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Sinful Seduction?

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heya I'm loving this story

The way you have manipulated Jack and Martha's relationship as brother and sister is so extraordinary and funny.

I love how he can be so sweet, yet so cheeky and boyish as well :D

The way they both hate to be called brother/sister is just so funny but the best bit is how Martha uses that to her advantage. :rolleyes:

update soon

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Thanks for the comments :)

Sorry Tash :(

Warning: Content will not be suitable for younger readers!

Enjoy :D

Chapter 3:

2 weeks later…

“Can you stop looking at your phone for like two seconds” groaned Jack as he watched Martha nervously checking her messages.

“Shut up, you have no idea what I’m going through right now, this is supposed to be exciting, instead all I can think about is my friend getting back to me with my exam results”.

He rolled his eyes, “I still don’t understand why you can’t just wait until after the holiday. Because if they’re bad, not that they will be” he quickly added, “then the entire holiday will be ruined for you”.

She shook her head stubbornly, as her eyes remained transfixed on her phone, “No, its fine, I’d rather know now than later on … Best to get it over with” she mumbled.

They were sat in the airport, anxiously waiting to board the plane. Kate and Tony had disappeared to check out the duty free, while Elli stood in the background; her face squished up against the window, watching the runway intently, as the planes took off and landed in the distance.

The sound of the speaker announcing their flight number rang aloud, and all 5 family members hurried to gather their belongings. Finally they could get this holiday started!


“I can’t believe we’re here!” beamed an excited Martha as she wheeled her suitcase along the hotel balcony.

“Yeah, it’s more exotic than I thought it would be” Jack replied as he looked out towards the resorts’ gardens, noticing an artificial river which ran around the hotels surroundings and through into a mock indoor-cavern. He would definitely have to check that one out later.

Arriving at their rooms, they slotted the plastic card into the door frame, before waiting for the red light to flash green. Once the green light shone, the door became unlocked, and they stepped inside.

“Ok, we’ll see you in about an hour then, we’ll just settle in and then go and grab some dinner around 6,” Tony poked his head around their door.

“Yeah ok, see you later” Martha waved him off before watching as the door closed shut; consequently trapping her alone with Jack.

“Ahhh” Jack breathed in the room’s fresh and delightful fragrance, “Great room” he grinned; “although I can’t see the need for two beds,” he smirked at Martha.

She let a groan slip from her lips; she should have guessed it wouldn’t take him long for him to start cracking onto her again. “Don’t get any ideas Jack! Because it is not going to happen!” she told him sternly as she warned him with the point of her finger, “I don’t want this holiday to turn into the nightmare from hell, got it!”

“Relax will you, I was joking,” he looked at her as if she was stupid.

Yeah … course you were”.

After dumping her suitcase down beside her chosen bed, she took a nosey look around. Poking through the cupboards and then admiring the marbled bathroom. It was definitely not what she was expecting.

Despite her father owning a nightclub, money was still considerably tight. If she was honest, she was expecting nothing more than a 3 star bed and breakfast, but this was royalty compared to a 3 star hotel.

“So what do you feel like doing?” Jacks voice tore her away from her daydream.

Turning around to face him, she saw him sprawled across his bed.

“Umm, I don’t know, I’m pretty tired, I might just have a sleep for an hour or so,” she took a seat on the edge of her bed.

He rolled his eyes as he pushed himself upwards; sitting crossed legged on the bed, “god, could you be anymore boring! We’re on our holiday Martha, and the first thing you want to do is get some sleep!?” he looked at her through wide and astonished eyes, “this isn’t an elderly resort”.

She glared at him in annoyance, “it was a long flight ok,” she shrugged her shoulders, “I probably won’t even sleep, I’m just saying, maybe some rest would be …” she continued, however she was abruptly interrupted by Jack…

“… Well good then, come on,” he hopped off the bed, before quickly walking over towards her and grabbing her hand.

“Wait! Jack!” she objected as he pulled her across the bedroom floor and then out onto the balcony, “I haven’t grabbed the …” she went to reach it, but it was too late, and the door had slammed shut.

She could feel her cheeks warming up as she looked at him in full fury.

“What?” he asked innocently; genuinely not seeing what her problem was.

“The key is still in there you dumbass!” she spoke through gritted teeth as she used her strength to try and force the door back open; but it was no use, it had automatically locked as soon as it had closed.

“Oh … whoops,” he tried to laugh, before his face formed into an uneasy frown. “Well, at least now things are starting to get interesting,” he released a nervous smile; much to Martha’s aggravation.

She took a moment to look deeply into his eyes. “You really are something aren’t you Jack,” she shook her head at him, flashing him one last glare, before storming off back down the balcony in the hope of getting some help…



After sorting out the earlier incident, of which Jack had smartly locked them both out of their room, they had gone down to the hotels restaurant to eat dinner, along with the company of their parents and little sister.

The meal was exquisite; in fact it was the most delicious meal that Jack had ever tasted. If he was honest, he’d probably stuffed his face a little too much, because now he was certainly paying for it.

Lying on his bed he rubbed his bloated belly. His face frowning as he felt the weight of the food lying on his stomach; while Martha merely grinned across at him in sheer amusement.

“Feeling ok are we Jacky?” she raised her eyebrows at him.

“Swell!” he did the ‘ok’ sign with his fingers; not making any attempt to move or look at her, as he knew that if he did, he’d only end up feeling worse.

She tried to stifle her laughter, as she stood up and peered down at him, “You know, you’d probably feel better if you actually sat up,” she smiled at him sweetly.

