaden finally getting their SE! And yes still the same squeeing &
  4. Wow, I've missed like a ton of amazing updates, Jen. You've seriously mastered that colouring that you've been using lately. And I just adore it. It's really stunning, I also love the different cropping, styles, negative space that you use with all your updates. There are too many that I love to quote. But I will quote these... ... 'cos it's Gaden & Yummy & Perfection.
  5. Your last few updates are awesome. I love the Ruby icon (#15) from the update previous to last. Beautiful colouring on that one. And I love #16, the Indi icon from the last update. Pretty colouring & cropping on that.
  6. The last update has gorgeous colouring, Amy. Loving all the different styles too. I simply adore this Jazz icon. It's just perfect.
  7. That Jodi update is gorgeous, Barbara. Beautiful cropping, colouring & styles. My faves are # 14, 16 & 18.
  8. Love all your recent updates, Sarah. Pretty colouring on them all. But loving this one particularly. Ahh Tinc.
  9. Thank you for the birthday wishes Anaya. I had a wonderful day. xxx

  10. Argh! It hates me. I give up. :(

  11. Happy Birthday Barbara! Hope you have/are having an amazing day. xx

  12. *flailing and squeeing all over the place again* So I poke my head in to this fic and find that you've just posted one of my most favourite chapters. The one with passion-filled-Geoffrey-getting-all-hot-and-heavy-as-a-result-of-some-divine-intervention. So I just had to read it all over again. Just amazing. Until Belle ruined it ofcourse. No, but seriously I love this entire update. The awkwardness, the unsaid, the trying to make sense of this 'thing' that they have and the cute little texts <33. Oh & even if there were 50 other cards between them they'd still find th
  13. ^ I know I just read that on DS. It's says in that article that it's not known whether
  14. OMG you posted! You posted. You posted. You posted!! *does a little happy dance* And me? I am still FAIL! Even after I've been such a sucky pupil I get myself a dedication for this fic. Really? You are way too awesome. *ships off some freshly made, rainbow sprinkles covered, gaden-shaped cookies just for Jen* To make up for my suckiness: I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geoff&Aden again. I promise I shall never, ever, ever neglect Geof
  15. Your welcome mate :) Glad to hear you had a good day! x

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