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    Music, Motogp, Internet, TV- Home and away - Jack and Martha! TWILIGHT! BELLA AND EDWARD! <3
  1. You're welcome! :) Yes, it's been a while and I haven't seen you on msn in a while either. I hope you had a great summer and you are enjoying your summer. xxx

  2. Hey :) Thank you for the message! It's been awhile since I've been on here =P lol. Hope you are well! xxx

  3. Happy birthday Rachel! I hope you're having a wonderful day! :D

  4. Ditto!!! =D Aw, I'm sad its over ... actually, I'm kinda relieved aswell lol, I'm not sure how many more years I could've waited for an update Great ending Pengy! I knew you'd give us a happy finale'! As if I could ever doubt you Its almost like the end of an era ... most of the original JnM fic writers have finished now I'm sad =[ Well done though on a fantastic fic (Along with all your other fics) ... You're definitely one of my favourite writers and I'm sure I'll revisit this again in the future! Remember that oneshot you did, Summer Secrets lol. I still have that saved
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Lmao! I've never heard of that one I just thought drinking in general was supposed to cure it lol. You went to a wierd school, didnt you Pengy lol My new favourite word How could you leave it there!? ... That was a tad mean Pengy Loooooooooooved that oneshot. I prefer the Jack and Martha you write about, compared to the one on the show now lol. I guess its because here they're more lighthearted. And in Homeandaway, they're quite depressing (understandably) Hurrah for the olden days Great fic, great writing, great ... greatness
  7. ^ You're so funny! Bless ya Yeah, the start was a dream ... Marthas dream. Then she woke up and found he was gone. I guess I wanted to make the dream kind of like a vision ... maybe not a vision exactly, but some kind of sign to her or warning ... telling her that Jack was being taken away from her And then obviously Jacks perspective just explained what had happened between the time she was asleep and woke up (ie, he watched her sleep, wrote the note and then left) Hope that makes sense Thanks for the long review. Theyre my favourites hehe
  8. I just typed you a comment and the damn page wouldnt post it >_<

    Bttb's so annoying at times lol. So im sorry if you get 2 comments :P

    Yeah, hes got 8 world championship titles now =]

    I'm so proud of him <3

    Hope you're ok!? xxx

  9. I heard that Valentino Rossi won against Kasey Stoner! You must be proud!

  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Ok, several things came to mind as I was reading this chapter... 1) Martha's in denial. 2) Henrys got a beard. And 3) Jacks head rolling around on his shoulders Sorry As always though, you're still probably the best descriptive writer I know; and even though you claim it was rushed, its still absolutely amazing. Very well done Pengy. I'm looking forward to the finale'
  12. Pengy! I thought it was an actual update lol. Oh well, I've waited a year since the last one, I guess another day or so wont really matter lol Oh yes, and I'm putting in a large order for a happy ending. As in, Martha and Jack, Eamon and Richard
  13. Eh? It doesnt stand for either lol. It stands for Valentino Rossi =] He's a motorcycle racer, and I love him <3 hehe.


  14. Does Vale4eva stand for Manly Vale? Or Mona Vale?

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