The only response she gained was a glare.

“Right well, I’m going to get ready for bed,” she stated out loud, before spinning on her heel and waltzing off into the bathroom.


(30 minutes later)

Jack had finally been relieved of his swollen stomach, and was now washed and dressed for bed.

“Ok, goodnight then” she smiled as she sat on her mattress, pulling the covers to her waist but still showing off her black string top.

“Hmm, yeah,” he gazed across at her as he sat on the edge of his bed; his legs dangling over the side as he watched her fidget with her fluffy pillow.

Sensing his eyes were on her, she glanced across at him; noticing his lustful expression. Doing her best to ignore it she kept on with the arrangement of her pillows, before it all got too much for her and she turned back around to face him. “Do you mind not looking at me like that!”

He smiled in return, “Like what exactly?”

She held his gaze for a brief moment, before brushing it off, “it doesn’t matter. Look, just stay over there ok,” she warned him, “I mean it Jack, stay in your own bed”.

“What do you think I’m going to do to you exactly?” he raised his eyebrows in his own enjoyment.

She ignored his comment, focussing her eyes down onto the sheets. She wouldn’t even like to imagine what he would like to do to her. No doubt it would require a strictly 18’s only certificate.

“Just stop worrying will you, you’ll give yourself frown lines,” he said as he shuffled into his covers and lay himself downwards…


(30 minutes later)

Carefully removing his covers he crept out of bed, tiptoeing across the carpet before peering down at Martha’s sleeping form. He had never been granted the gift of watching her sleep before, and my god, she was a vision.

Unable to resist temptation, he created an opening in the sheets, before silently slipping inside.

Her eyes shot open and she froze on the spot as she felt a movement on her mattress. Before feeling as a strong and masculine arm wound tightly around her waist.

She sighed, closing her eyes and frowning; forcing herself not to give in to him. “Jack, what are you doing?” she asked calmly, slowly moving around to face him, “I thought we agreed on this.”

No, that was your idea; I merely went along with it,” he told her with a smile; wiping away the few strands of her hair that fell onto her face.

She sighed, turning away from him and lying onto her back, she should have guessed this would be a lot harder than she first thought.

“Please just go”.

“Now why would I do that, knowing full well that you secretly want me here,” he pushed himself over as he shuffled on top of her; carefully enclosing her in.

“I don’t know why you would think that, but it’s not true,” she briefly looked into his eyes, “Look I’m sorry, ok. But I honestly don’t want this,” she tried her best to avoid his vision; unable to look at him for too long as she feared she would melt.

He nodded mockingly at her comment, “Next time, look me in the eye when you say that,” he smugly replied.

She kept her head turned away; how was it that he could always see straight through her!?

“Look, I’m not asking for anything serious. I’m just … cold and lonely; these beds are far too big for just one person. And I just wanted a cuddle,” he pouted at her before leaning down and kissing her neck.

“Yeah well that’s too bad,” she pushed him away, “because I’m not offering one,” she callously spat back. “All I want is for you to go.”

“Why don’t I believe you when you say that?”

She shrugged, “don’t know. I guess you’re just seeing things that aren’t there”.

No” he shook his head, “that’s not it at all. And we both know it”.

“Look Jack I can’t…”

“Martha, stop trying to fight this,” he silenced her, taking a few breaths before continuing, “you know its going to happen sooner or later, you cant prevent the inevitable … and I vote sooner” he spoke in a gentle sigh as he tenderly caressed her cheek. Their eyes were now fixed in a powerful and intense trance.

Studying her dreamy expression, he unconsciously licked his lips, before gradually leaning downwards and closing the gap.

As his lips came within inches of hers, she felt his hot breath on her skin. She felt her body turn weak at their closeness. Her insides were buzzing from anticipation, as she sensed his hunger for her continuing to grow.

Her eyes dropped heavy as his lips almost touched her own, before she quickly regained her senses, and threw her head to one side.

Pulling back at her sudden movements, he looked at her, his face frowning, before he released a heavy breath, unimpressed by her complete disregard for him.

For a few silent seconds he just stared at her; inside hoping that she’d turn back to him … but she didn’t.

Shaking his head and rolling his eyes, he pushed his weight off her. Sliding out of the bed he strolled back over towards his side of the room, before lying down on his own cold mattress and closing his eyes.

And from that moment on, no other words or movements were made …

Preview: How will they act, the morning after the attempted kiss?

Plus - Martha opens up to Jack in the hope of forming a bond ... but will it backfire on them both?

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I'd love to be in that hotel. * dreams of a nice holiday *

They didn't kiss! :angry: Should I be mad at Martha or Rachel? :P

Jack never listens to her. :rolleyes: She asks him to stay in his bed but during the night, he slips in hers and wants to kiss her. :rolleyes:

I can understand why she doesn't want to go that far with him because it would be weird to be with one's "half-brother" even if they're not blood related. But she so wanted it. She's going to give in sooner or later. :wink:

More please.

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Jack, Jack, Jack... Really clever move :rolleyes: But I think we all know that Martha wanted it just as much as Jack, she's just too stubborn to admit it :wink:

Naw, now I want to go on holiday :( It sounds really nice compared to where I am at the moment.

Jack should use his head sometimes. First he manages to get both himself and Martha locked on the outside, then Martha tells him to stay in his own bed and the first thing he does, is to go over to her bed, and then, as if the mentioned wasn't enough, he tries to kiss her. Guys :rolleyes::P

More please!

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